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Please not diaglogue or chat here, we encourage it in the January Competition Rules/Topic Information folder, though!

Good luck, everyone!

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A.F. (scribe77) Title: Night of the Sidhe
Author: A. F. Stewart

Night of the Sidhe

The sun falls low, behind the hills
as the gloaming casts the land
in shadow and in fading light
and the wind blows over the water.

In the half-light they come...

They come to dance,
They come to play,
with we trusting mortal souls.

So lock tight the oaken door,
slide the iron bolt against the night.
Stoke the hearth fire high
and croon your children a lullaby.

In the half-light they come...

They come on moonbeams,
They come on the breeze,
Those wisps, those Fae, the Sidhe.

In the half-light they come...

So shiver, humans, as they pass,
secure your shutters fast.
Lest they take you with them.

In the half-light they have come...

They have come to laugh,
They have come to sing,
their beautiful voices, calling

For mortals everywhere...

To join their night,
to glory in their light,
to frolic with the fireflies,
and whisper to the trees.
While the wolf howls on the hill
and the wind tickles at the ear.
In the rivers the salmon speak,
and the stones scream from the earth.
Dance with the Sidhe, they cry,
dance my lovelies, and be free.

For in the half-light they come...
to reap from mortals everywhere

They sing of bliss,
and feasts and joy,
they dance in beauty,
in light serene.
They tell of paradise,
let you walk with gods;
in the night you live
an age of wonders.

In the half-light...
With your mortal soul...

They are splendour to behold
Captivating, mesmerizing,
tossing your dreams in the air,
offering harmony and joy.

A heaven in the half-light...

But as with all things,
a price must be paid.
To look upon immortal light
and dance with gods,
even for one eve,
such play will leave its mark.
A longing on the heart.

Of mortals everywhere...

With the dawn, a fortunate few
will depart with them
and leave behind this world of men.
The rest will remain upon the earth,
left here, lost in their wake
cursed to wander to their tune.
Friends will fall away,
love will wither.
As their song consumes.

In the half-light they come for you...
As they came for him...

Night after night,
they beckoned to his will.
Night after night,
he answered them.
He danced, he laughed,
in glades, on moonlight,
but never again with me,
only ever with them.
A pawn turning in their game.

In the half-light they took my love...

They toyed with him, used him,
until his bones lay white,
broken on the ground
under their feet.

Glinting in the half-light...

So heed me well,
when I tell you true
to lock tight your oaken door
and slide fast that iron bolt
against the night.
Ignore not my words
to stoke the hearth fire high
and croon your children a lullaby
to drown their song.

In the half-light they come...

They come on pale moonbeams,
They come on the howling wind,
those wisps, those Sidhe,
those dark of heart.
Hear my warning, I cry

To mortals everywhere,
In the half-light they will come...

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Williamson (suteko) | 16 comments Title: Dance
author: Lisa Williamson

Come to the circle
Dance with us
Listen to the pipes
Sing with the song

Lords of the forest
Found through secret rings
Once you find us
We never let you go

Come to the circle
see the lords of Fae
Once you find us
You'll never want to leave.

message 4: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Jacobson | 2 comments This isn't about Fantasy or Vampires, but is a good warning for those that may be too addicted about reading vampire books. Enjoy!


The day has passed, she was finally married.
All the fights in the past were finally buried.
But now, something has already got in the way;
it's the brand new Nintendo console he got today.
He’s been up for days with the game with the plumber.
She feels ignored, she looks sad, and he looks dumber.

(Super Mario Bros! It took me months to beat the game and now people do it in less than 8 minutes.)

His bulbous head made it difficult to walk;
their baby’s first steps, tears in mommy’s eyes made it difficult to talk.
She motioned to Daddy, busy playing his Tetris game.
He looked at his son, saw pride in mommy’s eyes, but he didn’t feel the same.
He played Tetris every possible minute, yet he wanted to more.
While his baby was walking, he kept getting the crappy shapes, preventing him from the high score.

(You know the ones that you can’t really put anywhere, like a stair, instead of the straight line you need.)

In sixth grade, their son was getting A’s in all his classes,
but Daddy was more interested in being Sub-zero and kicking everyone’s asses.
His son’s papers had the word “Super” on them with a gold star,
but Daddy paid money to make his Nintendo “Super”, instead of fixing the car.
“Daddy, look at my report card instead of your game, stop that.”
“Son, I saw, good job on your paper, not let me play Mortal Kombat.”

(I always picked Scorpion with the rope and him saying, “Get over here.”)

Their son was in high school, played football, best friend’s name was Kevin.
Daddy had the Nintendo 64 and his best friend’s name was Double-O-Seven (007).
Their son had questions about girls, one girl specifically that gave him a wink,
but Daddy was trying to holler at Princess Zelda, playing as the elf, Link.
Mommy and son, separation started forming.
Loneliness, abandonment, anger started storming.

(I didn’t know that Zelda was the princess for years and the elf was actually Link.)

She was crying, she can’t, didn’t want to stay, no.
It was his wife and their son, or loyalty to Xbox’s Halo.
His wife used the phone to talk to another man,
while he used a headset to talk to strangers, trying to make a combat plan.
He made his choice, they were going to stay;
and now he had all the time he wanted to play.

(I hate playing games with little 12 year-olds talking inappropriate on their headsets.)

The son was getting married, a hard choice recently decided.
The boy’s step-father would come, his real father not invited.
Black Ops just came out on Xbox 360, so it didn’t matter.
The Dad started drinking, became overweight, everyday getting sadder.
He’s mad at the world, and doesn’t recognize his video game addiction.
He blames his ex-wife and their son, but not himself for the all friction.

(I played Black Ops so much that it almost affected my Master’s degree completion.)

This story hasn’t come true, at least not yet.
Turn off the World of Warcraft, the stones aren’t set.
Video games should be played in moderation…not in saturation.
Video games provide a temporary escape.
Don’t be extreme, and see your marriage and life fall out of shape.

(This isn’t a biography, but a warning to those who don’t recognize video game addiction. I experienced it as a supervisor and didn’t do what I needed to do and saw a relationship fall apart and I feel bad about it to this day. Whatever your addiction maybe, try to recognize it or the symptoms of it and get help.)

message 5: by Charles (new)

Charles Keith Hardman (ckhardman) I CAN MAKE MORE MONEY IN THE WELFARE LINE

Baby you got to understand
no one out there wants this man.
He will work for nickles and dimes
but pennies is all he can find.
I can make more money in the welfare line.

Call me proud or call me stupid
but baby all I want is a chance.
Working for pennies only makes me mad
and taking them is just a way to say I can.
I can make more money in the welfare line.

I live day to day
and begging is not out of my mind.
A warm bed and soup could change my life
but it would make me a man who lost his life.
I can make more money in the welfare line.

I look in the mirror and see someone else.
I can't understand that this isn't myself.
I have become the man on the street,
a man I hoped I would never meet.
I can make more money in the welfare line.

Baby you got to understand
nobody out there wants this man.
I look in the mirror and see someone else
but I am just like all the rest.
I can make more money in the welfare line.

Living on the street makes me understand
that no one out there wants this man.
I will work for nickles and dimes
but pennies is all that I can find.
I can make more money in the welfare line.

message 6: by Charles (new)

Charles Keith Hardman (ckhardman) I will add a final verse.

I don't have a guardian angel
or pixies that come to me at night
so if you are a vampire
please give me a bite.
Because baby I can make more money in the welfare line.

Ha! Ha!

message 7: by Jenelle (new)

Jenelle The Fae

In the midnight, moonlit air
Beneath the starry skies
Step outside, if you dare
And see the Seelie rise.

They awake when darkness falls
To hunt and dance and play
Tempting mortals with their calls
Light and dark, they are the Fae.

Brassy horn blasts fill the night
A hunt! A hunt! See them ride!
Steeds of thunder all take flight
They toss their manes in savage pride.

Racing over field and stream
The chase is on as stars appear
All the world lies in a dream
When the Seelie host is near.

When the hunt is over
King and Queen appear
Gathering in a meadow of clover
Listen! Bend your ear!

For now the music doth begin
Floating on the breeze
Unearthly voices chant and sing
Songs to make your spirit freeze.

Beauty captured in a song
It is the Sidhe’s delight
Their minstrels play all evening long
Weaving enchantment through the night.

Venture not into their circle
Lest you never depart,
Fae celebrations are not for mortals
They will break your human heart.

message 8: by Bjorn (new)

Bjorn Street (bjornstreet) | 3 comments Title: CHASING THE RAINBOW IN THE SKY
Author: Bjorn Street


Here I am alone again
Trying to be who I am…
Waiting for the sunrise

Hark! This is how the eagle flies –
Higher and higher into the sky
Not knowing where he is headed.

All I want to do is learn to fly…
I may fall but still I’ve got to try
Chasing the Rainbow in the Sky,
Searching for the heavenly sprite that never dies.

And so I journeyed down the path of life,
Searching for my home, hearth and wife,
Taking the unbeaten path, destitute and alone,
My only comrade was a soul that did not atone.

On the way home a stranger let me in,
Gave me some food and asked where I’d been,
I said I was not sure but the wind was at my back,
I wandered around with the world stored in my pack.

On the way home the stranger let me stay,
I slept on the straw and let come what may,
The morning came a sunrise, I opened up my eyes,
Saw a magical vision of loveliness waiting there by my side.

She smiled as she took me by the hand,
Sprinkled me with stardust, took me to imaginary lands,
I learned magic is where we make it, a world we call our own,
Love is where we place it, the seeds that someday grow.

And so we wandered…
We wandered in heavenly bliss…
While the whispering wind
Touched us with her kindness…
While the whispering wind
Touched us
With her heavenly magic.

But alas, the time came for her to return
To her home.
Frail and weary, but still
With the grace of an angel,
She kissed me goodbye
Then spread her wings to once again fly;
Soaring higher and higher up into the sky…
Still I noticed a tear forming in her eye.

Please don’t cry, my heavenly sprite, tears weren’t meant for us,
For our castles in the air are not mere fancy;
The road may wind and turn
But still we share a dream in paradise…
The flame still burns inside.

Goodbye, my heavenly sprite,
The candle burns down, but love carries on;
The road may wind and turn
But still we share a dream in paradise…
The flame still burns inside.

Rest in peace my heavenly sprite,
Sweet dreams my blessed Wife,
Life comes and goes
But love carries on,
The flame still burns
Still the flame burns

Now she is gone
And loneliness is my best friend,
Someone who understands
I’m not who I am…
But I believe.

All I want to do is learn to love…
We may fall from the clouds high above
While chasing the Rainbow in the Sky…
While chasing the Rainbow in the Sky.

All I want to do is learn to keep my Faith,
Staying strong while everything else seems to slip away…
Waiting to touch her grace once again -
Waiting… waiting… waiting…
For the touch of her hand
To wisp me away to fanciful lands.

Listen to the laughter
Of dewdrops dancing on the brush…
Can you hear her joyful caress?
Can you see her gentle touch?

Don’t forsake me now,
O figment of my dreams,
Don’t forsake me now -
O how I long to be the real me…
So free…
Like the sprite soaring high above the trees.

But alas…


Here I am alone again
Trying to be who I am,
Searching for the Rainbow in the Sky,
Searching for the magic that never dies.

Somewhere out there
Her gossamer wings and beauty
Still glitters in the twilight;
She was the magic in my life…
My beloved Wife…

O how I miss her!

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