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Kelsey (kelsaria) .

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Eli stared in awe at Amber. "Wow. You really did it." He looked around. "This is amazing. I've never met an angel who could do that. You make my power look...." He trailed off as he marveled over her ability. "You gotta teach me!" He joked. "Ok, now do you want to see my power? This is the perfect place."

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Amber peered over her shoulder to look at him. "You mean flying?" Her asked, her eyes widened slightly. Suddenly she ducked her head down, trying to keep her smile from being seen. "Um, sure." She added with a shrug, struggling to keep the excitment from her tone. Though her unusaul talent came in handy, she sometimes wished she had wings instead. Being able to fly was something she had always thought about. Her gaze outlined the clouds floating in the sky, and she let out a soft sigh.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Eli danced around the roof excitedly. "Ok." He grinned, snapping out his long, dark brown wings. They were speckled with white on the edges, and perfectly symmetrical. He grabbed her hand "Ready?" He asked softly.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Amber pointed with her free hand towards his wings. "Told you Feathers it the perfect name for you." She said, then gave a nod to answer his question. She fidgeted slightly, suddenly loosing her confidence. Calm down. If he drops you, you can teliport. She told herself silently.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Eli smiled at her. "Don't worry." He said calmingly. "You'll love it." Suddenly, he pushed down his powerful wings, and they lifted off the roof. Eli swerved around in the sky, performing flips and turns. He held onto Amber tightly, and pulled her close into his chest. They rose higher and higher, into the clouds. Eli flapped in place, and whispered into her ear, "whatcha think?"

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Amber let out something that sounded like a squeak, her eyes widened in austonishment. "It's amazing." She responded, a note of sorrow in her tone. "No wonder you birdies are constantly flying." The corners of her lips turned up into a smile. She considered trying to reach out and touch one of the clouds, but she knew it would vaporate and dismissed the silly thought.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Eli gave a satisfied smile, an continued to fly around. He swerved into a thick cloud, the puffy, cotton like material surrounding them, but evaporating before they could feel it. "Whoop whoop!" Eli cheered playfully, as he did a flip in the air. He laughed, loving the cold air in his lungs. "Ok, ready to go back down?" He asked.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Amber could hardly believe it when she started laughing, it felt and sounded so forien to her. "You're a show off!" she informed him once she had caught back some of her breathe, "Yeah, I'm ready to be back on solid ground." She silently wondered if she would ever get a chance like this again, but all his flips and twirls had made her dizzy.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) "Ya I know I'm a show off. It's just part of my amazing personality." He grinned. "Ok! Her we go!" He plummeted towards the ground, the wind blowing in his face. He stopped abruptly just before hitting the roof. They landed lightly, and he snapped his wings closed. They disappeared into his back. "That was fun. You're good company."

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Head rush..." Amber staggered a bit after she had gotten out of his hold, and then she fell backwards, landing on her bottom. A bewildered look crept onto her facial features before she broke out into a grin. "I think I should demand a refund until I get wings." She said thoughtfully, "Ow, I think I broke my tailbone." She winced slightly and proceeded to scramble back up to her feet.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Eli smirked. "No refunds." He joked. "I'll give you a ride whenever you want. Free of charge." He ran a hand through his wind blown hair, smoothing it down. "Sure wakes you up, doesn't it?" He took a deep breath.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Better then coffee," Amber agreed, smiling hugely, "Hmm, well we will have to see. After a day or two you might get tierd of me," She shrugged, moving closer to the edge of the roof, and sitting down, stretching out her stiff limbs. "It's peacful up there." She glanced upwards then closed her eyes. "Anyways, do you have a name asides from Feathers?"

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Kelsey (kelsaria) ((Going to bed. Talk to you tomorrow!))
"Nah. I would never get tired of you." He smiled, sitting down next to her. "And no, feathers is my only name. But you can call me Eli." He looked up at the patchy sky. "How about you? Is sparkles your name?" He grinned.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((Night.))

Amber opened her eyes and playfully glared at him. "Yes, Sparkles is my name. Actaully it's Sparkly Moon Star But everyone wouldn't stop laughing when I introduced myself, so I changed it to Amber." She told him with a smirk, though she rolled her eyes.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) He chuckled. "Sparkly Moon Star it is, then."
He laid back on the roof, his legs dangling over the edge. He tilted his head towards Amber. "So tell me more about yourself."

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Amber's muscles stiffened, but then she slowly relaxed. she leaned back, placing her hands behind herself to keep steady. "What do you want to know?" She asked, her eyes flickering towards him.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) "Well..." Eli thought for a moment. "I already know you're an angel and can teleport... Do you have any other powers?" He cocked his head curiously.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Amber nodded her head. "I can heal. But I don't have many other abilities. I heal others, I can't magically heal myself." She explained, smiling slightly like she had told a joke, "Last time I tried, I passed out..."

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Eli sighed. "I wish I had your powers. That is so cool. All I do is fly." He shifted positions on the roof so he was facing Amber. "If you don't mind me asking, did your parents have these powers? Were they passed down to you?"

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Amber pursed her lips together. "No. I've never heard or met another another angel like me. Perhaps that's because mt bloodline is...somewhat different." She shrugged lightly.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Eli shook his head. "Amazing." He sat up, not able to get comfortable. "So do you ever wish you could fly?"

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "All the time." Amber admited with a sheepish exprestion, "It's...natraul for an angel to fly right? It irrates me that I'm constantly trapped on the ground. How about you? Wish you could teliport yet?" She gave a teasing smile.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) "Are you kidding? Uh, yes! Whenever you want off the ground feel free to ask. I'll only charge you some teleporting passes." He grinned. "I wish I could do both... Teleport and fly. Don't you think that'd be cool?"

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Amber let out a low laugh at his euthsium. "Well, yes that would be cool. But maybe it's to much to ask for to magical means of traveling." She said thoughtfully, sitting upright and shifting so she was sitting with her legs criss cross. "Hmm, how about a picknick? This place seems perfect for it, and if my stomach starts growling, someone might think a bears on the loose."

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Eli chuckled. "Two bears. I'm hungry too. What do you want to get? Wanna pick up something from the coffee shop? Like a bagel or something?"

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Amber crinkled her nose slightly and shook her head. "I was thinking something more along the lines of..." She trailed off, then her exprestion brightened, "How's pizza sound?"

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Eli nodded, "Pizzas great! Lets go." He started climbing down from the roof. "Wait a second..." He laughed at himself. "Want to fly, or teleport?" Eli really wanted to teleport again, but he wanted to let her choose.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Teliportings faster." Amber pointed out, she hadn't moved from where she was sitting, "But if you want to flap all the way to the pizza place on your own, have fun with that." She leaned her elbow onto her knee, resting her cheek against her hand. Her free out was outstretched, patiently waiting for him.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) "Yep! I'd love to teleport!" He hopped across the roof, and grabbed her hand excitedly. He tried to stand still, but he kept twitching from anticipation.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Amber narrowed her eyes at him. "Jeeze, you defently need to stop drinking so much cocoa in the morning." she muttered, letting her eyes slip closed as she spoke. After a moment or two, they appeared in front of the local pizza place. Once they were saftely there, she pulled her hand away and ducked inside of the building.

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Caramel Cat Universe Kiba sat on the roof smoking a cigarette.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) With nothing else to do in her room Ever went up to the roof of the school. She loved laying and watching the clouds go bye even though she didn't like the sun all that much.

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Kittie G. (hinokosaiko) | 54 comments Hinoko lays behind (something) looking at the sky. She sneezed. GODDESS, she hated pollen!

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Ever heard a sound but didn't move, who ever it was better not try to sneak up on her cause they might get a face full of fire if they did.

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Kittie G. (hinokosaiko) | 54 comments Hinoko sneezes again louder.
"guuuuuuuuuuuh" she moaned

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Ever sat up in anoyance, all she wanted was peace and quiet. She looked around but saw no one, she then looked down at the ground but still couldn't see anyone. "If you don't want to get pushed off I suggest you be quiet." She said in a cold voice to whoever was listening.

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Caramel Cat Universe Kiba looked at them and sighed they were annoying.

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Kittie G. (hinokosaiko) | 54 comments Hinoko froze. she didn't realize there was anyone else up here. She peeped from around (something).
"I sorry..." she said in a small voice.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Ever glared at the girl that was making all the noise before laying back down on the roof and continuing to watch the clouds.

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Kittie G. (hinokosaiko) | 54 comments Hinoko shrinks down, studying the pretty stranger.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Ever was aware of the girls eyes on her. She thought about changing into her demon form to scare her off but decided against it because it would be to much trouble.

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Kittie G. (hinokosaiko) | 54 comments "he-hello..." Hinoko says shyly.

((my new website!! ))

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Caramel Cat Universe Kiba sighed and took a quick drag and began to leave off the roof.

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Quemares Felipe walked into the roof with Akio.

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