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Too similar to the Morganville Vampires?

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message 1: by Lilac (new)

Lilac Is this book just a rip off of the Morganville Vampires or is it somewhat different?

I love the MV (morganville vampires) and they're one of my favourite series but I really don't want to read the IR (immortal rules) if it's exactly the same. I know that in both series the vamps all rule and humans are like blood cattle. I also know that the main character in IR is searching for some kind of cure, just like Claire is doing in books 5-6 (?) of the MV.

So can someone who's read both the IR and most of the MV tell me if the IR is the same or if there are plenty of differences? Is it worth reading even with all the similarities to the MV?

Moshira El Balamony IR is a mixture of MV and The Hunger Games. It's the idea of ruling vampires and people who are soo poor and stuff. However, No they're not the same. It is worth reading, the book will feel familiar and easy to read without any Deja Vous.s.

message 3: by Lilac (new)

Lilac Okay, thank you. I think I'll give it a try some time next year. :)

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I read The Immortal Rules before I read Glass Houses but I didn't pick yup the similarities until you said it. But they're a little similar now that I look at it.

Justine saulnier I didn't see any similarities haven't read the other series you said but it was an amazing series you should just read it and find out for yourself if it is the same as that other series

Lizbeth I don't think they are similar. I read Morganville and had just finished the Immortal Rules and saw no real similarities other than vampires.

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