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Kelsey (kelsaria) .

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Chloe (thebluediamond) | 1000 comments Mod
Cassie sat at the edge of the jetty with her feet dipped in the water. How she missed the feel of a family, here she only had people she didnt know she longed for her wolves

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Chloe (thebluediamond) | 1000 comments Mod
She started to underess and slip in the water

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Chloe (thebluediamond) | 1000 comments Mod
Just as Cassie was about to go under she heard someone in the bush behind her, she turned around to see a figure coming out from behind a tree

message 5: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) Josie flipped off her flip flops, and let her toes submerge under the surface of the cool water. She shivers as a gust of cold wind sends her long brown hair over her shoulders.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Josie turned around, and smiled at the boy. She kept silent as she walked through the water.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Josie laughed, and chased after him playfully.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Josie wrinkled her nose. How could she get him? She grabbed a stick from a near by tree ad tried to poke him with it.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Josie laughed, and splashed him with water.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Josie laughed, and dunked her head under the water. When she resurfaced, she realized she hadn't introduced herself. "I'm Josie."

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Kelsey (kelsaria) "Nice to meet you too." She grinned. Quickly, Josie did a scan of his brain. Being a mind reader came in handy. He seamed fairly normal, and she thought she could trust him. "You can call me JJ. What species are you?"

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Kelsey (kelsaria) "Oh! Um. Ok. Sorry." Josie was tempted to read his mind and figure out his species, but some things just need to be kept secret.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) "Ya, I do. I'm a angel." She decided to leave the 'mind reading' part out. "How about you?"

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Kelsey (kelsaria) "Ya!" Josie narrowed her eyes. "You're on." She grinned.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Josie nodded. "Ok. On three." She prepared herself for the dive. "One....... THREE!" She splashed into the water, and started kicking as hard as she could.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Josie touched the stone, and rocketed towards the surface. She was winning! Grinning, she looked over her shoulder to see how far behind he was. He was sitting motionless on the bottom of the creek. She turned around, and swam back down toward him.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Josie grabbed his arm. Panicking, she tried to pull him to the surface. She felt the air in her lungs slowly getting smaller and smaller. Her throat began to burn, and she felt lightheaded. She made her way out of the water, and laid him down on the bank.

Rachel (I love music) (mistyjones02) | 9 comments Misty walked up the creek, listening to her music.

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Kittie G. (HinokoSaiko) | 54 comments Hinoko is just wandering around, being curious...

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 7 comments Selena stares at the ground, quietly walking up to the creek.

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