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message 1: by C.J. (last edited Dec 28, 2012 09:58AM) (new)

C.J. Pinard (cjpinard) Happy New Year, everyone!

For January's writing competition, we are going to be doing POETRY! Do we have any aspiring poets out there?

Topic: Fae/Faeries/Fairies/Pixies/Sylphs

Competition Due Date: January 31, 2013

The minimum word count is 500 (if you use Microsoft Word, the word count is tallied in the bottom left-hand corner, if that helps).You can copy/paste into the folder when you're done.

Also, please be cognizant of your grammar and spelling. We do not expect perfect, professional, polished work by any means - this is an amateur writing competition afterall.

For your submission, make sure you put your name and the name of your poem at the top of the page, and put your story in the “January Writing Competition” folder only – NOT this one.

As far as prizes go, they are as follows:
1st - $5 Amazon gift card
2nd - $3 Amazon gift card
3rd – A bookmark
Use the January Competition folder ONLY for sumissions - thank you!

Let's get writing!

message 2: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Williamson (suteko) | 16 comments Poetry about the Fae! All right. I can not wait to both write one for you and to read the submissions. The Fae have been igorned in my opinion too much lately.

message 3: by C.J. (last edited Jan 04, 2013 10:05AM) (new)

C.J. Pinard (cjpinard) I agree, Lisa!! And I can't wait to see what you and everyone come up with! So exciting...hehe :)

message 4: by C.J. (new)

C.J. Pinard (cjpinard) Eleven days left, poets! I will be cancelling this competition if we don't get more entries!

message 5: by Ray (last edited Jan 21, 2013 08:07AM) (new)

Ray Daley Non starter for me, I've been trying to give up poetry in favour of stories.

And I freaking HATE fairys!

message 6: by Bjorn (new)

Bjorn Street (bjornstreet) | 3 comments DON'T CANCEL!!

I'll give this a shot. Poetry is a highly revered art form. Perhaps Ray's comment above has given me some extra incentive!

message 7: by Marsha Berg (new)

Marsha Berg | 9 comments Please don't cancel! I don't consider myself a writer, much less a poet, but I will give it a shot, also.

message 8: by Charles (new)

Charles Keith Hardman (ckhardman) As for my entry, the last verse is

I don't have a guardian angel
or pixies who come to me at night.
So if you are a vampire
please choose me to bite.
Because baby I can make more money in the welfare line.

message 9: by C.J. (new)

C.J. Pinard (cjpinard) Thank you for your additions!

LOL Ray!

message 10: by Jenelle (new)

Jenelle I'd love to enter, but I'm having a hard time hitting the minimum word count... 500 seems a LOT for a poem...

message 11: by C.J. (new)

C.J. Pinard (cjpinard) Just give us what you got, Jenelle :)

message 12: by Jenelle (new)

Jenelle oookaaaay. :)

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