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Sanskriti Nagar | 23 comments Mod
Duration: 01 Jan '13 to 31 Dec '13

Here's a challenge for those looking to rave about their favourite reads.

What Qualifies:
Any book that you think is worth reading. It could be a favourite of yours, a book you love to read over and over again or simply some book from a specific subject you think others should read.

IMPORTANT: Every book that you recommend, has to follow with an explanation in at least a line as to why you recommend it. Note that unless you accompany a book with a reason, you won't be eligible for points.

How it works...

1. Each member begins by listing 3 books
2. Readers can choose to read books from anyone's list
3. Every time someone completes a book you've recommended, both you and the reader scores +1. Additionally, both the recommender and the reader get to add one new book to their respective lists.
4. If the reader likes your book enough, they are free to add it to their own list.
5. You can list the same books as someone else. Irrespective of whose list the book is chosen from, if your recommended book is being read by someone, you also score +1

Not that I'm playing for points but I'll be maintaining a list of mine as well. I'll be updating it as per the rules.

Sanz Recommends:
1. A Game of Thrones by George R R Martin:
High fantasy at its best, Book 1 of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series falls right into the league of Tolkien's club. If intrigue and complex plots with mind-boggling twists are your thing, you can't go amiss with this book though you may want to stay away if too many characters and too many pages tend to give you a headache.

2. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden:
A journey into the world of Geisha in 1930s Japan, the book will take you on a beautiful ride, into a world of women, which is filled with friendships and rivalries. A movie by the same name is a good follow-up to this book.

3. Perfume by Patrick Suskind:
Written with much flavour, enough to give you a visual of odours, Perfume is a story of an orphan born in the filthy streets of Paris, who uses his heightened sense of smell to create fragrances. His obsession turns him into a man obsessed with an odour he can't get over, the smell of young virgins and for that he must wreak havoc by killing.

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Sanskriti Nagar | 23 comments Mod

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Sanskriti Nagar | 23 comments Mod
Master List of Recommendations by Genre/Subject

1. A Game of Thrones by George R R Martin (Sanz)

1. Perfume by Patrick Suskind (Sanz)

1. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (Sanz)

Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws (b00kr3vi3ws)

Welcome to a 2013 Reading Challenge: Indie-Fever!
Or, more appropriately 'Read & Review Indie Books Challenge'

Ever since I have discovered this book review & blogging world, I have also discovered the "Indie-Authors". To be frank, quite a big percentage of my 2012 favourites were from Indie Authors. So I have come up with this challenge with the hope of promoting Indie Authors and their works.


How it works:
1. Read and Review as many Indie Books as possible during this year.
2. You do not have to be a blogger to participate. However, you have to post a review on some site in order to participate. It can be on Goodreads and/or Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble and/or Smashwords.
3. If you are a blogger link up your permalink to the review posts. If you aren't a blogger, then link up the permalink to your reviews from whichever site you have chosen to post the review on.
4. The books can overlap with other reading challenges.
5. Books read may be any form (audio, print, e-book).
6. Post your links to your reviews each month to share with other participants.
7. The challenge runs from January 1, 2013 to December 1, 2013. Sign ups will be open till 30th November'2013

How To Sign-Up and Join In:
1. Choose a challenge level listed below.
2. Create a post on your blog, in a group, or on a forum (where possible) to let others see what you’re aiming for (a predefined list of Authors/Books is optional).
3. Grab the badge and place it in your sign up post. Then link back to b00k r3vi3ws.
4. Grab the direct URL to your sign up post, not your blog, click the Linky List and enter your link.
5. Once you review a book it would be great for you to share them by submitting them on the Review List.
7. When you’re done it’s completion post time and you can share these on the completion/wrap-up List.

Challenge Level:
Amateur : Choose to read & review 4 - 8 Indie Books
Lover : Choose to read & review 9 - 16 Indie Books
Expert : Choose to read & review 17 - 28 Indie Books
Fanatic : Choose to read & review 28 or above Indie Books

When talking about this challenge on Twitter, please use the hastag (#IndieFever). It makes it much easier to keep track of the conversations, answer questions and/or tweet back!


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