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Filling in and enhancing my previously read selections. Suggestions for non-state territories welcome. My rule is that the author has lived there at least 2 years; my preference is for a place-specific focus.

Andorra [replacement]: ?
Bahrain [replacement]: R. Zain: My Arab Spring
Basque Country: Bernardo Atxaga: Obabakoak: Stories from a Village
Bermuda: Mary Prince & Sara Salih (Editor): The History of Mary Prince: A West Indian Slave Narrative
Brunei [replacement]: John Price: Notes from the Jungle - International Education in Our Time
Comoros [replacement]: Rémi Carayol, Soeuf Elbadawi, & Kamal'Eddine Saindou: Une suite à Moroni Blues
Faroe Islands: ?
French Polynesia: Anonymous [Ron Crocombe (Editor), Pat Hereniko (Editor), Kushnam Patel (Translator)]: Tahiti: The Other Side
Hong Kong: Martin Booth: Golden Boy: Memories of a Hong Kong Childhood
Palau [replacement]: P. G. Bryan: The Fish and Rice Chronicles: My Extraordinary Adventures in Palau and Micronesia; Stephen M. Dahmer et al.: Palau Primary Health Care Manual: Health Care in Palau: Combining Conventional Treatments and Traditional Uses of Plants for Health and Healing
San Marino [replacement]: Giuseppe Rossi: The Republic of San Marino: The Oldest and Smallest Republic of the World
Sint Maarten/Saint Martin: Jean Glasscock: The Making of an Island: St. Martin
Surinam: Cynthia McLeod: The Cost of Sugar
Turk and Caicos:

Where else?

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^ All linked books identified are now in hand (or on Kindle) except McLeod.

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Aw. I've learned a lot, and have started changing vacation plans based on what I've read (such as Prehistoric Malta: Tarexien Temples and Saflieni Hypogeum). Since I enjoy a lot of genres, I've tried to vary the kinds of books I read across countries. Some people doing this challenge try to read only novels, which can make a country like San Marino impossible. In some cases, londonchoirgirl ( resorted to commissioning translations!

Now I'm filling in non-states (like Tahiti) and upgrading or supplementing countries like Comoros where I wasn't entirely satisfied with my first round. I'll put my complete list together sometime this winter--I want to add additional books I read for some of the countries.

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