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who annoys you the most- Octavian or Hera?
Breanna Breanna Dec 27, 2012 04:16PM
I would have to choose Hera. Octavian is a little twerp but Hera threatened Percy and Annabeth's relationship and started a war between the Romans and the Greeks.

Both are pure annoying... I really cannot pick

Octavian, obviously, Hera is a goddess and has an actual, rational reason to do annoying things, while Octavian just acts nuts and rip opens those poor stuffed animals.

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Andrea Agreed
Oct 28, 2013 11:09AM

Agree with Josiane.... :)
Don't want 2 upset the gods....
Octavian.... I guess
Just how he just thinks Greeks are enemy's and can't give them a second chance.

How he kills poor stuffed teddy bears :( LOL Joking :)

I think Hera is more annoying in the long run. In the now- Octavian whines infrequently. Both are bad- Both have the potential to be good.

I can't stand either of them. They are both just so annoying that I want to kill the both of them. But, if I had to choose one, I would pick Octavian. Ever since the Greeks came to Camp Jupiter, he kept thinking they were enemies and stuff like that, just because Leo was possessed by an eidolon and fired the ballistae on New Rome. He refused to believe the truth about that. He didn't even give the Greeks a chance to explain what happened. I'm sure if he just listened to them for once, he would finally not be so annoying about the Greek/Roman conflict. These are the reasons why I chose Octavian.

Hera. Even though the reasons she does things is for the greater good.
I like Octavian. He's cool (well, not when he rips open stuffed teddy bears).

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Adelecupcake Count me in. Octavian is epic.
Jun 17, 2013 06:38PM · flag

I agree with Brooke, they are both VERY annoying, but it goes to a certain level. So I say both.

Breanna wrote: "I would have to choose Hera. Octavian is a little twerp but Hera threatened Percy and Annabeth's relationship and started a war between the Romans and the Greeks."

yea i agree

i can't stand either but octavian woud be a little more annoying.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ (last edited Jan 04, 2013 01:08PM ) Jan 02, 2013 06:49PM   0 votes
OCTAVIAN! He stole and killed Percy's teddy!

I think Octavian is more annoying than Hera because I can understand Hera's reasoning. I guess that makes me just as crazy as the fictional goddess!


Octavian. He killed Percy's poor Panda!!!

Octavian, hands down

Ocatvian, hands down.
Hera was trying to save the world, and did do what was necessary, even if I didn't really like it.
Ocatvian isn't just weird, creepy, sadistic and power hungry. His "roman pride' is what bugs me the most, because it is what will destroy the world. If the two camps can't work together, they wont be able to stop Gaea. The Romans are going after Camp Half Blood, for vengence and to do what is 'right for their camp' but by destroying CHB they're dooming their own camp and the entire mortal world.

Octavian. Hera at least tries to save the world

I think that Octavian is more annoying than Hera (don't wanna insult the gods TOO too much, after all...*looks up fearfully*), but I'd also like to nominate Aphrodite as an annoying character *looks up again*.

Reread the scene in the graveyard between 'Dite and the girls, and try to understand what I mean.


Octavian because Hera actually has a reason for doing what she is doing unlike Octavian, who just murders stuff animals!!!

Octavian, of course. He's just an annoying skinny twerp, that can only threw accusation at someone.

I HATE OCTAVIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deleted member Jun 08, 2013 05:24PM   0 votes
Hera is a goddess and therefore has a reason to be annoying. Octavion is THE definition of annoying.

They're both VERY annoying. But it is a close vote.

I believe that Hera is the most annoying because she always messes with every ones life. Octavian tries to kick Percy and his friends out. He tries to control the camp and thinks hes better then everybody.

Hera. I hated her more. I could understand Octavian, because that was really his character.

But Hera's a bitch.

Both are really annoying....

Definitely Hera.

Octavian. Ugh, he's so annoying. I'm hoping something really embarrassing (for him) but absolutely hilarious (for us) will happen to him in Book 5.

Octavian. Hera does things because she needs to but for me, Octavian is just messing around.

This is a hard question
i would guess hera over octavian (close vote)

Octavian. Hera had a reason to do the things she does... She's trying to save the world after all! Octavian however is an annoying idiot who has no reason to treat people the way he does. He is a power hungry jerk who thinks he is all important.
But this is just my opinion.

Here b/c she's just so self centered and annoying she doesn't care who's life she affects the other dude is just dumb he tears stuffed animals (seriously)

deleted member Jan 01, 2013 10:57AM   -1 votes
I think they're equally annoying.

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