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Nice, green. Park-ish.

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Jared walked through the park, watching everyone else as they walked by, chatting among each other.

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Jared sighed and sat down on a bench, flipping through his phone, not really paying attention to others around him.

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Jared smelled feline. He growled instinctively, before calming himself and looking up.

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"What are you doing?"

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"Sitting on a bench, like a normal person. What are you doing looking like that?" Jared asked, slightly irritably, referring to her feline form.

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Nykelton  Ing'on'iq Alex sat down on the bench not really taking notice of the two others.He of course could smell feline,but where.'I have to work on my skills'he thought.

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Miyako walked down the sidewalk in the park. She looked around and caught a glimpse at Jared and Pepper, she gave them both cold glared and contented walked. Miyako wasn't the type that really interacted with the half-breed demons spawns.

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Nykelton  Ing'on'iq Alex noticed Miyako and looked at her and blushed alittle before turning away.No doubt she was beautiful with her red hair.

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"Yes, but we are in public." Jared looked at her sternly with his mismatched blue and green eyes, shining through his white-blonde hair.

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Nykelton  Ing'on'iq He felt strange feeling attracted to a HUMAN.Most were pretty but always got scared when he told them what he was.Then there was also the full moon

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Miyako felt that someone was definitely looking at her. She let out a sigh. this place is covers with half-breeds
She said to herself. The only reason why she knew all about the half-breeds is because her kin was killed by these so-called gentle creatures.
Making her Live on the street and fend for herself. After that day she swore on her life she would never let a half-breed live. In her case right knew she couldn't bear to kill them with out being in danger. Plus they weren't doing any harm to her. At the moment.

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Jared felt being glared at. He looked over at the red-haired girl with a raised-brow expression.

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Nykelton  Ing'on'iq Alex covered his-self with a special perfume,that disguised his scent.You can never be cautious with humans'he thought remembering a a mere cub seeing his kin die by the hand of human hunters.

He had nightmares of them,haunting him..

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Miyako eyed Jared for a brief second before looking away again.
She clenched her fist, grinding her teeth together and smirked.
"Damn," she said to herself before laughing a bit.

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Jared rolled his eyes. Humans...

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Jared sighed and looked at his phone again.

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Miyako looked over at the cat-like creature seducing herself to the male.
She rolled her eyes and shook her head "how pathetic," she said to herself and continued walking, wanting nothing to do with these have-breeds.

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Jared, hating being trashed talked, appeared directly in front of the red-head. "What the hell is your damn problem?"

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Miyako turned around, her red hair fell down in front of her shoulder. She eyes looked right into Jared; a cold-hatted state.
"My problem?" She raised her eyebrow.
"I'm simply walking through the parking come across nasty creatures,"
Her voice was cold and serious, yet fragile and scared.

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"We're the nasty ones, minding our own business while some human glares at us for being peaceful?" Jared's voice was low, and his mismatched eyes glared directly through her's, as if staring down into her soul.

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((OMG! That's so funny I was going to say the same thing but I dident lol! Great minds think alike!))

Miyako raised her eyebrow and folded her arms over her chest.
"Why don't you mind your own business, dog," she glared at him.

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((Omg! Yes!))

"I was, until you insulted me. Typical human, judges everything they don't like. Well, I've got news for you, there will be things you don't like, but that doesn't mean you can complain about them." Jared stepped back, still staring into her eyes.

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Miyako rolled her eyes and walked over to him and glared.
"Did you read that out of a book or did you just figure that out all by yourself?" She asked him in a rude tone.
"I'm not 5 years old I think I know about that!" She said beginning to yell at the mutt.

Drake jumped down from a tree with his eyes closed. He began to clap his hands "Bravo Miyako, bravo, lets be more nice to the less fortunate okay?"
He opened his eyes and looked at Miyako and gave her a cold look before smirking and walking over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Miyako eyes shot opened, her body trembled in fear. A few seconds of her episode she snapped out if it and pushed him away from her and glared. She took a few steps away from Drake and the wolf-boy. Her eyes Instantly changed from anger; to fear.

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Jared's eyes narrowed "Must of us aren't like this guy. We don't purposely make others afraid. And the only reason why we attack..." He shot a look at Drake "Is when we are threatened. Don't confuse us with some violent beast."

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Drake looked over at Jared and glared "like this guy?" He repeated what he said about him. And arched his eyebrow up and placed his hand on Miyako's shoulder again. he pulled her close and whispered in her ear. "He's deceiving you, It's obvious that he wants to kill you," he said and pulled away from her and took a few steps back.

Miyako's eyes darted opened. She looked over at Jared then back at Drake. "I have no attentions in killing a worthless mutt like yourself," he told Jared.

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"Are you stupid? I could kill you faster than you could possibly hope to kill me, but the thing is, we don't like to kill. I would gladly kill this manipulative excuse for a human for referring us to people like himself. Drop the act, I can smell a liar from a mile away." Jared glared at him "Its people like you who we despise."

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Drake looked at Jared and rolled his eyes. " Apparently you don't know who she is do you?" She told him and sighed "your a Naïve little puppy arnt you?" He growled showing his fangs. she walked over to him and lightly pressed his claw on his chest making a large green mark on his chest that got as large as a tennis ball before it stopped. he smirked and looked back up at Jarad.

Miyako heart pounded and took a few steps away again, she knew what that mark was. He injected him with his poison. Sure enough his poison was strong enought to make the dog stop barking but not enought to kill him. If Drake wanted to kill him then he would already. Was was he doing? Is he toying with him?

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Drake looked over at the cat and smiled "stupid cat, you think you can hurt me?" He said as the scrach started to disappear. He walked over to her and grabbed her neck and slammed her body up against a tree. His blue eyes looked into her yellow eyes. "Don't mess with me, you have no idea what I'm capable of," he glared.

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Jared smirked "I think you are the stupid one, little lizard. Being human comes with advantages, like being able to find special drugs. And, with the immunity better than that of animals, I've brought myself to become immune to poison. I even drink it in my coffee." Jared took his arms and broke them in half, before kicking him to the ground and breaking in his teeth. "Have fun being stupid"

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Drake glared. His arms easily healed themselves. "You think your tough? How funny." He said and stood back up and whipped the dirt off his shirt.

Miyako shook her head and pulled her sword out from the sword cover. She glared and walked over to them and pointed it at Jarad and then back at Drake. "Shut the Hell up!" She yelled.

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"Tell him to. Don't you see the lying, filthy, snaky thing he is? He's attacking us, threatening us, but we haven't laid a finger on you."

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"Don't you think I know that!!?? I hate him! I hate all you things!" She yelled with her eyes closed.

Drake looked over at Miyako and sighed he placed his hand on her sowed. Big mistake. An electric shock went through his whole body. He jumped back and looked at her in the eyes.
"that's impossible, how can a human be so strong?" he thought to himself.

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"This snake is attacking us, and manipulating this human with his filth," He pointed to the two of them

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Drake glared the tiger and looked over at Miyako "I'll be back, next time I'm going to end up killing you little miss red," he said and spit blood on the ground from being socked.

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Applefrost wrote: ""Don't you think I know that!!?? I hate him! I hate all you things!" She yelled with her eyes closed.

Drake looked over at Miyako and sighed he placed his hand on her sowed. Big mistake. An electr..."

Jared looked at Drake "Get lost." He turned to Miyako "Have you ever noticed how at first animals are tentative when meeting humans? That's because they've seen what you do to their homes, their families, and for what, a stupid shopping mall? A fur coat? A candle? And here you are, preaching to us we are terrible, when it's humans who do the most damage, the most killing. Almost all of our kind have no families, because of humans."

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Miyako looked over at Jarad and glared "and what about you guys! You kill anything you can get your hands on! Including my family! I would never kill an animal! Never in my life, you guys are not animals your daemons! Worthless, stupid dreadful daemons that kill!" She yelled nd pointed her sowed at Jardes face. "Get away from me!" She said started to tremble.

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Applefrost wrote: "Miyako looked over at Jarad and glared "and what about you guys! You kill anything you can get your hands on! Including my family! I would never kill an animal! Never in my life, you guys are not a..."


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Miyako dropped her sowed and looked at him with an angry glare. "What's wrong with me you ask? Why should I tell a man eating beast like you!" She yelled and picked her sorwd up again and put it back in the case. She looked down at the grown. Her eyes started to water. She held it back and glared instead.

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"Do you see me romping around killing? In fact, do you see any of us doing that? You know what, I'm going to show you how disgusting your kind really is." Jared pulled out his phone. He out up a video. There was a boy about four years of age in what seemed like a jail cell full of lab equipment. He looked almost exactly like Jared, with ears and a tail. The boy was crying. The door opened, and three men and a woman came and held down the boy. The extracted about three pints of his blood. The boy fought back, pulling on their hair. He eventually broke one of their glasses. The video jumped and hour later, and showed the boy unconscious. The door opened again, and a voice said "We don't need him anymore, we already disposed of his disgusting mother and father." One of the men came over, and instead of using a needle to put the suffering boy down, he bashed the four-year-old's head against the cold floor.

The video ended. "That was my four-year-old brother. I was lucky enough to hide, but not strong enough to save him. All thanks to your kind"

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"Yeah, well, you can see why no human has the right to accuse us of being monsters. They're closer to demons than we'll ever be."

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Miyako looked at the video and glared "puhh, I don't have time for your pity," she told him and looked down and without looking up she walked foword leaving the sight. There was no reason why she would tell him about herself, how could she trust? Let alone feel sorry for one of those monsters. It's a lie! It's all a lie! They play a trick, let you think there kind and right when you think hey? This guy is my friend. They turn away and hurt you, Stab you in the back, kill your kin. Betray you! she thought to herself.

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Jared shook his head "Too selfish to look at the facts, that's just sad." He sat down on the bench, his day ruined.

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Jared sighed "I'm Jared."

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Miyako simply ignored the cat and kept walking. Without looking back. Her eyes ahead, filled with anger, she was pissed. stupid stupid! she said to herself and kept walking. She stopped and sat down at a bench that was a few feet in fount of her.

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"Yeah, well, things happen."

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"I've learned to live it down" He said quietly, taking a deep breath of air

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Miyako looked down at her trembling hands. she sighed and looked up at the sky.

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Jared could still smell her, the human was still around. He was tired and didn't feel like moving, so he stayed there

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Miyako closed her eyes and leaned her head die resting on her shoulder, a few seconds after she was sleeping. Her hair covering up her face, her lips where slightly curled into a smile, her closed eyes looked happy. In fact her whole body looked peaceful.

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