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Here you can can train for the games, there are many station that they can visit. There weapons you can practice with here such as, Bows and arrows, axes, daggers, swords hand to hand combat, you can get survival tips and got to the edible plants station, the camouflage station or the fire starting station there are many options. Plus you can talk to the other tributes and make allies.

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kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) The Training Center was almost deserted when Raven entered, only three others were there. It was still early. But since Raven was an early riser, she decided to proceed to training immediately. She stretched first and jogged the length of the room.

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kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) When Raven noticed the other girl climbing the wall, she joined her, putting her harness. She caught up with her and ask, "From what district are you?" Her voice wasn't friendly. But it wasn't harsh either, just neutral.

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kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) A career, then. Raven thought. "I've heard One is Capitol's baby, is it true?" She didn't know why she started this conversation at all, but still went on. A bit of information wouldn't hurt.

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kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) Raven offered her hand before she knew it, her other hand holding on to the rock by the wall. "I'm Raven."

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kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) "Snow..." Raven muttered while shaking her hands. "You're not..." she trailed off. "That's ridiculous. You're not related to the President, are you? I mean, you're from District One and Snow's here in the Capitol." Raven was prying. She knew it. And she apologized immediately. "I'm sorry."

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kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) "Oh." Raven nodded, as if she understood it all. She didn't want to push Onyx further, though. So she dropped the topic. "I'm going down, you're staying here up in the walls?"

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kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) Raven followed, slipping through the harness. She unlatched it from her and faced Onyx. "Well, Onyx. It's a pleasure meeting you. Even though we'll be killing each other in a few weeks time."

(Vayle, I gotta go. Let's say goodbye through our charries)

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kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) (Bye! Til next time :)

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Maddy Asha walked into the into the training center and glances around. Only a few other people were here. She looks at the ground and makes her way over to the camoflauge station

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Maddy Asha feels someone looking at her and turns around slowly. Seeing a girl staring at her, she quickly turns back around and continues to paint on her forearm

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Maddy Asha paints up her arm and moves onto the other one, matching them perfectly

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Maddy Asha puts the brush down and goes against a tree, making sure she did it right. It was off in a few places, she wasnt exactly the greatest artist.

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Maddy Asha jumps and quickly regains herself. "Thanks, Im Asha. District 4. You?" might as well get right to the point she thought

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Maddy Asha nods and washes off her arms to try again

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Maddy Asha tried not to judge the girl. She was a career after all, Asha kept an open mind about her. Maybe she wasnt like all the other careers

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Maddy Asha dries off her hands and smiles at Ebony. Asha's brother was killed by a career

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Maddy Asha didnt want to reveal her best skill. So she said, "Swords, I also am pretty knowledgeable in plants. What about you?"

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Maddy "Thats cool. How long have you been training for this?" asked Asha, she dried her hands off with a towel

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Maddy "Wow, did you volenteer?" asks Asha

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Maddy Asha nodded, Onyx wasnt like most careers. But she still was cautious around her. Her parents told her to never let her guard down

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Maddy Asha follows, why not. Know your enemies, right? "Reaped, ya."

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Megan (nightrunner) Maggie strode into the room, stopping to survey the scene, her hip jutted out to the side, her arms crossed over her chest. She had wanted to wait for him but she needed to be down here. Weapons, combat, that was what she needed, nothing else.

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Maddy Asha takes place at the knife throwing station. She picks up a knife to her right and throws it. It hit the dummy's hip. "Woh, nice shot."

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Maddy "Na. Had no need to back in 4." replied Asha, picking up another knife

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Megan (nightrunner) Maggie kept her head up high, daring anyone to question her skill or her right to be there. She picked up a bow, knocking an arrow, barely managing to hit the outside of the target.

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Megan (nightrunner) ((Vayle, Bella and Ren, pwease?_))

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Maddy "Asha," she said to Scott and tried throwing another knife. Nope, hit the leg and bounced off

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Maddy Asha half smiled back, she didnt want to get close to anyone. She would be killing them in less than a week.

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Megan (nightrunner) Maggie listened to the conversation at the knife throwing station, thinking it was advice she could use later, but still focusing in on the bows, with the instructors help, she was hitting almost right on every time.

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Maddy "Hey guys, Im going to go try something else. Nice talking to you." Asha waves goodbye and walks out of the station

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Maddy Asha went over to hand to hand combat. The only fist fighting she experienced was once in 6th grade when she and a girl got in a fight. Asha won, but she didnt know what the heck she was doing

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Maddy Asha nodded a thank you to this girl. At first she listened to the instructer, trying to remember what he was saying

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Maddy The instructer stoped talking, Asha nodded, pretending to understand what she was suppost to do. When the instructors fist came towards her face, she panicked and ducked. The instructor nodded with approvment

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Maddy Now it was time for Asha to try attacking. She did an ok job. The instructor block most of them, but she laid one or two punches on him

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Maddy Asha looks over Emma. "Sure," she waved her up

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Maddy Asha nodded and went into a fighting stance

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Maddy Asha put her fists up

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Maddy Asha realized this girl wasnt going to attack first, so she guess she had to. Quickly, she struck like a python. A quick fast blow to the head. She quickly retreated out of reach before Emma could lay a punch on her

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Megan (nightrunner) ((the tributes aren't allowed to fight each other, it's against the rules, they could hurt each other))

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Maddy ((opps.... sorry))

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Maddy Asha continues to work on her hand to hand combat skills with an instructor. Determined to perfect them

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Maddy Asha finishes up at combat and goes to a station without very many people. Now she was going to try to observe. She went to the snare making station, she could learn something while looking around and learning about her fellow tributes

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Maddy Asha learns about snares while watching everyone crowd the knife throwing station

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I walk into the training center, and walk to the weights. I grin.

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Maddy Asha watches

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Maddy Asha made snares, watching the two girls chat.... she saw an alliance trying to form

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Maddy Seeing that the archery station was open, Asha slowly made her way over there

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Maddy She had never shot an arrow before, just thrown spears. So Asha picked up a bow and knotched an arrow in it. She carefully drew it back and released it. It competely missed

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