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Rainy walked in the training arena with a bounce in each step, and she smiled her five star smile.

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Rainy walked towards Piper, "Hi, I'm Rainy." she said, holding out her hand. "Who are you?"

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Miyako's eyes were closed; Her body was still and relaxed. Her eyes shot opened as she drew her sword from her sheath. The sound of mettle hitting mettle pieced through her ears. She looked at the fake puppets and grinned. "Ahhh!" She said and ran over to the puppets cutting their heads off in one blow. It took her about 20 seconds maximum to take the head clean off all 65 puppets. She held her sowed on her shoulder as the heads began to fall around her on the ground. She let out an annoyed sigh, like she was lacing something.
"It would be more fun to practice with a real person," She said to herself as she placed her sword back into her sheath.

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"Nope," Rainy said, but she heard the chuckle. "I' m a fairy. I can cast spells beyond your wildest dreams."
Rainy made her voice ring with the sound of truth to make Piper believe her. She was a harpy, and no one could resist a harpy.

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"Dangit." Rainy said. "I hate those few who can resist. I should have been able to sense it. But of course I couldn't I can only sense other harpies." she said her voice like velvet or silk.

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Rainy nodded. "Your voice is much stronger than any other siren I'v e ever heard, do you practice? I do, a lot."
She began to sing about nothing in particular, she just strung words together, but it was beautiful.

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"Ah, yes. I agree, I must take a swim before the games start." Rainy said.
Oh, but they already have...they already have

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) Nero sauntered quietly into the arena; though the grass was emerald and the walls casted off a rural ruin of fantasy origins, the only sense of atmospheric emotion he could detect was the pending doom that lingered above. He could feel it in his own core. It was not the abhorrence of an emotion fear that was eating away metaphorically at his chest, but it was just this common sense of caution that he knew would be essential when the event actually began.

As he reached over his shoulder to retrieve the bow that was so carefully holstered to his platform, his pale and delicate digits curled around the limb with a symbolic tightness; fate was laughing at his face. He did not doubt his ability to kill nor did he worry much that he would somehow harbor feelings for a fool and refuse to kill… such a fear was ludicrous and unreasonable in his dictionary. Albeit given his pessimistic idiosyncrasies, it was only in his nature to see the worst in things and he truly believed the games would be the end of his existence.

In all honesty, he had nothing to bother living for - there was nothing on this unforsaken earth that was worthy of solely living for, but the arrhenotokous could not help but foretell that crestfallen emotions would pervade through the recesses of his psyche when he saw his life flash before his cerulean eyes as the weapon came down to strike him one last time. It would be rather awful to die, but where did a Fallen Angel go after death? Would he be reincarnated or would he merely be transported back to Hell where he rightfully belonged for the misdeeds he committed up above?

Positioning the bow as it should, his protected fingers slipped a bow from out of the arrow holster that was strapped to his left thigh and he positioned it on the arrow rest, drawing the bow string back efficiently and aiming at the heart of a target. When he exhaled and let the arrow go, it impaled the target mid-heart and was swiftly accompanied by numerous more arrows that hit such places as the eye, the forehead, the crotch, the abdomen, and the shoulder - all under the influence of ten seconds.

His distinguished ocular glanced down at the ground in a contemplative manner, his dark hair falling over his eyes as his lips pursed into a taut, grim line of begrudge. The days to come were all he could find in his mind and he had not any more room left for other such pleasures such as science and philosophy; why would the knowledge matter when he was pending death? "Death is your game. Blood is your curse." Nero nodded quietly to the pernicious voice that often arose when he was having such doubts.

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"Huh, I dunno. Can you be more descriptive?"

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((Parø! You don't need to write a noval <3 ))

Miyako head flashed back looked at the arrow directly in the center of the target. Red strains of hair blowing in the wind, her eyes locked on the arrow. "Now that's what I call a worthy appoent," she said to herself and looked over at the person the shot the arrow. Her face sunk when she found out it was Nero.

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"Umm..I guess." she said. Piper really was creepy.

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) ((I'm sorry! *shame*))

Nero's eyes glanced up from the terrain, despair flickering from his glassy ocular like a flame dying on the tip of a candle. The voice that had reached his receptors was one that he found oddly familiar albeit the name never bothered to rise from the depths of his network of brain cells to alert him of the recognition. However his sharp intellect recognized the voice before even he did and an unbidden wave of dread washed over him, leaving him cold and then hot as his luminaries settled on the red-headed feminine. He could see the disappointment in her eyes and he offered no smug smirk nor a smart remark. "My apologies; what lover were you expecting to see this time?" He was almost insinuating that she was a prostitute of some sort but his voice sounded genuine, as if it were a nonchalant conversation about the weather.

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((Lol it's okay))

Miyako arched her eyebrow up a bit annoyed by his sassy remark to her disappointment. Why was he even talking to her? She dident know Nero to be the Socail type. "Lover?" She repeated as if so he could change the way he fraised that.
"I was impressed that you where the one that shot that arrow, let alone make it go in the center of the target," she knew Nero was a great archere, but those where only rumors she heard. She never thought it would be true.

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Jasmine wrote: ""It's fine if you don't want to." Piper said softly, forcing a smile and shrugged as she sat back down on the boulder. Piper was used to being the odd one out, and she really didn't mind. It was so..."

"No, I want to." Rainy said. "I think it will be cool."

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) Nero's ocular narrowed before he sharply turned his cranium away as if to cut off any further communication. It was not because he was offended but because his goal was to avoid getting any deeper into the argument; with females he learned that hate only lead to love and thus ended when he took their hearts and tore them apart rather remorselessly. "My apologies." Those were the only words further pushed from between his lips before he restocked the bow rest and drew the bow string back and hit the target again, this one splitting the previous arrow in half as it landed on the heart again.

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"No." Rainy said. "That would give me an advantage."

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Miyako looked at Nero giving him a confused look.
"What to train?" She asked him out of the blew. This was rather strange for Miyako to ask someone to train with her. She knew he would be a worthy Opponent. Although knowing his lack of social skills he will definitely blow her off and reject her offer.
She lightly placed her finger on her lips getting a strong taste of iron, she must have cut her finger earlier when she was practicing herself.
Whatever, It didn't phase her.

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) Nero slowly withdrew from his position, strapping his bow back onto itshholster which was strapped to his back and his right hand eerily drummed the decorative iron on the hilt of his schiavona sword that humg at his right thigh. He hated using others for help, in any way but passed experiences let him realize sparring was rather invigorating and would surely give him a taste of what it would be like during the games. "Affirmitive." He unsheathed his sword, the sound of metal being set free ringing in the atmosphere.

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A smirked appeared upon Miyako's face. She drew her sword out from her sheath and placed it in front of her face; the sword covering on of her eyes with the large blade.
"Good to hear you accept," she smirked.
The wind was still, her eyes looked around the landscape checking out her surrounding. She knew when the right time for her to make her move. But first she needed to wait for him to make a move on her before she could do her move. Let alone make it successful.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Kat walked towards the training arena, her sword in hand. The Royale was only a few days away and she needed to train. She realized that as a human she was at a disadvantage. Actually, the fact that she wasn't a Hunter put her even more at a disadvantage. But she wasn't one, mostly because she preferred to live in peace with the other creatures of the world. But that didn't explain why she was in the games where she would most likely have to kill someone. Shaking that thought away, she paused to put her hair into a ponytail. She contradicted herself sometimes just to make life interesting. She took a deep breath and walked into the arena.

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) Nero knew she would expect him to make the first move for statistics showed that the first move was often the most disadvantaged. Nero would procceed with the execution anyway, for he felt not for arguing. Twirling the weapon skillfully in his hand, he charged, swinging the sword from the side to strike her in the flank area. He knew she probably had an attack in mind... he would just need good reflex.

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Maeve quietly walked inside the walls of the training arena.She didn't make any eye contact,nor did she seem to acknowledge that there were people there.Rather she walked over to one of the dummy's that were there to practice on.No emotion crossed her face when she actually turned to look at the four people that were there with her.She looked back at her 'target' and she soon set it to flame with one swoop of her fox fires.It slowly burnt to ashes as the violet-blue fires engulfed its 'prey'.

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Miyako pulled her sword up she pushed it forword making it smashing against his sword. The sound of mettle on mettle smashing against each other echoed in the moutions. She pushed her body forward talking steps colder to him, making him have no choice but to step back. Her hand gripped the bottom to her sword tight, making sure she wouldn't loose her grip on to sword and making her become defenseless.
She slid her sword up his making her sword raise higher then his. She leaped back and and grinned, she got him in the right spot. His sword was slightly above his hips and the way his hand passion was off she knew she would have a chance to make her move and make his sword come flying out of his hand. She slammed her sword back again his, her eyes Intriguingly waiting his seeing if her move worked.

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Rainy looked in Piper's eyes and saw she was up to no good. "I surrender!" she said and fled from the arena.

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When that one was burnt to ashes,she walked to the next one,doing the same thing.Again,the flames engulfed the dummy and it began to burn rapidly.As quick as the blink of an eye,she swooped fire across about a dozen dummy's.The fire slowly fell down until they were all engulfed.She watched them burn,still no emotion showing on her face.She quickly got bored and she sat down in the grass,burning patches around her.

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) As the blades met, the vibrations traveled throughout his physique, causing him to clench his jaw in slight concentration to avoid the lull of being numb. His appendages began to shake; his body was foreign to the sword and the sword was remote to his bodice, thus acting as the stem to the fact his arms were already growing weak. Though he was somewhat struggling, he did not fail to heed the fact she was closing the slight distance betwixt the two of them and as an action of warning and pro-vengence, he summoned some hidden strength and courage and pushed her back where she belonged - away from him; every body movement suggesting she back off.

Albeit the fire extinguished when he noticed that her sword was raising and he could do nothing to stop it, as retracting his attack would only prove to give her the advantage due to the divulging of his abdomen. The moment she retracted her blade, he tensed and then delivered a low roundhouse kick to her ribcage, then meeting her blade with his own again, his strength somehow restored as he attempted to push her away just as she had tried to do to him.

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Miyako eyes where filled with shock when the sword didn't release from his grasp. She felt her body pushing back words, her arms shaking trying to keep her position. She needed up pull away from him but with the force he was giving it was hard to tell; that if she pushed herself away the impact on his force would come down on her, shredding off on of her arms. She stayed it her stance as much as she could tolerate, trying to push him back as well.
When she felt her strength regain she pushed forward making him push making him lose some of his force.

After she was able to get him away she leaped back once again trying to find another move to make on him. She needed to thing quickly. The faint mist of smoke went thew her nose. She moved her head over looking at Maeve; the fox demon. She looked back at her opponent and whipped the sweat of her forehead with her sleeve. damn, he already has me breaking a sweat, this is nothing compared to Hell, at this rate I'm not going to be able to comprehend the games she thought to herself.

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Maeve felt a pair of eyes on her and she looked up to see Miyako looking over at her.She gave her a glare as if to say Problem sweetheart? Oh yes,Maeve and her silent talking.That was her usual speech.She used her eyes to communicate so when people heard her speak they were quite surprised.Instead of having a dark,cold voice like people thought she would she actually had a very soothing and sweet voice.Which is why she didn't speak.She thinks people won't take her seriously if they hear her voice.

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) Nero took a few steps back, his arms falling loosely as his sides but the sword remained tightly gripped. Though his heart was pounding he made no indications of being tired. After a few moments, he finally spoke up once more. "You are worthy of opposition; if you want to quit and call this a tie, by all means..." his voice dyed on his tongues, his lips clamping shut as he tried to catch his breath without noticeable gasping for air. He took another step back, to insure that if she charged he would have time to prepare himself.

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Miyako dropped her sword at her side as if the sword gained 20 pounds more. Her the right grip she once had turned into a clam grasp. "Tie it is, your not so bad yourself,"
she said as a small smile curled up on her lips.
Her head turned lover looking at the fox demon Again like she heard what she said about her. Her eyes fiercely glared at her, like as if her eyes were piecing through her soul.
After a few seconds she pulled her head away and leaned her head back at the sun scanned her face. She picked her sword back up and slid it back into her sheath. She walked over to Nero and put out her hand waiting for a friendly hand shake, pretty much talking him for training with her.

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Maeve smirked when Miyako glared at her so passionately.She quickly threw a ball of fire towards her,though she made sure it didn't hit her.It was her silent way of saying Honey Please,I could roast you in two seconds. She then resumed to burn patches of grass,though throwing the fires much farther now,trying to increase her already amazing aim.

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Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) Nero did not trust a handshake and instead bowed to her as if she were superior royalty before sheathing his sword back within its holster; he had no real respect for her and neither did he think she deserved it despite her sudden kindness. His eyes only peeked at the fox demon and then he sat on the grass as well, resting his elbows on his knees; the fox demon was rather ludicrous and foolish. She seemed too arrogant... it was quite pitiful really. One day she would pick on the wrong person and she would be beaten to a pulp.

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Miyako pulled her arm away from Nero. She put her hand in a annoyed fist and looked over at the fox demon. "Ungrateful pice of sh**t," she said to her sled and started to walked over to her. "Are you asking for a fight?" She asked with her eyebrow raised.

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Maeve soon grew bored again and she laid back in the grass.She knew she was being rude,and that she was being arrogant.But it was her way of putting up a barrier.She sighed when she had to speak"Did I ever ask for a fight?No.I was simply trying to enjoy myself a bit.And did I hit you?No.So please dont accuse me of asking for something I did not."She said.She hated her voice.It was quite embarrassing to her how she had such a sweet and cute voice at all moments.

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Miyako vain popped out of her neck "what the hell!? Accuse you of something you did not do? Did I not just see you throw a fire ball at me? What do you take me fire a fool?" She said with a cold-hearted glare.
"The games are about to start and all you want to to is piss people off? Why don't you clear that thick head of yours and get a reality cheek," she said and rolled her eyes. She felt like it was worthless to put some sense into this girl so she turned around on her heels and walk away from her.

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"I said accuse me of something I did not ask.I never mentioned one thing about not throwing the fire at you.You glared at me,which made me angry.Simple."Maeve said.She was just a tad bit ignorant at times..Well more like very ignorant.She always had to be right in her mind.She was never raised by anybody,so that belief developed from lack of discipline.

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Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) Nero was already beginning to arouse a headache out of this situation. He rubbed his temples passionately, as if looking to put himself to sleep. His eyes closed tight. Hysteria was beginning to set in again; though many people here were annoying and worthless, most were innocent and he had to kill them. He used to be an angel... he used to. And he still cared for the lives of others no matter how much he hid it. "By acting so unreasonable and executing a fireball to specifically narrowly miss her is a call out to a fight," he interrupted. "I suggest you shut up and quit it before I lose myself."

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Maeve looked over at him,and she felt bad.She was always so guilty after she finally realized how she acted.She could be considered bipolar,though it wasn't so much that.Sometimes she just wasn't conscious of what she was doing or saying."My apologies."She said,directing it to both of them.She bent her head down as she said it,which was her way of signaling that she was giving a sincere apology. Maeve was pretty twisted in her own way.

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Miyako sighed in relief. She walked a few feet away from before she sat down in the grass as well and laid down as the grass sunk in and molded to her body shape. Her her grabbed the grass with her hand and tugged it out of the ground playing with the pieces of grass. Letting go if the grass letting it fall on her stomach.
She looked over at Nero and nodded giving him a talks for stopping the uncalled for argument.

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) Nero's eyes opened and his lips twisted into a mixture of a disgusted grimace and an amused smirk; he did not know what to think of her but perhaps she was merely like him in an insignificant fraction of a way. He just sighed and made a motion with his hand as if to tell Maeve to disregard it and move on with her life. When he glanced at Miyako, he noticed her signal and he nodded. He then stood and wiped the grass frol his pants. "Its okay, madonna..." he finally muttered, to the one he knew as Fox Lady.

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((*cough cough*LOL XDD))

Maeve's lips twitched into a slight smile.She found it quite amusing that he compared her to her.She went back to burning patches in the grass.That was the only thing that could keep her entertained at the moment.She had soon pretty much burnt the grass around her to ash.She sighed as she moved to another placed where the grass was green and she repeated to do as she was doing.

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) With those words, and as the area fell into silence, he decided he would take his leave and reside within the dense foliage of the forest to clear his head and feel more at home, as after he had descended from the heavens, he had spent his time living in the forest. Without so much as an invitation to join him or a notice of his current plan, he left the vicinity quietly.

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Maeve looked up from what she was doing.She saw that Nero was leaving so she said a quiet"Goodbye"before resuming to burn the grass.She could be called a pyromaniac because she burned things so much,but she had to live by burning things,so it was just a really bad habit she had.

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Miyako watched Nero leave and smiled. She got up and walked over to Maeve and sat down next to her. "So?" She said trying to start a conversation with her. "You have the ability to control fire? That's pretty cool," she said. This was odd even for herself. It was very rear for her to interact with another person. She was not the type of girl that wanted friends nor enemies.

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Maeve over at her"I guess.But its not the only thing I can do.And its not that great.The only thing it can do is burn,so it cant really harm people much.No like a sword or bow and arrows can."She said quietly.She didn't have much of a voice since she rarely spoke.

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Paroxysmal Asphyxiation wrote: "Nero sauntered quietly into the arena; though the grass was emerald and the walls casted off a rural ruin of fantasy origins, the only sense of atmospheric emotion he could detect was the pending d..."

((Bravo, Bravo, that's the Paro I remember. Now get your Fallen Angel buddy over to my character!;) xD))

The room around her shook with words that some could not comprehend, here at The Royale Games, this was no place for a Time Lord, this was no place for anyone. She step out of the darkness surrounding her, the speckle of light guiding her through the small door of a chamber it seemed. And she felt gravel, she smelt grass, she smelt the cold air, she heard voices. Was this it? Was she really here? What person could throw such defenseless beings into a game where they must interpret it is only of a hell? Maybe that weren't defenseless, but no one ever deserves death by weapon, there should always be a choice, always.

She take a step onto the evergreen so slightly frozen grass, the last thing Carson needed was boundaries, boundaries were no fun. And then she saw him; Nero. The boy with a long story to be told, the boy who was sent away from heaven. She'd heard a lot about him in the past, reading about everyone she could find in the Tardis, she barely remember he, like an earring in a field of green. She doesn't know who the girl battling him is, nor may she ever. And suddenly; a sword is pointed at her. "Oi! I'm only watching, battling is not my remedy." She laughs lightly and the sword is dropped, she leans against the brown wall. Wonder what the school board would have to say about the confrontation. She can only smile, and watch the others fight. Such a pity.

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) ((But I went to the forest! D: ))

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) ((Oh, OH OH, I'll send her there later, I didn't read that. When do I ever read anything anymore? xD See your character later then? I may have her follow or something. xD))

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Carson after a frequent amount of time laying against the brown wall, letting the sun rays warming her body with light, she push off with her heels heading to the forest after Nero who had decided to vanish from the people. She too wanted to get away, maybe it wouldn't hurt to follow him just for a little bit? The forest couldn't be that big, could it? And even if she were to get lost she could just retrace her steps back to the training arena. And so she drove herself into the darkness of the trees.

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