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~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments April walked in. "Hi guys, I'm April"

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments April looked around "I've never danced much. I thought i would check this place out, maybe i could be as good at dancing as I am at everything else."

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments Marik wrote: "~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~ wrote: "April walked in. "Hi guys, I'm April""

"How in god's name?" He asked the other girl "Um... how did you get in here?""

April looked at him "The door was wide open"


~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Well, I've called my Daddy. He said I could take every lesson you offered if I wanted. And I want." She replied

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Pepper here won't pay you double the amount, and sign up for every class. Now where do we start" She looked at him getting angry

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Well I can just wait!" She looks at him with a obvious glare

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments starts walking towards the door "I will not be back, and I'm telling daddy!" she says as she slams the door to the studio

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments (( haha trust me, this is not how i am! im normal XD im just having fun here being the spoiled brat!!!))

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments (( I love that XD))

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments (( wow! Haha it's kinda fun to play one though!!!))

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments April walked in "so that's why she was so special to you"

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "hi..." she said awkwardly looking at the two

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "well I was going to see if I could get a lesson, maybe give you a second chance, but looks like your a little busy with one of your costumers right now." she said

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments She rolls her eyes " Well that's what he told me last time I came in here. "

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments " we'll cant you do that at your house? Or do you live where you work?" she said glaring at him

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments " wow. What a nice 'place'. Now I don't think I can stand the stench anymore. I must be going " she say while she looks around and walks out of the door

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments Amy knocked on the door of the dance studio

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "hi... I heard you give good dance lessons. Ive always wanted to. E a dancer. Could I take some lessons?" she said polietly

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Sure, I'd be happy to come back" she said smiling
"Yes, I'd love to come in and see the studio! May I come in?" She said excitedly

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Thanks." She walked by Snow

"Oh, Hello. I didn't know someone was here. I'm sorry am I interrupting?" she said to Pepper

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Hello Pepper, it's nice to meet you." she smiled

"Oh that's nice. How long have you owned the dance studio here?" she said looking around the dance studio

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Oh I'm sorry. I'm Amy" he said embarrassed by her bad manners

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments Marik wrote: ""It used to be my fathers, I inherited it after he pasted, so a year now" Snow said softly, as he looked around the studio."

" Oh, thats nice. I'm sorry about your father." she looked around " What types of dance do you teach here?" she said to him

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Thats nice. I will probably take a ballroom class. If you to need to go to your lunch, I can leave."

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments " Alright" she says smiling . She overhead his phone conversation and wondered why he would cancel his lunch.

" Oh, are you sure you don't want to go with your girlfriend? I would be fine to come back. But I'd love to start classes"

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Sure. Here's my number and you can call me when your back if you'd like?" she said

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~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Thank. I'll be going now. You two enjoy your lunch" she smiled and walked out the door.

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments Amy walked up to the door. Knocking to see if anyone would answer because she never got the phone call she was expecting to get last night.

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments ((sorry I didn't see u commented, how log r u gonna be up??))

"Hello, it's fine, I just got worried" she said with a grin

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments ((OMG ME TOO!!! wanna RP all night? lol))

"Thanks" she said walking in

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments ((haha ok))

"Any type that you want to teach me...I don't really know what I'm interested in." she said

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments " Whichever one your better at would be best, I want to learn the best I can" she said

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Alright, Ballroom it is!" she said standing up straight. "I'll try my best!" she said with a giggle

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments She took his hand, nervious she would mess up

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments " Alright" She took a deep breathe to calm herself, and started to follow his steps

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments " Alright, what are the steps that I need to memorize?" she smiled

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Alright" she said as she started to dance with Snow, trying not to step on him, letting him lead her as if she were a doll and staying on balance.

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~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Oh, Hello Shade" she said coming out of the dancing position she was in with Snow and standing next to him. "Im Amy."

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments " You too." she said " Oh, I didn't know I had a partner. Snow didn't tell me." she smiled "Thank you. Your pretty handsome too"

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments " Alright" Amy said as Snow walked up the stairs... "See you later"

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments " I just wanted to see if I could do it. Just to try something new" she smiled. "who forced you?" she laughed

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "Oh, Can I ask what happened to your mother?" she said worried it would be too personal. " Ya, I sure hope so." she said with a slight smile as she looked at Shade

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments " Oh, I'm so sorry about that." she said to him

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments " It's alright." she said as she went and sat on the floor against the wall, assuming he would follow " We can talk about something else."

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~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "I don't know. What kind of stuff do you like to do?" she looked at him and smiled, glad he wasn't to upset

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "I've heard of that band! They are pretty good" she laughed "Maybe I could come to one of your gigs or practices one day?" she smiled

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments "sure, do you wanna just hangout until then? We could get to know each other better. " she said to him as she stood putting back on her sneakers

~~PASTAAA~~LOVE~~  | 160 comments she stood up " ya I'm ready, lets go"

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