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Avril of Themyscira Charlotte gasped as she saw it, her mind clouded.

Avril of Themyscira "Sionis... B..but i..I've met you. I don't under...understand." She muttered in fear, knowing she was doomed.

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Red hood perched on a nearby building and checked his arsenal. He wore gauntlets with an array of gadgets, bulletproof body armor that was still light and flexible enough for him to move freely, he carried four black handled switch blades and a revolver. Jason watched Bane leave the building and then fired a grappling hook from his gauntlet.

Avril of Themyscira "Just move your park," she suggested quietly.

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The grappling hooks truck home and Redhood swung onto the roof. The thermal imaging in his helmet revealed several guards arrayed about the upper levels. He drew a blade in preparation.

Avril of Themyscira She screamed, the sound echoing through the building as she bled. "W..why?" she asked shakily.

Avril of Themyscira She screamed, writhing against her ties in the chair. "I'm not PETA." she said in frustration.

Avril of Themyscira She screamed, tears running. "No..please...please...what do you want? I'll give you anything," she begged.

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Jason moved quickly through the hallways, slitting the throat of anyone he encountered. And placing small explosives every five feet. A woman with a clipboard tried to stop him outside the mobsters office but Jason pulled out the gun, and with out blinking shot her between the eyes.

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The door burst open and red hood strode in, spinning the chamber of his smoking gun. "Let her go."

Avril of Themyscira She turned. A sigh of relief escaped her as she saw him.

Avril of Themyscira She remained motionless, her eyes wide in pain as her mouth bled profusely.

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Jason let out a growl "Roman, you fucking bastard. Let her go, you will pay dearly for this but if you touch her again I Will kill you. Make no mistake I.. will.. kill.. you." He raised his revolver and clicked out his knife.

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Jason knelt and ran to her, slicing her bonds he lifted her and carried her to the door. "I'll be back, Roman. Batman has his version of justice and so do I, I think you will rid you prefer his."

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Redhood carried Charlotte out to the Bentley parked in the neighboring alley way. He nodded to the driver "thank you for helping me on such short notice, Alfred. Take her to the safe house please, I have some business to finish." Redhood took off at a jog back towards the complex.

Avril of Themyscira As they walked through the halls, she gasped, seeing the woman with the hole in her, the men with bleeding throats. Her eyes widened as her heart thudded, going into shock. "Wh..wh..what is this? Di..did..did you?" she asked, her back screaming in pain.

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((Oh?)) Jason ignored her words and kept walking.

Avril of Themyscira (Oh what??)
"J..ja..jason," she murmered, her vision fogged with pain.

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"Quite, Alfred will take care of you, I will be back soon, Charr" ((time sorts warped there, but what ev))

Avril of Themyscira ((oh ya sorry my phone sucks))
She nodded, laying across the leather seat in pain.

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Jason grappled back up to the office of blackmask and called out for him "Roman, you Coward, come pay for your crimes!"

Avril of Themyscira ((Now where to? Oh and btw ben your profile pic makes me laugh xD ))

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((I was not having a good day and wanted to document it. I think I'll beat up Damian then go back to the apartment, we can use it as the "safe house"))

Avril of Themyscira (aww. and okay :) ))

Avril of Themyscira ((Whaattt?))

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"Roman!" Jason called out again. "Get out here you snide piece of rotting cow flesh, you mother fucking...Loser!"

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"I want you to take a trip with me." Jason fire a grappling hook around the gangster while simultaneously leaping back and igniting the explosives in the upper part of the building. Roman and Jason tumble through the air as the world above them burned. Then at the last moment Jason fired another hook and caught them. He dangled Roman by the ankle, and looked up at the burning building.

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((Rim of what?))

Avril of Themyscira (wow this is intense :p )

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Jason maintained grip on the stylish, tailored Italian shoes. Looking up at the fire, he tried to calculate the number of deaths he had caused that night. He lowered himself and Roman towards the ground dropping the criminal on his head from about seven feet up.

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The impact sent The Red exploding through his brain. his mind warped and focused on staying alive. the Revolver leaped up as Jason rolled onto his side. five shots were fired and each one hit a venom tube and sunk into into Bane's muscular form. his other hand fired a grappling hook and with his last remaining strength he was yanked up into the air towards the massive industrial chimney opposite the burning building.

Avril of Themyscira ((Woahh. Head too the apartment!))

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((Unfortunately there has to be a death before he can be Jason again))

Avril of Themyscira ((aww crap. Go kill someone! Wow..never thought I'd say that))

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Jason crashed into brick tower, and the rock smashed inches above his head. The red in him fought desperately to maintain consciousness propelling him of badly bruised limbs out and onto the street. He stumbled down empty alleyways, going nowhere, simply looking for a life to end. His searched reached fruition in an old homeless man, sheltering from the cold night air in a door way. With out hesitation Redhood ripped open the man's neck. Letting hot blood spill out and steam on the cold asphalt. The red receded and Jason swayed, then collapsed down on top of the dead beggar.

Avril of Themyscira (aww so sad)

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((Uh oh...))

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Jason Todd grappled from rooftop to roof top, heading towards what was left of the tall building. As he swung up to the tall industrial chimney he had crashed into on his last visit he was shocked to see how much of the building had been repaired. though it was the middle of the night the building swarmed with men, both construction workers and Sionis's goons. Jason ground his teeth beneath his helmet. This was going to be difficult.

Avril of Themyscira A few of the goons were standing together. "Yeah, he gets near this building, he's in for a surprise,"he smiled evilly

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Jason pulled the rifle off his back and used the scope to scout out the area, he zoomed in on the large bank of windows, searching for blackmask.

Avril of Themyscira The other laughed. "Yeah, one step too close and..boom!"he laughed

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((I'm assuming you are implying the gun is an explosive?))

Avril of Themyscira (oh yeah sorry)

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((why are you apologizing?))

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((Where is he?))

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Jason carefully loaded his gun, and at random chose one of the many thugs swarming the broken building. He effortlessly lined up the shot took a deep breath and fired.

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Jason stood and waved then back flipped off the chimney. Plummeting to the ground and firing his grappling hook.

Avril of Themyscira The goons yelled, firing shots after him

Avril of Themyscira Several surrounded him, all armed with guns

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