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Gale or Peeta for Katniss's boyfriend?
Breanna Breanna Dec 27, 2012 04:27PM
Gale!!! they did NOT do a good job in the movie with Peeta. Wasn't he supposed to be cute? He and Katniss just needed each other for survival. Katniss and Gale had an actual connection.

Peeta, duh. I mean he makes katnisses life whole. Peeta for sure

Petta, duh. I mean he makes katnisses life whole. Petta for sure


Vee Gretzinger ^^^ yes Gale...100% gale. peeta...ew, his name it just bugs me.
Jan 02, 2013 04:44PM · flag

When I read the books, I was all the way Gale...............but then josh hutcherson became Peeta.


I vote Galee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I vote for Peeta...!!!!!


for Katniss...Peeta, but...for me...Gale! ahaha

Peeta! Coz gale and katniss have been friends for a long time and it would just ruin their friendship

I vote Peeta!

Team Peeta all the way!!
I always think that Gale is more suited in the friend zone..

Jeni wrote: I get in trouble with this a lot, but I vote Haymitch. haha. I liked Katniss much more when she was arging with him.

No haymitch gives off more of that dad feel

Jeni I didn't get the dad vibe from Haymitch at all. Probably because he was always so irresponsibly drunk. :) ...more
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Peeta!! He IS TOO cute!! and Jennifer is pretty too!! It's kinda weird to date a friend that you've known for so long!!

peeta. they compliment eachother well - peeta has all the qualities katniss doesn't have, and vice versa.

deleted member Dec 28, 2012 07:28AM   0 votes
Peeta !!!


I think Peeta balances out Katniss pretty well.

C Dec 28, 2012 08:01AM   0 votes
I would've liked it if Katniss ended up with Gale. Their kiss (in the book) was so sweet. However, the Gale I imagined was far more handsome than the movie Gale, so I guess it doesn't look good.. But I also imagined Katniss to be pretty but the movie Katniss isn't so it's kind of even..

Anyway, I ship Gale and Katniss! :D I agree with Breanna, they had a connection AND yea, he's supposed to be cute hahahaha. Anyway, it's just our/my opinion so there's no right or wrong answer hahaha. :D

peeta XD

but then again hope she can have Gale 2, & have petta a best friend.

I think Peeta for sure...he risked losing his life for her and truly cares for her, not just the revolution.

For me, it was always Peeta...

Peeta is the one that really gets Katniss' personality, and her vulnability...
Gale only understand her needs...

I get in trouble for this a lot, but I vote Haymitch. haha. I liked Katniss much more when she was arguing with him.


Peeta is cute! And I vote Peeta

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