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General Information

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Eye Color-
Hair Color-
Height/Body Type-
Distinct Feature-


Talents / Skill:



Special attack:

Magic(?) powers / Traits:




Relationship status: (Single / Taken: If so by whom?)





Pet Peeves:

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✿ Name: Miyako kokuei (view spoiler)

✿Age: Seventeen (17)

✿Gender: Feminine

✿Species: Fallen Angel


•Eye Color-
Miyako's eyes are a light brown color, almost a shade of red. Her eyes look like creamy chocolate. She has black pupils and a outline of black around the color.

•Hair Color-
Miyako's roots of her hair is brown, but that is not her natural color. It's shocking but the color in the picture is her real color, a mixture of red, orange, brown and blonde. It's a very unique coloring she has.

•Height/Body Type-
Miyako is an average height for a girl. She stands 5'11 most people think she is small and petite but no, she is a normal hight and an average weight. She has fair skin and a great complexion to go along with it. She is fairly skinny and has a large chest.

•Distinct Feature-
It's not much but on her 16th birthday she got a small star-swirly thing tattoo on her hip. She wants to get more.
She also has a belly button ring.

• Blood type: B


✿Talents / Skill: Fighting, Timing and planning attracts, slaying demons, Bow an arrow. a lot of other skills.


✿Weapon: Sword-Cross

✿Special attack: Unknown

✿Magic(?) powers / Traits: She has the ability to see things that many people cant. She can. She's not very powerful but has amazing fighting skills.


Miyako has a chilly personality, and is blunt and aloof. She says things as they are and is willing to take any consequences that come with her actions. She cares only about those who are important to her, and will go to any lengths to protect them - even if it means having to kill someone. She's very strong and independent, a result of her time spent as a Warrior

Miyako wears a mask of indifference in order to hide the pain of her past. She's sealed away her emotions in order to cope with her bitterness and anger. She does what need to be done, despite risking being hated by others. In truth, Miyako very lonely, but she refuses to give in to her misery and sink into despair. She walks a fine line between sanity and being consumed by grief.

Miyako thinks quite highly of herself, and thinks she is quite intelligent. She is always looking to give advice, whether it is wanted or not. She could care less about what others think of her, good or bad. She is very strong-willed, and if you bring the fight to her, don't expect her to back down. Miyako doesn't give in easily, and is not easily swayed by flattery. She likes doing things by her and her only. But despite her smart aleck attitude, she would be willing to give her life for almost anyone, as long as they have shown her respect in the past. If you respect her, she will respect you, but if you don't, she will more than likely choose to ignore you. Miyako tends to keep to herself, giving off the air that she isn't very sociable, though in all actuality, she does like to talk to others. She comes off as a grumpy brute, but if you earn her respect and give her time to get to know you, she will treat you like an equal.

Miyako is kind of quiet and reserved, interested in how and why things work. she has excellent skills with mechanical things. She's a big Risk-taker who likes to live for the moment. She's usually interested in and talented at extreme sports. She's uncomplicated in her desires. she's very loyal to her peers and to her internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. she's detached and analytical, she has an excel at finding solutions to practical problems.

Miyako is a girl with many different personalities as you know she keeps to herself a lot which means she likes doing this on her own, her own way. And no help with from others.
She's a very mysterious girl with lots of secrets.


✿Relationship status:Signal

✿Sexuality: Straight

✿Fears: Thunder, People, Falling in love and making friends

✿Joys: Being ignored and doing thins on her own terms

✿Hobbies: Fighting, Singing and reading

✿Other: Miyako has a strong love for animals. She is more apt to save an Animal other then a human

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Name: Rainy Thompson
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Harpy
Appearence: http://www.merledress.com/media/catal...
Her eyes are a very bright purple, with dark pink outlining the pupils.
Her hair is brown at the roots, but she's a natural blonde.
She is five feet three inches tall, and she has curves so deep you'd think she starves.
She has a bright green tatoo of wings with love and death in Chinese between the two wings.
Blood type is unknown.
Talent is music.
Weapon: Concealed dagger under the sole of the hi tops she' s always wearing.
Special attack: The song of death. This song can lure one to their own death if sung by a harpy.
Her power: Her music and beauty can lure one to do anything.
Personality: She hates that her gift is mumurderous and she is very sweet. She tries to use her gift in a good way witch sometimes goes wrong.
Relationship status: single
Sexuality: straight
Fears: Accidently killing a loved one
Joys:Having friends who don't fear her
Hobbies: Eating, friendly competition, and making jokes
Pet peeves: When people act perfect.
Other: she can change forms

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Name: Katerina Celine Coast

Nickname: Kat

Age: 17

Gender: F

Species: Human


Eye Color- She has light brown eyes.

Hair Color- Kat has dark blond hair that goes to her shoulder.

Height/Body Type- Kat is at average height at 5'4". She's skinny but is at a healthy weight for her age and height.

Distinct Feature- Kat has freckles on her right arm that make a ring around her arm (in the middle between her wrist and elbow).

Blood-type- AB

Talents / Skill: Her talents lie in first aid and knowledge of the outdoors. She is very good in both subjects. While its not a good talent, she has one for getting into trouble.

Weapon: Kat's main weapon of choice would be a sword. She's very good at sword fighting and that ability is helped by the fact that she used to fence.

Special attack: She fights better close up.

Magic(?) powers / Traits: She has no magical powers that she knows of.


Personality: Kat is an energetic girl. She loves the outdoors and you can usually find her sitting under a tree reading. She hates heights and small spaces. Because she was attacked by a dog when she was little, she is scared of dogs. She also has a fear of drowning so she stays away from deep water. A note of warning: don't call her Kitty. She will attack you. Her nickname might be Kat, but that doesn't give you any right to call her Kitty. She's smart, especially in first aid and science. Math is her weak subject in school. She does have a knack for getting into trouble though.


Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: straight

Fears: Heights, dogs, small spaces, and deep water

Joys: Reading thick books, chocolate, being outdoors

Hobbies: reading, drawing

Pet Peeves: stupid people, people asking stupid questions, and when someone leaves the light on after they've left the room.

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Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) ███ ♛ ███ ❛ Salutations, nice to meet you 」

Name: Nero Oscurità Delacroix
Age: Eighteen ( 18 years )
Gender: Masculine
Species: Fallen Angel

➤ The tattoo on his chest indicates, "Every rose has its thorn."

Eye Color ➳ An unfathomable, profound shade of light cerulean that surrounds a ring of sorrel which encases his obsidian pupil. (view spoiler)
Hair Color ➳ A deep, dark brown that appears black most of the time, albeit if granted enough light, one will notice its true color.
Height/Body Type ➳ Standing at 6' 7.62", and weighing at 215.46 pounds, Nero is neither short nor light in weight; his physique is that of a basketball players; though lean and slim, muscles are still evident in his arms, legs, and core. Despite his heavy weight he has come to learn how to bring balance and sneak up on his enemies with a predatory silence. Then again, perhaps his ethereal bloodline helps him with that; he is no human. His hair is short, reaching his ears and the edge of his eyebrows. His cranium has a somewhat angular shape, with deep blue eyes being the only color that stands out of his achromatic picture of dark hair and pale skin.
Distinct Feature ➳ His height is what gets people at first, and then it is the odd ring of brown around his pupil after they get over his altitude.
Blood-type ➳ AB-

Talents / Skill:
Violin ( ♛ ) 10/10
██████████ //
Nero could be considered a professional musician if he so bothered to get a career in such a field, albeit even with his passion for music, he has no interest in being a musician.

Free-running / Parkour ( ♛ ) 8/10
████████ // ██
Having once been a Seraph assigned the duty of protecting the gates of the Heaven many humans bothered worshiping, it was not uncommon for Nero to encounter underworld demons and thus spent a lot of his time fighting and finding the most sufficient ways to maneuver around enemies and such, thus he developed a skill of free-running and parkour tactics.

Tomahawk ( ♛ ) 10/10
██████████ //
A tomahawk is merely a weapon whom looks somewhat like a small axe and was used by native americans and europeans as a way to chop enemies or use them for throwing purposes; today these weapons are not used but Nero has a fetish for them.

Archery ( ♛ ) 9/10
█████████ // █
Nero has taken a soft fascination with archery and its graceful yet dangerous use and has thus devoted quite a bit of his time in his earlier years learning to use them when he wanted to make more quick and preemptive strike attacks.

Art of Swords ( ♛ ) 7/10
███████ // ███
Though he took a liking to swords and such, he did not practice as much as he should have and thus this is one of his more lacking skills when it comes to combat, but do not be fooled… he is still not an opponent to be reckoned with, regardless of whether he has a sword in his hand or a weapon more familiar.

Cooking ( ♛ ) 2/10
██ // ████████
While Nero may be graceful with his fingers, it's not wise to throw him into a kitchen. Mildly putting it, it's like placing a pyromaniac in a room of explosives - literally, since he is a fan of fire. In other words, everything will burn to the ground.

Nero wields a recurve bow with arrows, daggers ( not used much ), a tomahawk, and a schiavona sword ( not used that much either. )
Special attack: Two steps from hell // An attack in which he can generate fears and mentally scarring images through a dark induced illusive attack. 」
Magic(?) powers / Traits: ❛ Psychokinesis !!
↳ Psychokinesis is the use of mental energy to influence events (ie. sports, gambling, or even the prolonging of ones life.), move objects, biological healing, teleportation, phasing through matter, transmutation of matter, shapeshifting or metamorphism, an energy shield or barrier, control over {electromagnetism, gravity, the weak nuclear force, and the strong nuclear force}, control of photons, and thoughtform projection or telepathic projection.
▬▬▬ Misfortunately Nero is nowhere near this powerful ( as he is far too young in Fallen Angel standards ) and is only capable of the transmutation of matter and the movement of objects.

███ ♛ ███ ❛ I believe 'tis none of your business 」

Nero is a slightly shy young androcentric organism who takes pride in his bloodline but lacks in amour-propre. Being quiescent to those he deem unknown, he only speaks when he is spoken to. When he speaks, he makes certain to choose his colloquy with caution and tact; thus he is known to be perhaps a little overly vigilant and refrains from divulging his thoughts, for fear of an unfavourable outcome. Nero obdurately adheres to a firm set of aphorisms; he is logical and rational to a rather escalated extent, albeit he may make rash decisions when it is his sentimental issues that are driving his motives. Nero is hesitant to forgive for he takes gradually to anger, thus it is likely that whatever he is piqued by is something that has happened with repetition or it was highly angering; he does not take well to transgressions committed opposed to him. He may come off as frigid or indifferent at best. However, he is willing (albeit hesitant) to extend a hand of affiliation if he deem the individual trustworthy and relatively conscientious.

Albeit if one is so lucky enough to obtain any positive social standing with this masculine of origin, they will find themselves to realize that despite standing on safe grounds with this obscure male, most social standings are benumbed; indeed, he may care for his teammates and/or friends on the selfish thought that he can obtain whatever it is he seeks but relationships with him are miserable at best though his unconditional instinct to protect those sworn to protect him is what keeps the bond unknowingly strong no matter how much it may look like he and the individual are on indifferent or antagonistic terms. On the other hand, when faced with an individual whom is an opposition to his wellbeing, he has no problem with making blood look less of a color and more of a hobby. Though he often likes to be discrete, he is completely fine with delivering crushing blows in deliberate ways to insure your last few breaths are difficult and excruciating ones. During the moments in which it is needed, he puts on a second layer of facade and insures that he appears stand-offish and murderous to make certain people are more cautious of him than allured and that they know he means business, so when he grinds someone's bones down into dust, he can always back up and say, "they deserved it."

Relationship status: Single, and not necessarily looking for anyone to fill the role.
Sexuality: Asexual
"The most commonly cited definition of asexuality is that an asexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction." In Nero's case, he may be willing to try if it benefited him in some way, though whether he would do male or female or both is beyond him and he really does not give enough cares to bother thinking about his sexual preference.

• slight agoraphobia - no escape
• slight claustrophobia - tight spaces
• slight atychiphobia – fear of failure
• slight gamophobia – fear of marriage, commitment
• Gerontophobia – fear of growing old, or a hatred or fear of the elderly
• Haphephobia – fear of being touched
• slight ipovlopsychophobia – fear of having one’s photograph taken.
• Scoleciphobia – fear of worms
• Molluscophobia - fear of slugs and/or snails.

• Independence
• Destruction
• Roses
• Being alone
• Combat
• Sparring
• Training in archery
• Wilderness
• Chocolate
• Silence
• Animals ( wolves and harpy eagles being a favorite )
• Fire ( slight pyromaniac )
• Philosophy & science
• Practicing archery and other combat techniques
• Contemplating & analyzing
• Free-running & parkour
• Adjusting/cleaning his weapons.
• Reading a good, giant book.

Pet Peeves:
• Refrain from talking with your mouth full of food.
• Refrain from smacking when eating and/or chewing bubblegum.
• Refrain from breathing too loud.
• Refrain from drinking/gulping too loud.
• Refrain from abusing animals in front of his eyes to see.
• Try to act smart; stupidity is highly annoying.
• Try to act like you aren't perfect; arrogance is sickening.

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Rainy Thompson Approved

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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Name: Carson Lee Thompson

Age: Eighteen

Gender: Female

Species: Time Lord


(view spoiler)

Eye Color- Blue
Hair Color- Dirty Blonde
Height/Body Type- 5'8, a bit too skinny for her age at 98 pounds.
Distinct Feature- She has very few freckles planted along her skin but other than that it is cream-like soft with dimples as she smiles, she has perfectly plucked eyebrows and her teeth are kindly cared for.
Blood-type- O


Talents / Skill: She is very well with persuading others, maybe not herself but she is great with soothing her words. She is also good at getting into tiny places, and using her hands in difficult situations.


Weapon(s): Honestly, she has a pack in her jacket pocket that is rolled into one, but when opened it reveals a needle with sleeping potions, and many more things to help and or defend herself.

Special attack: She can import images into your mind, as well as see your memories with the touch of the temple.

But this Time Lord still has it's flaws, she has two hearts, but she looks as human as anyone else, she can be injured, shot, and without her screwdriver and Tardis she is completely defenseless with only her mind.

Magic(?)Powers / Traits: She can heal, called regenerating but she can be killed- all you have to do is shoot her in the process.


Personality: Ever since she was little Carson always put others before herself, and she tends to keep it that way. She's very optimist, she believes there's always a way out. She's a bit like the kid in your class who seems stupid and would fail at any cost, but as you're insulting her she would already be figuring out a plan.

She's got a snappy and giggly side, but not an aggressive side, oh no. She hates guns, knives, anything that has to do with bloodshed.

Not many Time Lord's exist anymore, and Carson's Tardis was lost, a very very long time ago. And she lost all her equipment, for all she knows her Tardis was the lost in the universe. For all of you who don't know what a Tardis is, it is basically a time traveling box she inherited from her father.


Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Straight

Harm - Hurting anyone whatsoever

Death - Loosing the ones she has cared for

Commitment - she can never stay somewhere much long

Lonesome - She can never stand not having someone to talk to

Animals - She enjoys them the most

Rain - Playing in mud to be exact

Intelligence - Someone with extreme knowledge as much as she

Little things - She enjoys the little moments in time, the little gaps, the funny and the good moments while it lasts

Hobbies: She works at an animal shelter, as well as studying to become a vet.

Pet Peeves: She paces quite a lot, and always blames herself even though she knows it's not her fault.

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Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Name: Peter Alexon

Age: 17

Gender: M

Species: Fallen Angel


Eye Color- Blue
Hair Color- Brown
Height/Body Type- He is 5'9". He is well muscled since he exercises quite a bit.
Distinct Feature- He has a scar that goes across his collarbone to his left shoulder

Blood-type- A


Talents / Skill: He is very skilled at sneaking up on people and hitting things with a knife.


Weapon: Knife

Special attack: Is very good at sneaking up on people.

Magic(?) powers / Traits: none


Personality: Peter is the kid that you see sitting by himself. Not that he minds it. He's the solitary type of person. Underneath the handsome appearance is a dark persona. He doesn't care about anybody except for himself. He is sarcastic and acts like a jerk most of the time. He knows his attitude doesn't get him many friends but he doesn't care. He's content to do things his own way. He likes to flirt with the girls. He's not the guy to get into a serious relationship. He also has a habit of playing with fire. One thing that might surprise you is that he likes to study history.


Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Straight

Fears: He has a fear of thunder. He's not too fond of needles either. Or aquariums for that matter, although with that, it's the tunnels that go under the tanks that he hates.

Joys: Being alone, playing with fire, and drawing.

Hobbies: drawing, throwing knives, studying on history

Pet Peeves: People bothering him when he obviously wants to be alone.

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Okay nice! Accepted!

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ash. Name: Nixon Antonio Foster
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Masculine
Species: Human; Hunter


(view spoiler)

•Eye Color-
Nixon's eyes color is very rear, yet strange. His eyes are purple with blue tint in his eyes witch gives him a unique look.

•Hair Color-
Nixon's hair is a silky soft black. His hair is pretty long, reacheches to tip of his eyebrow. Almost covering his face up with his pure black hair.

•Height/Body Type-
Nixon is prety tall, his 6'1 and he weighs 180 pound of Muscle.

•Distinct Feature-
The tattoo on his right hand, impressed on his Knuckles spell out the word Life down bellow that is a cool design on his wrist that's goes half way up his arm.

•Blood-type- AB+


Talents / Skill: Nixon has many talents


Weapon: Nixon own may sorts of weapons, gun, bow an arrow, swords, knifes. Etc

Special attack: Doesn't have one

Magic(?) powers / Traits: Nixon does not have any magical powers, not does he have any traits. He is is nothing more, and nothing less then a human. With a strong ability to be a Hunter.


Nixon is the kind of kid that all his friends envy secretly, the one that the teachers fearfully tell stories about in their breakfast clubs, and the guy that parents keep all their daughters away from. No- he’s not exactly what you think him to be. Not one of those cocky jocks who come and go with girls like a passing breeze, though with looks like his, he could certainly shift gears and ride that title out for all it’s worth. What makes him so terrifying is the fact that he’s got no empathy, no limitations, and no self-restraint when it comes to doing his job, which is ridding the mortal world of vermin like the Underworld lings. He is the idea of a gun without a safety lock. He’ll shoot you down without hesitating and without even blinking if he decides you’re wasting his time.

As said before, Nixon isn’t much of a heartbreaker. To be honest, he doesn’t even care much for affections because they only screw with his hunting dexterity. But he does intend to live up to the name of a rebel. Given that he holds a jaunty, cynical demeanor when he’s conversing with other hunters, it’s hard not to see him as one of the bad boys. This fact alone makes him quite the heartthrob of the house. The best part is that he doesn’t even try. When he breathes, some girl in the corner of the room will swoon, and he knows it. But don’t think he’s some immature hotshot with an impervious ego and try to challenge him, because god knows that he’ll relish the idea of crushing your bones into dust.

Nixon is merciless. If he finds your weak spot, he’ll use it against you every time you meet, just to see how far he can bend you backwards until you snap. He despises the weak hunters passionately. Being one of the elite hunters of the house, he only associates himself with top tier killers of the school, and he’ll work hard to make his fellow hunters as strong as he. Don’t confuse him for being biased towards his own kind because he would definitely slash their tires if they gave him a wrong look, intentional or not. In short- if anyone happens to upset him, which is considerably a feat in itself because Nixon invests no attachment in everything he does, he’ll be sure to give him or her hell.


Relationship status: Single

Heterosexuality- Is the sexual attraction between members of the opposite sexes such as man attracts to woman and woman attracts to man sexually.

He's also kind of: Asexuality- Is also known as nonsexuality which is the lack of sexual attraction and sexual interest towards others.

Fears: N/A

Having an occasional drink, sharpening his tools, broadening his knowledge about the Underworld affairs, strong hunters, strong people, Coke, Breadsticks, and a good book.


Pet Peeves: When people challenge him into a fight

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Name: Rose Eva May

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Fallen Angel

Appearance: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbs...


Eye Color- Bright Blue-Green
Hair Color- Dark Brown
Height/Body Type- 5 foot 5 inches. Very Slim, skinny.
Distinct Feature- soft pale skin.
Blood-type- AB Negative


Talents / Skill: She is good at acting and Modeling. She can dance very very well. Also very flexible.


Weapon: A Knife and a gun.

Special attack: High kick to the head, knocking appointee down.

Magic(?) powers / Traits:


Personality: She is a very socail girl, with many friends. Very popular, she has dated and slept with almost every guy in school. She has danced scince she was 2. She loves to go out at night and party. She can be very misterious, she never talks about her scarring past. It shall remain a mystery. Her past is only full on darkness. She cover her past with her popular expression. She gets jelous sometimes. And when she does its like world war 3 is about to start. She can make someone wish they were never born. She can be overcome with Darkness. So you can she its like she lives two lifes. One filled with fun and partying and drinking. And one full of darkness.


Relationship status: Single. ( she is afraid of settling down with someone)

Sexuality: Straight. She has alot of sex.

Fears: Her past.

Joys: Partying.

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Magic.

Pet Peeves: People asking questions about her past.

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) It states she is "straight" and I believe the fact she "has a lot of sex" was merely just additional information.

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oh i didn't see that when i looked at it >.<

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) Ha, its alright. Things happen.

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true that

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Im always so impressed my all your characters you make! Damn you! Lol approved

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) 'Tis okay; you have beauty on your side young maiden!
… don't ask, I don't know what that was.

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BWHAHAHHA!!! that's so dorky and funny.
€.€ *not going to ask*

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) *evil look* Goooood, good.
I want you to suffer having to look up new words.

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Name: Koane Landlone

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Demigod

Eye Color- Green
Hair Color- Light brown with dark brown roots because his natural hair color is almost black it is so dark.
Height/Body Type- five foot nine inches tall and his body...well he's admittedly a bit scrawny, but he's still very strong in every way.
Distinct Feature- He has a dark red birthmark on the back of his neck and he has a brown birthmark on his forehead
Blood-type- O positive


Talents / Skill: Water


Weapon: Trident

Special attack: He has control over water because he is a son of The God Poseidon

Magic(?) powers / Traits: He can breath and speak under water and he can go in wayer without getting wet. He has control over water

Personality: He sometimes is kind and thoughtful, but he usually has anger issues. He has a mixed personality. He' s a strong fighter and won't let anything distract him. He thinks his life is a real-world hell.
He's use to using people's powers against them and he thinks for all the protection he gives his family, and his he at least deserves a girlfriend. Hi as life was very joyous until he found out his powers, then, with monsters chasing him 24/7 he became big grouch.

Relationship status: Single, but he has a crush on Piper

Sexuality: Straight

Fears: Nothing

Joys: He has no joys on life.

Hobbies: swimming.

Pet Peeves: none

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Why did you post him twice?

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whoops...didn't mean to

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Name:Maeve(pronounced like Mave) Traveis



Species:Fox Demon(view spoiler)


Eye Color-Bright Gold(view spoiler)
Hair Color-Midnight Black
Height/Body Type-Maeve stands at about 5'10.Shes quite lanky with only a bit of curves.She weighs in at 115 lbs which is what gives her that lanky feel.Not to mention her long legs.She isn't very model like,shes pretty ordinary.
Distinct Feature-The first thing people notice is usually her eyes,but she has a few scars that run down her back.She also has a scar on her arm,but she tries to keep it well hidden.
Blood-type-O Negative.


Talents / Skill:

-Actress:Maeve is a very good actress.She can make herself cry with ease,she can make herself look angry in seconds.

-Musical:Shes also very musical.She can play the piano quite fluently and easily,so yes,she can play stuff as hard as Chopins Fantasie.

Weapon:Maeve doesn't like to use weapons but if she had to it would probably be daggers.Mostly because she has amazing aim,and their easy to hide.

Special attack:Maeve's special attack would have to be her fox fires.(view spoiler)

Magic(?) powers / Traits:

-Her Fox Fires.

-Her Ability to throw this magical leaf at you,which when activated turns you into the animal she chooses.

-Her fox fires work in a way that when told the name of the person she chooses,the fires will fly away and look for that certain person.[there are usually about 4 searching]

Personality:Maeve is quite aloof and ruthless.Shes not the go-to gal for the average person.She distances herself from everyone,and shes quiet.Though this is just her being observative. Yes,she can be very rude and snappy,she also has a gentle and kind side to herself.You may not see this side anytime soon,or maybe you might not even see it at all.The regular personality she has is quite unpleasant,which causes her to tend to not have many friends.You just have to give her a chance to see the real Maeve.

She's quite ignorant when you get to know her.She very clueless about many things in life.She also isn't very conscious about what she's doing when she is being rude and foolish.Because when she's finally come down to her normal self,she feels very guilty.Once she does something to someone,she won't forgive herself an she'll really try to get on their good side.But then comes then unpleasant Maeve and she's just back at square one again.

Relationship status:Single

Sexuality:Pansexual~Emotional attraction toward persons of all gender identities and biological sexes.Gender-blind, asserting that gender and sex are insignificant or irrelevant.

Fears:Not many things scare Maeve.The only things that do are:

-Small,tight spaces.

-The feeling of being trapped.


-The feeling of not being able to breathe.



-Surprisingly,Cleaning and being organized.(OCD Much XD?)

-Being alone.

-The quiet.

-The Dark.



-The Piano

Pet Peeves:

-When people constantly touch her.

-When people constantly call her name.

-When people crinckle their water bottles so it makes the cracking sound.

-When people yell down hall ways,and or squeal really loudly when they see their friends.

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Thanks :3

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I'll put her in the approved characters when I get the time. :)
But lovely work!

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Is Koane?

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Ohh Opps haha yeah but can you add a wee bit more personality to him?

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Applefrost wrote: "I'll put her in the approved characters when I get the time. :)
But lovely work!"

Gracias XD Though i'd have to say she was a bit rushed.I may update her later c:

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Apple I edited Maeve's personality a bit,and I added more so that she could be more accurate (:

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nice nice :) good work. I like her

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Applefrost wrote: "nice nice :) good work. I like her"

Thank You :D and so do I xD I feel she's going to shake things up a bit :)

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she sure will keep things interesting! xD

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Apple, is mine good?

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yup I put them all in the approved characters

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♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 5 comments Name: Aster Victoria Knight

Age: 17

Gender: Feminine

Species: Half Angel, Half Demon


Eye Color- They can change color, but are usually gold and silver
Hair Color- Mostly a dark brown/black, but with all shades of brown, red, and blonde
Height/Body Type- 5'7
Distinct Feature- Aster has a tattoo on the middle of the back of her neck  Yang Wallpaper By Dragon8000 Yin Magic Sword Wings Tattoo
Blood-type- Unknown


Talents / Skill: Strong mentality and physical being, speed, grace, and good decision maker.


Weapon: Two long-bladed yin and yang daggers that can be attached and unattached. You don't see them anywhere on her body before a battle, and during, they seemingly appear at of no where into her hands.

Special attack: Her element of surprise, as she is always underestimated, and how Aster has such an unheard and probably the only type of power, as she has reached ultimate Balance.

Magic(?) powers / Traits: Having control over opposites (i.e. Chaos and order, war and peace, light and dark, good and evil), though never choosing a side.


Personality: Very mysterious and intriguing, Aster mostly has a closed personality, with somewhat of a kind nature, but can be cold and sarcastic. Very level-headed and cool, and it takes a lot to surprise her or get her angry. Aster seems like a quiet girl who wouldn't exactly been seen in a battle, but that really isn't who she is. She will always accept a challenge, and will even throw the match because she just wanted to see how good the other person is. Overall, Aster's first impression is deceiving, which gives her an overall advantage.


Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Fears: Only one, which is everything falling under unfixable chaos

Joys: Aster doesn't really take joy in much

Hobbies: N/A

Pet Peeves: Cocky people who think they're amazing

Pet(s): Two lions, both male. The purple-ish one is named Antaeus and the gold one is named Astraeus.

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 5 comments Am I approved?

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Name: Jane Black

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Werewolf


Eye Color- green
Hair Color- brown
Height/Body Type- 1.60cm
Distinct Feature- she has a wolf tattoo
Blood-type- unknown

Talents / Skill:
> Teeth
> Claws
> Inhanced senses
> Super strength
> Emhanced speed

Weapon: axe

Special attack: change into a wolf (look at talents)

Magic(?) powers / Traits: > Shapeshifting, Supernatural Perception

Personality: Curious, strong, doesn't show weakness, smart, mysterious sometimes, she is a born leader and will do anything to protect the ones she loves, for a wolf she is too playful and less alpha for something. She can't lie she is horrible at it.

Relationship status: (Single / Taken: If so by whom?)

Sexuality: straight

Fears: other magical beings, people that are right

Joys: running, fighting, playing

Hobbies: running, fighting and playing...mostly


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can you please add more personality Xaviera?

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Name: Brett Matthews Radke. (rad-key)
Age: Eighteen ( 18 years old )
Gender: Masculine
Species: Fallen Angel


➤Eye Color-
His eyes are a very distinct blue. with shades of many other blues. Around his pupil is a honey dew color. His eyes are very rare. (view spoiler)

➤Hair Color-
His hair is a light brown, but sometimes can be mistaken for a dirty blonde color. When he was younger his hair was all blonde, but the older he gets the darker his hair becomes

➤Height/Body Type-
Brett is a fairly tall guy. He reachers the hight of 6'4 Brett really is not the mussel building type of guy. He does not have any 6 pack. But he is very strong. He could easily get a 6-pack but chooses not to.

➤Distinct Feature- His eyes

➤Blood-type- AB Negative


Talents / Skill:

➤ Archery 7/10
This isn't one of his best skills, but he does have the ability to use a now an arrow. He rather prefer his sword over his arrows. He's only been doing this for half a year. But continues to practice with his skills.

➤ Survival skills 8/10
Brett has a very well sense on how to survive on his own. Pretty much thought out his hole life he has been alone. Though he father have the company of others he knows how to act and know what to do when left on a stranded island by himself. Very trustworthy guy to have around.

➤Playing the Guitar 9/10
Brett is a very good guitarist, he has been playing ever sense he was 5 years old. He use to play it all the time when he was 12-16 but now he doesn't find not has the time to play. But when he does it's like he never stopped. He's very talented with lots of musical Interments, but the guitar is by fat his best and favorite.

➤ Sword fighting skills 9/10
Brett has not been handling swords as long as he had played the guitar, he first started when he was 16; when he first came to this school. As fist he was a bit rusty with the whole sword thing. But after a few weeks of long, herd and sweaty training he became almost a Professional at it.

➤ Martial arts 10/10
Well... How do I begin? Brett is outstandingly talent at Martial arts. It's one of his best moved. He has been doing this sense he was 3 years old. He approves everyday and keeps getting better. He does have a bit of lazy was to him so when he is in battle he doesn't give it his all. But when he does... Watch out because he will brake every bone in your body

Weapon: Sword and Bow an arrows

Special attack: Martial arts and Hypersuasion

Magic(?) powers / Traits:
➤ generate illusions 6/10
User can trick people into perceiving unreal things, illusions are not tangible, but can be very realistic to subjects. There are several ways illusions can be created, for example Sense Manipulation, through Mind Control, Hypnosis or by Light Manipulation. Some users can create complex and detailed worlds, others may be able to only alter the way they or the target are perceived.

➤Hell-Fire Manipulation 9/10
The user is able to manipulate flames of Hell, which is inextinguishable by normal means. The flames are also far more intense than normal flames, they can incinerate anything to the point of leaving absolutely no byproduct (not even ashes), and even smother and "burn" normal fire and water. The color of the flames varies, but may be black, blue, white, or the normal shades of fire, although probably in someway noticeably unusual. Sometimes, the flames are not generated, but instead summoned from the planes of hell itself.

Some flames can have different properties and abilities, such as causing excruciating pain upon contact instead or cause instant death. Some flames may also be used for relatively beneficial purposes, such as summoning spirits of the deceased temporarily back to the world of living from Hell. Very strong or high level users could even gain the ability of Reanimation or Resurrection via Summoning the damned and/or Demons.

Hellfire can also refer to flames that simply burn at an intensity far superior to normal fire and/or have supernaturally destructive properties, and does not have to originate from actual Hell.

➤Hypersuasion 10/10
The user can compel people by speaking, the victims are unable to disobey; the seemingly cogent commandment is far too compelling. At high level, user can even persuade people into hurting/killing themselves, but can never cause victims to achieve what they are not capable of (ex. Flight).


Brett is the kind of guy you don’t want to hang around when your parents are there. He’s that kid, the rambunctious and rowdy one, who would gladly t.p. his teacher’s house or break their windows with a sledgehammer if given a chance. His bad boy charm without a doubt is on par his best friend’s (Zachariah Elwood, who thinks him to be the only exception of interracial relationships) if not even more. But unlike Zach, who cares not much for romance, Brett will use his suave persona to persuade anybody he knows to do his beckoning. Though it doesn’t happen often, considering that he much rather just threaten them than try to please them for his own benefit.

It’s nearly embarrassing for him to admit it, though it shouldn’t be a shame but rather a characteristic to boast about, but Brett’s smart. Not the street smart that a lot of people would think him to be since he certainly acts and looks like the type of guy to only care about the basics of how to work odd jobs. He’s book smart. He’s one of the top ten of his class, which gets him a lot of smack from the jock clique in which he’s in (him being one of the few werewolves to play in the football team), and because of it, he thinks himself to be undesirable when he’s at his brightest points. But it’s not always bad for him, because it comes in handy to argue with people. That and his eagerness to always be right. Just don’t expect him to flaunt his intelligence around.

He isn’t going to lie. Brett knows it and will say it straight out that he can be one selfish, inconsiderate bastard. Luckily, it’s not often, but there are certain people who bring out the ugly side out of him. Most times, Brett’s that laid-back, class clown that’ll pull a few stunts here and there to reinforce his title of being a rebel, but he can be quite the scary person when angered. And if you don’t want to see this side of him, it would be wise to not upset his clan members, or his friends.

Relationship status: Signal

Heterosexuality- Is the sexual attraction between members of the opposite sexes such as man attracts to woman and woman attracts to man sexually.

•Apiphobia- Fear of bees.

Winning arguments, spending his father’s money, relaxing, kicking it with his buddies, protecting his loved ones, destroying everybody that dares to threaten him, and the smell of cinnamon.

• Martial arts
• Playing guitar
• Sword fighting
• Archery

Pet Peeves:

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wanderer (chloemai) Name:Echo Liliana Moondae





Eye Color-
A deep cobalt blue. The pupil is ringed by a fiery orange which resembles lapping flames.
(view spoiler)

Hair Color-
Echo's hair is made up of vibrant, glossy chestnut curls. In the sunlight there is a slightly reddish hue on her silky locks, which happen to cascade to her waist softly.
(view spoiler)

Height/Body Type-
Echo's height is a somewhat touchy subject for her, seeing as she is only 5'1. This therefore means that her weight is on the lighter side at 98lbs, and her body types is well proportioned and with an hourglass figure.

Distinct Feature-
Her eyes are her most intruging feature. Although strange to look at they somehow draw people in in a mesmerising manner.



Talents / Skill:
Echo is very much a lithe little dancer, and always has a spring in her step. She is trained in the art of dance, and its many forms which enables her to be light on her feet as well as agile and well balanced. Her dancing is most mesmerising, and she is often remembered as the girl with the eyes and the pretty dances.



Special attack:

Magic(?) powers / Traits:


The perfect word to describe Echo is whimsical. She seems to ooze the essences of unsolved mysteries, often speaking in riddles, or more commonly not at all. She's the type of girl that always has her head in the clouds no matter what the situation, often coming across as bubble brained and a bit ditzy, but it is highly advised that you don't underestimate her. For she can be a formidable opponent if the time calls for it.

Relationship status:





Pet Peeves:
No matter if it is an accident, or on purpose Echo absolutley despises being pushed. She doesnt find it so bad if the person apologises, but it irritates her to no end if somebody doesnt say sorry afterwards.


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E.J. (ejschoenborn) Name: Slender Slim

Age: 22

Gender: Masculine

Species: Slender Men


Eye Color- None
Hair Color- None
Height/Body Type- Well over 7 feet tall and very slim and long-limbed.
Distinct Feature- The lack of face and hair is a dead giveaway, but if you need more, he has multiple arms and hands that seem to sprout from the shadows around him. More? Well, he always wears a suit.
Blood-type- AB - , The universal TAKER.


Talents / Skill:
Flexibility 10/10
He has the ability to stretch his body into unbelievable sizes and shapes and to stretch his limbs out farther than humanly possible.

Intelligence 10/10
There are few creatures more intelligent than the Slender Men. They know nearly every spell and counter-spell and potion known to man and beast, including Ms. Quix's "Dehydration", although they'll never let on that they know it. Although they don't have visible ears, they hear and remember everything around them. The same goes for their eyes and nose. Remarkable really.

Reaction Time 9/10
They are quick and strong, but the best way to describe this is with their reaction time. If you are about to give a punch, they sense your muscles twitching and react with astounding speed and grace, usually wrapping an arm or two around yours.

Stealth 9/10
It is hard to tell when a slender is following you, especially since they dress in a black suit and usually come after you at night. They travel by shadows and through tree tops, appearing in front of you when you least suspect.


-Multiple-limbed, quick-handed, strong.

Special attack:
Electrical Disturbance
-Most creatures and animals rely on electric impulses in the brain and nervous system. Slender disrupts these with static images he creates, knocking opponents out and putting them under his command. Can also knock out flashlights, lights in general, and electronic equipment.

Magic(?) powers / Traits:
-Magical Flexibility that seems to stretch for miles.
-Electrical Disturbance (see above)
-Shadow Manipulation


Although most Slender Men have little or no emotion, this particular one is slightly different, having the ability to talk to start with. Most slenders don't speak at all and will just go after teens and children who wander into woods and forests on dark nights.
"Slender," as he has taken the name of his people, represents them in this year's tournament as the first verbal and kind production.

He is helpful and sweet to those he considers friends, but since he is the first of his kind to have "emotions" persay, it is hard to distinguish who he considers friends to those he considers... expendable.

Now when I say that "Slender" talks, I don't mean he has a mouth and verbally speaks; it is sort of like a whisper in your ear when he speaks to you. His voice is soft and higher-pitched than a normal man's. Sort of breathy as well. Like a cloud was speaking.

Since he is new to "emotions", it is difficult to make him jealous or mad, but if it occurs, I suggest leaving. That would mean that you have found a way to create emotion in a apathetic being. That's like pissing off a couch. I don't know HOW you did it, but you did.


Relationship status: What is this "love" you speak of?

Sexuality: Since most Slenders are created "asexually", there is no such thing as "sexuality", but if he must choose he would say that ladies are much more pretty.

-Sunlight, although it doesn't hurt, it shows himself, which he doesn't like.

-Black Flowers...
-He doesn't know the feeling of joy yet really. It's like a tickle or itch in your chest right?

-He enjoys molding shadows into beautiful things, but once light shines on them they melt into nothing once more.

-The plucking of dark flowers from gardens.

Pet Peeves:
-Extremely bright, shiny objects.

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jueun (jueunkang) Name:Grace Monroe



Species:Fallen Angel


Eye Color-She has very unusual eyes. They're a turquoise color, but with some colorblends. Like I said. Very unusual. (view spoiler)
Hair Color-Reddish Brownish
Height/Body Type-5'6. She's very skinny really with a small appetite. Weighs less than a 110 lbs. at least.
Distinct Feature-Well there's her hairstyle most people first catch about her. Not parted through the middle like most. She parts it left side, although it looks different enough. Also she's very pale. Some people mistake her for a close vampire. But no. She's just pale. Even though she never even puts on sunscreen. She also has perfect-like teeth, although she's never had braces or anything. Oh and she's always wearing her sunglasses. That's why most people don't know about her eyes.


Talents / Skill:
Flexibility 10/10
She's been a gymnast in her younger age. Cartwheels, flips, backflips, somersaults, anything.

Silence & Crafting 9/10
Grace is also quick on her feet, light weighted, and can stay silent at all times. She's not a chatterbox, but she's not totally silent either. Only silent when needed. She can also quickly craft anything. Weapon or whatever. She can easily craft something out of anything that she needs.

Focus & The Element of Surprise: 9/10
Grace can always keep her focus on something. Anything. She's not the kind of person to get distracted so easily. Once she sees something with interest or whatever, she'll get it, focus on it, until she gets bored or so. She also can appear out of nowhere. Her element of surprise. She plays with this talent often. Sneak up on people. Or so.

Hand-to-hand Combat 7/10
Grace really needs to practice on this. It's one of her better terrible skills. Her light weight makes it easy for her to dodge blows, but it gives her a hard time to attack herself. But still. She's pretty decent with it.

Music 9/10
Grace doesn't do the classical opera singing. All she does is the singing, the dancing she gets from the beat of her music, and her small raps she throw in. Not many people know about this. She's usually hiding somewhere and doing this. It's amazing really.

Like I said. Her Hand-to-hand combat works, but it obviously isn't her best. But she works great with swords. Sometimes she'll play with fire. She's that kind of person; not afraid to try something.

Special attack:
Her surprise attacks, her special hearing and sense of smell, and looking into other people's minds, although she messes up on those often.

Magic(?) powers / Traits:
Sense of Smell & Hearing 10/10
This is amazing to be honest. Her sense of smell, well she can smell something such as food as an example. She'll detect it on what it is and which direction it's coming from in 5 seconds or so. With her hearing she can tell where the sound is coming from which is pretty amazing.

Fire 8/10
Grace can play with fire a bit, let it bounce off her hands and such. It does injure her, but if she's fast and quick and better at this she might not get so burned.

Mind-Seeing 6/10
Grace really sucks at this. Sucks so much, that she shouldn't even be doing it. But she's learning. Her mind-seeing is looking into people's minds or just reading their thoughts. But she's really bad at it. Her aim will be off if she's doing it with out her focus, or she'll just be reading very messy thoughts such as random words from that person's thought, but not enough to get the whole entire point straight.

Grace has never been much of an optimist. She's always been very thoughtful and always thinking yes, but she's not always thinking on the positive. One of the reasons why her friends teased her often. She always has the natural comebacks and seems cruel and cold-hearted often, spitting out mean insults to people that she dislikes or gets on her nerves. She has a lot of secrets inside her, and her cold-heartedness usually pushes people away. It's sort of like a demon possesses her. But it's just something she can't control herself.

Grace isn't always cold hearted and cruel though. Sometimes she'll be really energetic, bubbly, talkative, and just. . . happy. And her smile will show. She'll really the kind of person you can trust and depend on. Her coldness only comes out from the people she truly hates with all her guts, something that will totally upset her mood, but still. She's a true sweet person on the inside. The one person that will laugh and stick by you. Bother you until she gets something out of you. The real side people never see.

But when someone would constantly lie to her, betray her, backstab her when she had her full trust in them, she'll completely fall apart. Fall into silent treatment to everyone for at least a week. Go even more pale, and look totally depressed. Just one mean thing to her that totally hurts her, enough to not be able to say something insulting back, it stays inside her heart forever. And it'll never drop. Ever.

Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Straight/Heterosexuality

-Anything with more than 2 legs (other than animals)
-Falling in love

-Peace & Quiet
-Relaxing in the sunlight
-Being right
-Shiny things
-Being in a meadow

-Singing/Just with music
-Talking to people
-Just doing combat, fighting, or whatever
-Listening to people

Pet Peeves:
-People who always think they're right
-People who think they're pretty or good looking
-People who pretend to be stupid
-People who pretend to be someone else
-People who try to pry out of her shell

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