The Selection (The Selection, #1) The Selection question

Who do you think will win?
Anh Thy Anh Thy Dec 27, 2012 11:05PM
It would be really interesting if America didn't win....

I really want America to win, but I think that'd be too obvious.

Maybe someone else will win, but America will still marry Maxon? Somehow?

I think America will win. I ship America&Maxon. :> Haha. :D

I don't think that America will win, but I do think she could somehow possibly end up with Maxon.

America and Maxon forever... just don't get in between them... just... don't.

i hope america will win and end up with maxon and marlee will end up with aspen. Marlee and aspen are both secretive they will be perfect for each other.:)

Kela Esther Definitely! I'm kind of hoping for that. :) ...more
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Sydney (last edited Mar 07, 2013 10:55AM ) Feb 23, 2013 02:04PM   0 votes
I really hope America wins! Imagine if Celeste won! I'd go through the roof! I think Kriss will win if America doesn't.

I think something is going to happen with the rebels to pus t realizing that she loves him. From the way Maxon was acting at points, he knows he likes her. I think that's part of the reason she is still in, because he wants her to realize it.

i think that America will win some how. there's a real connection there between the 2 of them, and she's helping him realize that he's stronger than he thinks and that he can help get past the unrest among society. she also deserves someone like him since her past isn't so rosy.

Anyone else think the Royal family might be kicked out of the palace? Something is going to happen with the rebels. I'm not sure who America will end up, both guys are pretty great.

I really really hope America wins....but then again I do suppose that would be too obvious. Either way, he and Maxon are adorable ^_^

i think it will be between America and another girl. and she will have to decide who she loves. TEAM MAXON as much as i love Aspen he had his chance with her but he messed it all up

Marie (last edited Dec 30, 2012 02:35AM ) Dec 30, 2012 02:35AM   0 votes
I hope America gets kidnapped, learns how strong she is and gets the confidence she needs to actually WANT to become Queen. THEN, her and Maxon will be together because she will have grown out of her hopeless crush for Aspen.

though it WOULD be interesting for another triangle to spring up between Maxon, Kiera and a really hot rebel leader.

We'll see... :P

Crystal Gessler Yeah that sounds good.
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I think the contest is going to end because of the rebels, America probably gets kidnaped or the rebels take the castle?
I dont know i just want America and Maxon togheter and
Aspen kicked out of the castle, And i want to know why does americas friend (i forget the name) cant leave the palace, do you guys know why?

I think America is going to find that she'll have to fight more to keep Maxon. I think Malee might win/die either or

I think Daphne will come back... The mystery girl...

America will hopefully end up with Maxdon. She probably won't win, it's true.

It had better be America. Personally, I think Kiera Cass likes Aspen better, but she knows we all like Maxon better, so hopefully she'll let America end up with Maxon. That, or she could do something like in Clockwork Princess (by Cassandra Clare) where she makes the reader like both guys equally.

America will win. Or maybe not, but somehow, America and Maxon will still get together. If not, this whole series will find itself on my "This was horrible, and it hurt my heart" list.

i don't think America should win, the only reason she is still in is because Maxon is very understanding. hopefully some one better wins

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