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The teacher took us out into the forest and gave us our instructions

Kat❤asprohie!! | 133 comments Dimka stood impatiently as the teacher tried to tell then what they already knew. "speed and endurance. yea we got the drift" she murmmerd under her breath.

Kat❤asprohie!! | 133 comments Dimka was about to leave " this is a waste of time" she yelled and tried to walk out of the room but bumpted into a kid

Kat❤asprohie!! | 133 comments "Sorry " she spat out.
Dimka did not know what came over her. she brushed past him but stopped " hey im about to leave . wanna come " she smiled and flipped her hair over ger sholder

Kat❤asprohie!! | 133 comments " where do you wanna go ? i just want to get out of here. honstley ! name's Dimka. you ?" twirling her hair before putting it in a high pony

Kat❤asprohie!! | 133 comments " whats with the laugh" she said walking out of the gym

Kat❤asprohie!! | 133 comments she bumped his sholder laughing " oh come on you can tell me" she grinned

Kat❤asprohie!! | 133 comments " your not that bad yourself" she laughed Dimka grabbed his hands
" i know lets go to the abandoned Cabin, see who's ditching "

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Kat❤asprohie!! | 133 comments " oh oo...or we can go to waepon and i can see how good you really are "she twirled her hair and blushed

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Kat❤asprohie!! | 133 comments (( ok so lets go to the wepons class ?))

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