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Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 12 comments Mod
Create a Jedi here. You can also create padawans and younglings here. You must ask before creating a fully trained Jedi master. All padawans must have an active master before you can roleplay with them. I will be roleplaying the leader of the Jedi Council. You must also ask before creating a female Jedi or padawan, since there are not that many of them. Younglings are alright, since many of them don't pass the test.

Before roleplaying a Jedi, padawan, or youngling, you must know a bit about them.

When a master on the Jedi Council finds a child who has the force strong with them, they are brought before the Council. The child is then tested and either approved or rejected to become a padawan learner, apprentice to one of the masters.
Or, there are classes for young children to take, under the watch of the leader of the Council. These students are younglings. If the Council leader sees any special talents in these younglings, they are tested to become a padawan.
Once a padawan has been trained in all the ways of the force, and their master says they're ready, they are put to face the trials. If they pass the trials, they become full Jedi Knights. If not, they are to be trained more.
When one becomes a full Jedi, they are not necessarily on the Council. If the masters on the Council approve and, most importantly, the leader of the Council, approves, the Jedi can become a master and be put on the Council. To be put on the Council is the greatest honor for a Jedi. But you can also become a master without being on the Council. It's very rare to be on the Council, so most masters that train the padawans are not.
A Jedi's life is confusing. They are keepers of the peace, and almost every emotion is forbidden. They are forbidden to love, yet compassion is the way of the Jedi, so they are also encouraged to love. Yet attatchments are forbidden, seen as a weakness and a way to the dark side.

And that's pretty much how Jedi life rolls.

Now here's the format:

Rank: (youngling, padawan, Jedi, Master Jedi, Council Jedi, or Council Leader)
Master: (if padawan)
Personality: (at least two complete sentences)
Appearance: (at least two complete sentences)
Lightsaber Color: (blue, green, yellow, or purple)
Strengths: (no more or less than two)
Weaknesses: (no more or less than two)
Biggest Fear:

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Laura | 4 comments Name: Aviviya Brechi
Age: 16
Rank: Padawan
Species: Human
Master: Adi Gallia
Gender: Female
Personality: Aviviya is both arrogant and mildly flirty with EVERYONE and I mean everyone. She also has a high midichlorian count, which makes some masters suspicious that this will lead to the dark side.
Appearance: Aviviya has long curly brown hair and crystal blue eyes. She has traditional tan Jedi garments. She has a scar on her left eye from when she was a baby and no one knows how she got it.
History: She was found by Aayla Secura on Hoth when there was a bombing that killed her parents. She was found buried under some snow, only 3 years old. She was brought to the Council and as soon as Aayla walked into the Council room, Master Yoda said to take her to the creche.
Family: She remembers little of her family but remembers she had a little sister.
Lightsaber Color: Blue
Strengths: Negotiating, Sword-Fighing
Weaknesses: Humiliation, Being a Disappointment
Biggest Fear: Losing everyone close to her
Likes: Snow; ice, etc.
Dislikes: Homophobes
Other: Was bullied as a child by other younglings.

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Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 12 comments Mod
Good, but I said you had to have two strengths and weaknesses. Please add another.

message 4: by Laura (new)

Laura | 4 comments Alright! I can do that!

Strength #2: Sword-Fighting
Weakness #2: Being a Disappointment

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Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 12 comments Mod
Great, but can you just edit your character and put those on it?

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