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Kelsey (kelsaria) .

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Anderson was walking through the dark gloomy swamp a blade in his hand as he walks beside him his twin, Cyrus Anderson was walking calmly not even bothering to watch were he steps. "Watch it!" Anderson hisses as the 17 year old almost steps on his foot. "Sorry sorry" Replied Cyrus who stuck his hands in his pockets of his dark blue jeans.
Anderson and Cyrus were there to do something for the devil, seeing they were on a high rank down in hell. Anderson looked at his brother "When you see it tell me.." he told Cyrus in a low voice. The boys were looking for a spot in a swamp with just enough shadows to do a spell to create a whole gathering for demons to enter and to be trained just under the personl gaurd of the twins. Cyrus stopped for a moment when he stepped in a pile of mud " Oh great! And i just bought these!" He grumbled about his shoes as the other boy simply rolled his eyes.

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Zandra made her way into some part of the swamp. Her black hood didn't conceal her firey red hair that well like she had intended, but it provided some cover from the back at least. She'd been testing her powers recently to see what she could cause to burn. The swamp was full of trees with heavy moisture: it was the perfect spot for her. Her hands were wearing finger less black gloves that didn't burn at all when a fire erupted in the palm of her hand

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Anderson heard something and stuck his arm out making his brother stop. "What the hell?" Cyrus looked at his brother then noticed it also, someone was in the swamp also.
Anderson looked around the swamp and saw a glimsp of firey red hair his smile turned into a wicked grin. " My my..the present of a female how lovely..think the group will enjoy her?" he asked his brother. Cyrus chuckled "Of course but let me do the honors brother.." he said taking out his own knife but instead of using it he closed his eyes and suddenly a huge black mist surrounded the girl.

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Zandra looked around slowly without moving her head, but using her eyes to peer from side to side. "What is this?.." she let the flame spread across her whole body at once as if the flames were coming from inside her. The fire spread out greatly mixing with the black mist and then it was in greater amount than the mist creating a whirlwind then it slowly disapated. She looked around for someone that was responsible for that. Her hand still held fire as she looked around wary.

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Anderson chuckled it echoing through the swamp "She is a dealer of fire.." he told his brother. Cyrus worked his way over to the girl "No need for that Babe.." he grinned like a boy. His brother rolled his eyes going over to them "Please do not mind him..." he spoke his eyes remaning on her eyes though cyrus eyes went down to her breasts

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"So there's two of you," she didn't take a step back from them, but she wasn't sure what she would do if they were dangerous. Her eyes looked from Cyrus to Anderson. She thought that being nice to them would help, but when she noticed that he was looking at her chest, she knew it was hopeless. "Who are you both?"

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Cyrus was the first to step up grabbing the hand that wasnt burning and kissing it "I am Cyrus Anderson " he told her then winked dropping her hand. Anderson unlike his brother did not move at all but he smiled "I am Alexander Anderson..but call me Anderson" He told the girl. "And you are?" Cyrus jumped in again.

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"Zandra Skeem," she answered. She felt something in her flicker when he kissed her hand, but she let it fade away like a doused match. Already, she could begin to see the difference in their personalities. SHe didn't look down at her flaming hand as the fire slowly vanished leaving her glove and hand unburned

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Anderson lifted her hand up now examing it "Indeed...a wonderful gift.." he said seeing no burns at all. Cyrus rolled his eyes " Charm ass.." he said lightly but then muttered "Sorry" under his breath as his brother sent glaring daggers at him.

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Zandra felt that same inner flame inside her ignite when he grabbed her hand and looked at it. She pulled her hand back to herself and held it close to her chest. "Well, you know what I can do. What can you two do?"

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Cyrus grinned happily " We are demons..though we are top rank and work for the devil and use to live right in the throne room with him!". Anderson coughed though and shaked his head "Untill he acted like a child and kicked us out." He said and Cyrus crossed his arms. "Still grumbling over that?" he asked.

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Zandra smirked at them and giggled softly "Judging by both your attitudes, I assume it was both your faults" she'd never had a sibling before, so she didn't know what it was like to argue with one

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Cyrus laughed "Ha! Listen to the lady Anderson she got a point, you were suppose to look after me but nooo you had to spend time with Selena" he joked. Though Cyrus suddenly fell to his knees in pain as Anderson was standing there calmly. "S-Sorry " Cyrus choked out.

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She looked at Cyrus wide eyed when he fell over. Anderson stood beside his brother calmy and it worried her "What's the hell's the matter with you?" She looked to Anderson

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Anderson simply just smile as his brother got to his feet coughing. "Damn.." he muttered wiping the blood from his lips. Anderson smirked "How long have you been in this school?" He asked as his brother runs his hand through his hair.

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"About two years," she answered him. It amazed her that he recovererd so quickly after his brother did that to him. They looked human even though they were demons

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Cyrus smirked "We only been here two months" he said crossing his arms "Wanna go somewhere a bit more pleasant? Maybe back to my dorm?" he winked. Anderson sighed hitting him upside the head "Mind yourself.." he warned lowly before returning to his calm state " What if we go to town.." Anderson suggested

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She folded her arms across her chest "I'd say stay away from anywhere public because you both seem like trouble makers" that came out with a lot more attitude then she intended

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Anderson narrowed his eyes as his arms pain going through the girls body. Cyrus hit his brothers arm " Come on! Give the lady a break " he hissed.Anderson sighed and stopped the pain.

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Zandra fell over onto her knee when the pain went through her body. She gasped when it finally left and she stood up slowly. It was almost to describe, and she didn't want it to happen again. She tucked some of her hair behind her ear. "So which of you is the most powerful?"

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Cyrus pointed to his brother and shrugged. Anderson chuckled deeply " I am...long story why though" he replied.Cyrus chuckled also " so how bout it? Wanna go into town hot stuff?" He joked.

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"Don't call me hot stuff, and I'll go with you guys" she said to Cyrus. She looked back over to Anderson "Call it natural curiosity"

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Cyrus grinned " whatever come on..." he said starting to walk away from the swamp. Anderson nodded to the girl to go ahead of him.

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Zandra walked ahead of him and behind Cyrus leaving behind the swamp with them. She still tried to keep her guard up given the fact that she was between two between demons

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Samantha flitted to the swamp seeing a green floating ball "What is that?"" she asked curiously stepping closer

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Nessie flitted up and looked as well. "I don't know."

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Sam touched it then caught it between her hands then opened them smiling "Look" she whispers showing nessie it was a little male fairy looking up at them

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) "Oh." Nessie smiled

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She let it go and it started flying around them and she smiled " For such a little thing that was a big green light"

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) "It was."

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Sam smiled watching the fairy but then heard heavy footsteps in the distance and a low chuckle as two broad men come up each grinning

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Nessie looked at them and smiled. "Hello."

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Anderson grinned " Why hello there little girl" He said
Cyrus felt his fangs come out but hid them with his lips

Sam took nes hand " Nessie...i dont think we should stay" she whispers softly to her stepping back slowly

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Nessie narrowed her eyes. "Your vampires. I can smell it on you." She smiled showing her tiny fangs.

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Anderson shakes his head "Not vampires dear" his eyes suddenly turned black as he snatched Nessie with a strong grip as cyrus grabs Sam who struggles at the start of it "L-Let us go!" She hissed

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Nessie yelped and kicked Anderson extremely hard in the chest.

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Anderson only winced but held her tightly as sam wiggles around kicking hard at cyrus who curses " Nobody from her family is here now?" Cyrus asked anderson who shook his head

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) A large wolf jumps out of the bushes and slams Anderson and Cyrus to the ground. He growled deep in his throat.
"Jacob!" Nessie yelled.

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Anderson and cyrus growl but then anderson grabs sam placing sharp knives against her throat grinning " One more move and the girl dies" he said

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Jacob stops and glares at them.
"What do you want with us?" Nessie asked.

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anderson smirks " You see, you are such different rare" He chuckles as Cyrus grins same closes her eyes bunching her hands into fists she couldnt move at all because of the knives

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Jacob growled not liking where this was going.
"What is that supposed to mean?"

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"See there are only a few children who are vampires...and we want them " Cyrus says not minding the werewolf as anderson presses the blade more against sams throat and she winces softly blood trickling down

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) "No! Please." Nessie begged. "I'm not even full vampire."
Jacob snarled.

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Cyrus looked over at anderson smirking then dropped Sam and in a flash they were both gone as samantha coughs on her hands and knees were she fell

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) "Let's get out of here." Nessie said getting on Jacob's back. "Come on Samantha."

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Sam nodded with some pain but she just stood next to Jacob " Im sorry..r-really bad past with wolves Nessie..i can run just fine though" She said with a small smile as she got ready to run

(( Where you want them to meet?))

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) ((Idk post somewhere and I'll post back))

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