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Juliet stepped out of the car and stared at the house in awe.
"Are you sure you live here?" She asked Hayden, smirking.

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Juliet smiled at him.
"Sure..." She trailed off, staring at his body again.
Stupid Juliet! You've already seen this body before! Stop staring like an idiot!
She cleared her throat, shaking her head while chuckling nervously.
"It's a big pool" she commented, she's never been a pool as big as this,.

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Juliet shook her head, chuckling.
She took off her shirt, pulling it by the hem and then took off her pants, kicking then off lightly.
She was here to swim after all, just to swim, nothing else.

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Juliet smirked, arching her back a little so she could tuck in her extra small bra strap.
She grinned at him, jumping into the pool with a wail of excitement, laughing when she jumped up to the surface.

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Juliet scoffed when he splashed her, narrowing her eyes playfully at him.
'That little bitch' she thought, swimming after him and jumped on his back, wanting to push him underwater up he wouldn't budge.
"What? Dude!" She groaned, hitting his back lightly.

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Juliet squealed, cringing, she sounded like such a girl right there it disgusted her. She laughed, holding her breath as he dived under the water, shifting her slightly so she was in his arms with him hiding her bridal style.
She then noticed how close they were, so close that if he moved an inch foreword, she would kiss him.

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Juliet breathed into the kiss, tilting her head to the side slightly to the side, deepening the kiss.
Underwater kiss?
Best feeling ever.
She wrapped her arms around his neck, grazing the back of his neck lightly, moving her legs to rest behind his.

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Juliet nodded, clearing her throat nervously. She locked eyes with him for a few seconds and started to walk towards the little ladder, she only broke his gaze when she got out of the pool.

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((Hey are you planning on Hayden and Juliet to be together? Or is he gonna stray?))

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((Sure sure ^^))

Juliet nodded, following him up into the house.
'It's only day one and your already in his house!' she thought to herself, mentally hitting herself with a metal bat.

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((Did you send a email to everyone?))

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((It won't let me open it on my phone :( ))

Juliet looked around the house once they got inside, feeling a little intimidated, since her house was basically a shack.
"And you're sure you live here" she questioned, raising an eyebrow, how can a guy like Hayden act like he does when he lives here?

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Juliet headed up the stairs after him, getting a little lost at first until he spoke again. She followed the sound of his voice into his room, it was oddly clean and there was a faint scent of, what was that? Strawberries? Cologne? Weird.
"Well, your room is different from most guys" she commented sarcastically, chuckling. Looking around the room, her room was half the size of his, her living room was the same size if his room.

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Juliet grinned, looking at the pictures he had of himself as a kid around the room, chuckling.
"Cute" she teased, taking the towel from his hands and started to dry her hair. She closed her eyes, not want to get her hair flicked into her eyes, and she didn't want to tease him a little, she was still in her underwear.
'Day one' she repeated in her head, shaking her head slightly.

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Juliet looked back into his eyes with a shrug, throwing back the towel at him.
"I don't know, it is your house, apparently" she teased, grinning.

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Juliet raised her eyebrows at him, walking towards him slowly.
"I don't know, depends on what you'll do" she replied calmly, eyeing the bottle carefully.

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Juliet pouted, brushing her finger against the whip cream smiley on her face.
"Huh" she muttered, staring at her finger for a moment before looking into his eyes, licking her finger.

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