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remeber that post of if jem or will were a silent brother?

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So cassandra clare had submited this snipitt

and, if i understood correclty then, at the uktimate research if jem dies then the turn him into o silent brother OR will could macth with the sufering he has and such, he lost everything, he thought all his life that he was course and everyone who he loved would die, and for that he turned into that guy you know in CA.....

what are your thoughs?

I'll keep say that Jem is that Silent brother that have feelings in the MI series

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Eva Oh holy crap...

Nina wow!Also,at the end of COLS Clary asks him if there was someone he could die for and he mentions two people,so these two people can be Will and Tessa!

Jeni Bingo. My theory is that Jem will deteriorate so rapidly that Will will beg the Silent Brothers to do something and they will offer to make him one of them.

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Inês Jeni wrote: "Bingo. My theory is that Jem will deteriorate so rapidly that Will will beg the Silent Brothers to do something and they will offer to make him one of them."
Before i've seen this snippit i also think that will would be Zachariah. in fact i think all the odds turn to him:


-He think he had this curse that everyone that he loved would be dead (and then he actually didn't have this curse at all), he suffered years and years for that curse including with tessa. He told him self he couldn't love her or else she would die, biut then it was too late.

-The two persons that he love are tessa (as his passion and forever the person he loves) and Jem (as his own brother, closest friend, and parabatai); he will lose jem eventually (and i hate to think about that) so he lost one person, and lost Tessa when jem asked her for mariaged.

Still it can't be Will (after reading the snipit and clockwork Prince, and as long as i hate to admite) because Will has to have children, Zacariah says in CoLS that he didn't have children, but there are very similarities of will , the Will of Clockwork Prince, in Jace (and i hate to admit this cause i always thought that jem would be the ancestor of jem , in time he got more similarities in jace then will had in the time i thought that). Also, i heard that Tessa is in CoG, Clary sees Magnus talking to a women that every one says that she is Tessa, and this girl seemed familar to Clary. Also someone thinks that she recognises Tessa from the box that jace has of his father(as i rember) Also in that box is the exemplar of Two tales City (or something like that) that Will gave to Tessa. Jace also afirms that he hates ducks (like will) and he doesn't know why...


But then... i don't know. Zecariah says he didn't have children, however, the protagonist in dark artifices is Emma CAIRSTAIRS... so ... jem has to have children right, so as Will .. so.. so...

but i don't know. it seems that Maybe but Maybe it IS Jem who will be Zacariah. I hope found out that in this March :)

and finaly get to know the heriatges of this saga (The infernal devices, mortal Instruments and dark artifices).

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