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Rock (choose a picture of a stone or describe it's appearance, this will be the shell in which your animal will hatch from):

Create your creature on the separate thread provided.


Brief background/history:

Family (if any?):


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wanderer (chloemai) Name:Annabella Rosalita McLiram(She goes by Lita)




Lita is, or at least was, a very blessed girl in terms of looks. Before the fire of course. Her hair is the shade of rose gold, the colours varying from golden tones, to more richer darker highlights. It tumbles to her waist in loose tresses of waves, a strawberry blonde stream that cascades over her shoulders and often looking slightly mused. Her eyes are a pale shade of green, very inturiguing and often compared to the colour of freshly picked apples. They are large and framed by long dark lashes, giving her a much more innocent, childlike look, although she is anything but. Her skin is almost like ivory, smooth and white, yet is naturally speckled with a faint spattering of freckles, causing her skin to look marginally darker than it actually is. Her facial struture is a combination of sharp angles and soft, delicate features. Her cheek bones being high slashing, and her jawline being strong. Her lips ae full and lush, her nose small and button like, yet half of her face is marred by the burn marks that remind her of her past. Her stature if very slim, a dancers physic, and she did happen to be taught in the arts of ballroom dancing from her mother. She possesses generous curves in all desired places.

A rich, rose gold colour, although at times it can look more golden.
(view spoiler)

A strong, green colour. Similar to freshly picked apples.
(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

Lita is a very...Introverted girl. She doesnt have much contact with the human community and although she often ventures out of her house, she is always in fear of her face being revealed, and then being mocked and ridiculed for her looks. Lita has a problem you see. Due to her past, the right side of her face is covered in burn scars, and in turn this has affected the person she is today. She is quiet and shy, keeping her emotions under a tight belt. She hides her scarring by wearing hooded cloaks, ensuring that they shadown her face. Also she keeps her dark blonde locks down, keeping the right side of her face hidden behind her silky, wavy hair. She fears that no man will ever love her.
Lita also doesnt have the typical 'womanly' attitude, as most do in her time. She likes her opinion to be heard, and is quite the firecracker if her temper is drawn out. Although as mentioned before, most of the time her emotions are unreadable.
To contribute to her flaring temper, she is unspeakably stubborn, and the term 'no' isnt in her dictionary, along with words such as 'cant'. She will never give up on a person if she sees they are somehow special, or deserve something more, and also will never turn down a dare of any kind, neither will her opinion be changed, even if proved wrong. She doesnt like showing weakness.
She has a witty mind and sharp tongue when needed, and her accent is thick in her voice. She may look innocent enough, but she wont let anybody take advantage of her. That already happened once and she will not have it happen again. She often comes off as shy, and to some extent she is, again this is mainly around men because she is afraid of what they will think of her. Lita is a very loyal character and is protective of the ones she loves. She can be kind and caring, and often is once you get past all those barriers she hides behind.

Brief background/history:
Lita life began as most do. She was born to a loving, farmers family whom lived on the moors in the middle of knowwhere, the nearest village being a few miles away. She was the first child born, and although her parents tried desperatly for another, it wasnt what fate had intened. So instead the couple put all their time into raising the child they had, and they did a damn good job of it. Her father would travel into the village every week, to sell crops and of course, earn money. She cherished her life over anything. Yet still it was cruely ripped away from her.
When Lita reached the age of 15, her day started out like any other. She awoke as usual and aided her mother with harvesting the crops as they didnt have a horse and plough like some families. Her father also helped with the crops, sorting through which were sutible for selling. As mentioned, she would never had suspected that life would never had been the same after the night fell.
As the darkness began to settle in she fell into her usual nightly slumber, only to be shaken from sleep a mere few hours later. Her mothers screams filled her ears as smoke rampaged like a tornado through her own room. Their happy household had been set alight, and now her whole life was burning away before her. She struggled to make it through the flames that were licking at her heels, and tripped and fell, which caused the burn marks on her face today. She would have gone to her parents room, but her father was shouting, screaming at her to get out. And so she did as he wished and then watched as the house crumbled to the ground, only debris being left behind. Lita then staggered and stumbled, finally arriving at the village a few days later in the dead of night. It was then she she was cornered and violated. She took to the road after that, wandering aimlessly and never settling.

All deceased.

Her accent is quite rough, considering she lived a farmers life before her family died.

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Name: Sylvana Oches

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 10''

Appearance: http://media-cache-ec4.pinterest.com/...
Sylvana has quite dark, thick eyebrows, they are a prominent feature to such a structured yet soft featured face. She has a small, enviable nose that is slightly pointed at its tip. She has high cheekbones with a chiseled yet filled face giving her a young expression but her dark eyebrows harden that young aspect. Her lips are of average shape although her top lips is pointed and her bottom lip is rounder. She is a very beautiful young woman all in all. (ignore the hair on this picture)

Eyes; https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/im... Her eyes are a dark brown.

Hair; http://media-cache0.pinterest.com/upl... Her hair is a dark brown but nearer the ends of her hair, the tips are a light shade of brown.

Rock: http://images.nationalgeographic.com/...

Personality: She is an incredibly smart girl, she isn't arrogant but her aloofness often gives off the impression that she thinks she is better than everybody else. She is a sweet girl, filled with nothing but dreams and aspiration. She is witty and loves a good debate, she is a relaxed person and tends not to get herself wound up in anything she can't handle. She is too curious for her own good, inquisitive and asks a lot of questions. She's a real fighter and is always seeking adventure, she likes to be on her guard and often judges people too quick which results in trusting in the wrong people but she is a good natured girl - often stubborn, but always has the intentions of good.

Brief background/history: Sylvana grew up outside of Joro and discovered the world through only by exploration. She grew up with no family or friends, she was a loner in the village she was brought up in, she lived in the orphanage from the age of 3 and ran away at the age of 13. She now lives in a cottage on the hills of Joro after she found the derelict cottage and took refuge from the rain. She has then made it her home and has lived there for the past four years and she plans on staying there for as long as she stays in Joro.

Family: Judith - Deceased at age 33
Grant - Deceased at age 35

Other: N/A

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 93 comments Name: Luna R. Stark (Loony Luna)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2



Personality: Kind of "wild". Not very accustomed to manners. Although she's been hardened by her need for survival, she still maintains a childish curiosity and love for exploration and adventure. She can be compassionate and loyal, although there's always the rare occasion where she goes back on her word. Not the smartest, funniest, prettiest, or kindest person you've ever met. Luna swears her clumsiness will be her downfall. She suffers from severe hallucinations and very rarely panic attacks. However, when she has a grip on her mind, she's extremely steel-nerved and bold.

Brief background/history: Has no recollection of her parents or civilization whatsoever. She believes she was left to die, but was actually orphaned, her mother having died just after hiding her in an old shack in the forest. She earned how to fight before she could speak and learned to build shelter before she was potty trained. She'd lived for 13 years with only one concern: herself. She wasn't conceited, she just had nobody else to worry about. Then one day she found twin boys in a basket, barely a year old. Knowing the danger they faced and not wanting them to have to live like she had when she'd been abandoned, she adopted them both as her brothers.

Family: Lennon and Pafris, her twin "brothers". (I'll make them later, unless somebody else wants to.)

Other: Learned to paint using tree bark as canvas and berry or flower dye as paint. Born on a new moon. Struggles with the English language, and speaks to her brothers in a language the three of them created.

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wanderer (chloemai) Name:Everly Julietta Weston 'Ever'





(view spoiler)
Ever has the typical exotic looks that only Asian people possess. She has long, silky dark hair, the colour being compared to that of a rich dark chcolate, and her eyes are a beautiful reddish brown, slightly lighter than average for her race. Her skin is the colour of coffee, and is seemingly spotless and blemish free. Yet puckered scars lace her torso and back, she is particularly self concious of these. Her cheekbones are highslashing, her long dark lashes often resting on them as she sleeps, her nose is small and well sized, her lips small yet full. Due to her heritage she is very short, only standing at 5'0 and her arms and legs are very skinny, her hands and feet also being rather petite as well. She is often underestimated down to her looks, and this annoys her immensley.

Ever's eyes are the softest of browns, similar to melted chocolate and almost sort of cloudy.
(view spoiler)

Ever has glossy dark brown curls that tumble to her waist, usually in a tousled manner. If in the sunlight her hair seems to have a reddish tinge to it.
(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

Ever is a free spirited soul that wants to escape into the world and see things in more perspective than her back garden. Being sheltered all her life she craves for adventure and love-Almost wanting to be like one of the characters out of her many romance novels that she owns. She is a caring character, always willing to help and wanting to please others with no regards to her own personal needs. Her lashing temper and stubborn personality can get in the way at times, and she can often be to trusting of people. A major downfall in perspective. She cant really improve this though, being as naive to the outside world as she is. But dont be fooled. Despite the fact that Ever hasnt experienced the freedom that most do, she has seen alot in her somewhat short life, and hopes to now venture out into the world with nobody to stop her. She yearns to be an independent woman, a heroine. Not somebody who requires resucing, but the resucer.
Her strong spirit is what attracts most to her, the fact that she can always see light in a situation and never gives up. Even if it may seem that all hope has been lost.

Brief background/history:
Ever was born to a couple who's relationship was slowly crumbling. Her mother was a very well known, high and powerful woman born to a rich man and her father the same. The two werent married out of love, but because the two familes saw and oppituinity to join, and forced the duty upon their children. Her mother, although she loved Ever, was not one to deal with children, especially young ones. And left it up to the maids to care for her. Although her father wasnt having any of that and took it upon himself to raise his daughter in the way he saw fit. He was a loving man, her father, placid and laid back. Always fair and never one to loose his temper and with time she blossomed into the girl she is today, all because of him. Yet tradgedy struck when she was 14. Her father contracted a lethal virus and slowly began to die, Ever watching from the sidelines hopelessly as every ounce of life was drained from the man who cared for her.
He died a few months after the disease grabbed a hold of him, leaving her mother a widower and leaving Ever with absolutely nobody to talk to, seeing as she had never been close to her mum. Although she couldnt help but find it cruel when her mother remarried only 6 months after her fathers death, earning her a new step father and two older step brothers.
Now, Ever's step father was the exact opposite of her biological one. He was cruel, quick tempered and overall just...Mean. She got along with her newly aqquired brothers well, but was distraught when it was announced by her stepfather himself that she would marry a rich duke whom was old enough to be her grandfather. She simply didnt have a choice. Her stepfather, in fact, was so keen for them to wed that he proposed that she should move in with him before the wedding, and obviously this was met with open arms by everybody bar herself and two brothers. So her bags were packed and she moved in with the man and to her utter shock, he was even worse than her mothers husband.
He beat her. The man. Thought he was disciplining her. Girls shouldnt be educated. He said. Girls shouldnt read, nor write nor run in the wind. A proper woman would tend to the house and her husbands needs. A proper woman was only good for having children. This had angered Ever so, although it only resulted in more lashings with the whip, he even went to the lengths of burning her with the but of his roll up cigarette and even hit her with a searing hot fire pitcher at one point.
On the day of her wedding she had come up with a plan. She had everything set and ready, her bags prepared everything. She told her older brothers of the abuse she had recieved and they agreed to help her escape, preparing her to run. So when at the alter. She ran. And nobody stopped her because they were all to shocked. She grabbed her bags that her brothers had packed and escaped into the forest, and has been there now for only a mere few days.

Mother-Elizabeth Lynn Weston
Stepfather-Oliver James Weston
Stepbrother-James William Weston
Stepbrother-Henry Oliver Weston
Father-Michael John Leadly[Deceased]


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Name: James Stonhem

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 6ft

Appearance: http://images.digitalspy.co.uk/08/32/...

Rock: http://nansphotochallenge.files.wordp...

Personality: He's a cheeky one, is James. He can shoot back a comeback aswell as he can shoot an arrow, he has an intelligent mind, finding a way out of every situation he finds himself in. He is witty, charming and hopelessly good looking but his only flaw is that he can never keep a woman for more than a month.. he doesn't believe in love and his only way to express how he feels in through hunting and adventure. He is a curious boy, constantly craving adrenaline and something fun to be doing.

Brief background/history: He grew up with his younger sister and their parents on a farm but his parents were killed by the deadly plague. So at the age of 9, he and his two year old sister were sent to live with their aunt, after turning 18 he has chosen to live in the world of Joro to seek out adventure whilst his younger sister still lives with her aunt.

Family: Younger sister, age 12, called Yasmeen whom lives with their auntie, age 42 called Marie. Feel free to make these charries

Other: He is deadly with a bow and arrow and is an excellent trap setter (can find food for himself anywhere)

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Name: Serendipity Alison Wilson

Age: 17

Gender: Feminine

Height: 5'6


Rock: (view spoiler)

Personality: Sera is a cool and collected person, she is wary of strangers and doesn't trust many people. Those she does trust, Sera will trust with her life and if they break her trust it's almost impossible to get back. Sera's sly and cunning, behind her looks, she intelligent and calculating. She doesn't come across as a person you could trust immediately and she isn't. She will use all of her resources to her advantage, including you if need be.

If you earn her trust, she is one of the most loyal people you could ever meet. She's fun and likes to play pranks and games on her friends. If she knows and respects you, she's a totally different person almost. She's caring and laid back often finding fun in adventure and risk taking. Sera can be blunt if need be but knows when she's crossed a line and will immediately take a step back. She's inquisitive and curious while not being annoyingly nosy or pushy. A lot of times she seems to have no set personality or any constants besides her friends. She is like water, adapting to her surroundings and always changing into something different. It doesn't bother her except for the fact that she only knows who her friends are. Anything out of that is a mystery waiting to be discovered for her.

History: Grew up without parents, she never knew where they where and didn't care. She learned to be independent and from then on didn't trust easily. As she grew, she was caught and stuck in a girls home. For around 4 years she lived there and when she was 16 she escaped to Joro. She's been here ever since. ((I'll add more as I sculpt it more into her story...))

Family: None

Other: None

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 1 comments Name: Romulus Nero Aimalune

Age: 18

Gender: M

Height: 5'9

Appearance: tba


Personality: tba

Brief background/history:

Family (if any?):


under construction

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Olivia (croft) | 73 comments Name:Terry



Height: quite tall


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Olivia (croft) | 73 comments Personality: she can be quite,she like to talk alot..

Brief background/history:none just yet.

Family (if any?):1 bro and 1 sis.

Other: non

stil work on it..

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Name: Morgan Relaford

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7

Appearance: Long curly black hair that flows down her entire back. She's dressed in black and blood red leathers as for protection and minimizing detection. She wears a black face mask with a red lines that come down from the where the eyes would be, like tears of blood. She's a very beautiful girl, and she uses that also to her advantage.

Rock: Black with a bright light glow to it, like a fire inside the rock. Its also incredibly hot to the touch.

Personality: She's not your average girl. She's spit fire with no mercy. She was brought up that way. She is always on alert, but can be loose. Morgan has an bad-ass sort of attitude with a load of sarcasm and venom on the side. She's not afraid to say what has to be said, or do what needs to be done. Some say that makes her heroic, she just likes the danger of it all. She lives for the rush.

Brief background/history: Morgan's parents were murdered in front of her when she was small. By assassins. These assassins took her in and trained her. Never did they realize they raised the end of them. She slaughtered them all in their sleep at eighteen. She's been running ever since.

Family (if any?): All massacred, as far as she knows.

Other: N/A

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Olivia (croft) | 73 comments Abigail wrote: "((Ever, this is for you! :P ))

Name: Vincent Harlemme
Age: Twenty
Gender: Male

Rock: Appearance: Appearance Details: Vincent has pale green eyes that are compared to green apples, and full, da..."


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Olivia (croft) | 73 comments like it.(who is for?

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((Could someone make a guy for Sylvana? I could make another charrie for anyone elses..?))

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Rebecca May Name: Alyssa
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance Details: Alyssa has beautiful golden hair that tumbles around her face and down to the middle of her back in waves. Her eyes are a deep emerald green, framed with long dark lashes. She has a pale, glowing complexion and a slender figure. She has full, red lips and a beautiful, sweet face. Alyssa is medium height, and her movements are naturally humble yet graceful.
Clothing: Alyssa always wears dresses and gowns, from short dresses to huge ball gowns, depending on what she feels like and where she's going. She will wear any colour but white with coloured ribbon is her preference. Her shoes are generally slip on's with small heels, decorated in some way, but when walking she wears simple boots under her dresses. She usually wears no jewellery aside from the small diamond ring that she wears on the middle finger of her left hand, but sometimes she will wear other jewels. She always wears her hair down, no matter what.
Personality: Alyssa is a sweet, pure girl, with a kindness and compassion that borders on childishness at times, but never crosses over. She has a keen, sharp intelligence that people often underestimate because of her beauty and humble demeanor. Alyssa rarely gets angry, but when she does it is such a change, a fury that makes it difficult to see the young, sweet lady that she would have been the moment before she was angered. However, it is far more likely when Alyssa argues with someone (also rare) for her to cry, not out of a wish for pity, but simply because she often cannot understand why people can be cruel to each other. However, she will not avoid an argument by being untrue to herself - truth is incredibly important for her, and she sticks up for what she believes in. She loves animals, who tend to have a natural affinity with her, and she loves music, and to sing. She reads, but only romances which touch her truly romantic core - once again not often seen.
History: Alyssa's mother Contessa came to Joro after being banished from her own land, for having a love affair with a man who was betrothed to someone of much higher status than herself. Contessa gave birth to Alyssa and raised her by herself in a cottage in the forest. Alyssa's mother had a wild, beautiful fierceness to her that was not passed on to her daughter, only seen when Alyssa gets into one of her rare rages. Alyssa loved to hear the story of the true love of Contessa and Henry, Alyssa's father - but more importantly she loved the end of the story, where Contessa always told her little daughter that Henry would follow them someday.
Two years ago Contessa decided that Alyssa was old enough to look after herself, and left to search for Henry after teaching her daughter everything she thought she needed to know. She has not yet returned, but Alyssa always hopes that Contessa and Henry will find one another again.
Family: Contessa (Mother). Henry (Father, whereabouts unknown).

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Holly (peachylee20) Becca wrote: "Name: Alyssa
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Rock: Appearance:Appearance Details: Alyssa has beautiful golden hair that tumbles around her face and down to the middle of her back in waves. Her eyes are a de..."

I LOVE HER, Becca!!! She's beautiful and completely unique. Everyone, myself included, always makes these female characters that are strong and sarcastic and fierce, and you actually made someone believable, and I love love lovelovelove her.

Peace wrote: "like it.(who is for?"

Thank you! It's for Ever. :D

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Rebecca May Lol, thanks so much Abby. I thought I'd go for a change and see how it works out. :)

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Holly (peachylee20) :D
I love it.
Have you looked at Xela? She's a past charrie, but I re-did her for the refacing of the group.

message 19: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca May Yeah, I did look at Xela- love her, and the name. I was using her as a guide, because I'm new to this world and I know you're good at character profiles. :)

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Holly (peachylee20) Thank you! :D

message 21: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca May You're welcome. :)

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Bam (bam_bam) | 314 comments Mod
Name: Clemantine Desdemona Tresvale

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 6''

Appearance: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?um=1&a...
She has eyes as clear as the sky with such a pale complexion its similar to a shade of milk or marble stone, her lips are always reddened and her hair is of several shades of blonde. It's darker toward the roots but near the tips it is a shimmering golden colour, she has a petite frame but a full bust, curvy figure and generous legs. She always wears provocative outfits, several ankle bracelets and is never seen wearing shoes. Her snake is always wrapped around her neck, slithering around her body.

Rock: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-pE9pUXp-KWw...

Personality: She is extremely persuasive and has a knack for getting people to do what she wants. She is manipulative with a poisonous accent that enchants any man that steps into her domain. She is also quite intelligent, working out the personality and background of a person as soon as she meets them. She has been known to play mind tricks on her customers so she can sell her merchandise but most of all she is a cunning woman, she is loyal at her best moments and can be quite selfish but she stands up for what she believes in and never lies. She may be persuasive but she never tells a lie.

Brief background/history: TBRPD

Family: Her mother, her grand mother and her great grandmother all live in travelling carts and their whereabouts are unknown.


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Name: Angel

Age: 19

Gender: F

Height: 5'5

Appearance: http://myrugai.deviantart.com/art/Lad...

Rock: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&...

Create your creature on the separate thread provided.

Personality: soft-spoken. kind, dosnt see herself as beautiful. loves animals and acts like a child

Brief background/history: unknown (put later, to be RPed)

Family (if any?): none that are known


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Bam (bam_bam) | 314 comments Mod
Abit more description would be nice although your character and creature together are very nicely done! We welcome you to Joro :')

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thanks^^ I'll add more as her personality grows and stuff through RP~ ^^

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Bam (bam_bam) | 314 comments Mod
Ahh right that's cool! ^.^

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^^ cant wait to RP~

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Connor Rushen (theloreteller) | 78 comments Mod
Name: Kyrian Dante Feris

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 7"

Appearance: Kyrian has a strong face. A rock jaw, and smoldering eyes. Almost quite literally. His eyes are red, and spiced with orange. His hair is short, spiked, and a deep black color, almost as dark as the night. He is a well built male, and it most certainly shows. He has strong, blistered hands, showing how much and hard he has worked. He has toned legs and very light on his feet. Though, his most memorable feature our his eyes. They are a sight most cannot forget.

Rock: Kyrian's rock is pure white. It has dashes of black flecks through out it though.

Personality: Kyrian is... peculiar. (Man this is hard to explain, what I have in my head that is.) Kyrian is a sweet soul. He is kind, helpful, sweet, and willing. Though, he is often sad, and hateful. He wants to help, but cannot let himself. He wants to love, and be with people, but he cannot let himself. He is dark, dangerous. And he can't help it. Its not him. Its the Red in his eyes. Dante. Dante is his alternate personality. At night, he takes over. Kyrian can only watch what he does, but Dante has the control. He constantly bothers Kyrian and tries to take over in the day as well. Kyrian fights this terrible battle and because of it, because of the things Dante does... he lets himself close to no one. He believes himself a danger, hiding himself away from people. And it becomes harder everday to be who he is.

Brief background/history: He has a dark past, and that has effected him in many ways. Kyrian has been cursed. He is immortal. He cannot die, and he has tried. He has done everything short of cutting his own head off to kill himself. And he hasn't tried that because the curse also prevents it. He was out-casted to Joro by the same who put this curse on him. When he was cursed, it broke him. He became two. Dante was born on that day. He proceeded to kill his family while Kyrian watched from behind his own eyes. This hurt Kyrian even more, and made him worse. For years he didn't fight Dante. Dante went on causing terror, simply because it was in his nature. Then Kyrian woke up to his actions and fought for control, eventually striking a deal. Dante could have the night, but he could not kill. Thought Kyrian could have the day, Dante still got to be present and heard. He deals with this everyday.

Family (if any?): Kyrian's family is gone, and even though he has an interest in one, he won't allow it. Dante is too dangerous.


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