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Jenn | 2 comments Wondering if anyone can tell me what Erin's comment to Travis meant while Roy held Erin and Bella hostage in his car?

"You can do it, Travis. Remember Kill Devil Hills? The coffee cups?"

I can't remember reading anything about Kill Devil Hills. Can anyone tell me what this refers to earlier in the story?


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Diane Chamberlain (dianechamberlain) | 2 comments Hi Jenn, Diane here. This is the question I get most often from book clubs who've read The Good Father. If I had the book to write over, I'd make it clearer! I don't have the book with me here at the beach, so can't tell you the exact page number, but in one of the scenes in the coffee shop, Erin accidentally picks up someone else's coffee, which prompts Travis to tell her about a time he went to Kill Devil Hills with some buddies and accidentally drank from a coffee cup containing worms. So in the scene you're talking about, Erin is reminding him that he can fool Roy and Savannah by having something other than the drugs in the cans. I was hoping that, by placing that scene in a town with an unusual name such as Kill Devil Hills it would be memorable enough to jog the reader's memory of the scene, but apparently not! Hope you still enjoyed the story.

Jenn | 2 comments Thank you so much Diane for answering my question! I really appreciate it! I remember that scene now. I figured she was trying to give him a clue but was having trouble putting it all together. Love now that it all clicks into place! (I think I was putting the Kill Devil Hills reference in my mind with your book Summer's Child. - another one of my favs!)
I absolutely loved the book! I was rooting for all the charachters and loved how one little girl changed all of their lives. Bella just melted my heart, and I love her resiliency.
I love your novels; the charachters and story grab me everytime. Our book club just finished Secret Lives and everyone loved it. Can't wait to read your latest book!
Keep up the fantastic work and enjoy your holiday at the beach!
Happy New Year!

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