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message 1: by Kimiko, Headmistress of Supernatural Academy (last edited Mar 30, 2013 01:40PM) (new)

Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 2865 comments Mod
You can have as many student characters as you want ^^ Please fill out the outline below:

Godly Parent (For demi-gods):
Favorite Subject:
Least Favorite:
Background country(Japan, italy, etc):
bfs or gfs/Crush:


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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 2865 comments Mod
Theres a schedule thread on the Charrie stuff folder.

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Autumn Jackson | 1 comments Name: Stacie
Gender: Female
Species: Angel of Darkness and Light.
Powers: Magic
weaknesses: When she gets Jelous she sinks to her lowest.
Personality: Usaully very fun loving, Partay LOVING, But when she gets jelous or mad, darkness can over come her.
Schedule:1. Math, 2. Science, 3. English, 4. Magic, LUNCH, 5. Music.
Favorite Subject: Music
Least Favorite: Math and Science
Background country(Japan, italy, etc): France! ( can speack French and English.)
bfs or gfs: OPEN!

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Katerina | 11 comments Name: Cynthia-Rose
Age: 14
Gender: female
Species: 75% angel, 25% witch
Powers: can destroy stuff with beams of light, can do minor spells (with a wand), can levitate
weaknesses: when there is no light in a room, she has no powers- she's also afraid of spiders
Appearance: 5'7"

Personality: unsocial, but has about 2 really good friends. she's moody, and has a short temper. however, she can be really sweet when she wants to.
Schedule: 1. Math 2. English/Grammar 3. Writing. 4. Teleportation 5. Lunch 6. Magic History 7. Magic Training
Favorite Subject: Magic Training and Writing (she's excels at both)
Least Favorite: Math
Background country(Japan, italy, etc): England
bfs or gfs: single, and likes it that way
other: she likes to write dark poetry and make art, but never shows it to anyone. in her bedroom she has a secret room where she keeps it all.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) Name: Lily D. Lilac
Age: 16
Gender: F
Species: 88% Fairie, 12% Elven
Powers: can grow any flower in one moment, can fly, can hide her wings
Weaknesses: spiders
Appearance: beautiful silken wings with shimmering ends. Long soft dark hair. Cute pointed ears. Adorable but mature-looking. Bright glowing blue eyes. Thin frame. Likes to wear petal dresses of lily, her namesake, but wears stalk jeans and rose tunics when she needs to be flexible.
Personality: spunky, sweet, flexible. Loyal to her friends and rather defensive.
Schedule: Math, gymnastics, drawing, writing, lunch, reading, flying
Favorite subject: drawing
Least favorite: lunch
Background country: English mountain
Other: loves making herself look cute (she is part Fairie part elf, so of course she does). She is friendly with birds. And butterflies. And ladybugs. :D

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 2865 comments Mod
Name: Nami [Meaning: Surf, wave]

Age: 16

Gender: F

Species: 50% mermaid 50% human

Powers: she can control the water, a great swimmer

weaknesses: if she's under the sun to long she gets a really itchy, dry rash.

Appearance: ((Link if pic didnt work:

Personality: She's really friendly and nice towards new comers. she stands up to bullies and is not afraid to be yelled at. She will break the rules if necessary.

7-Controlling ur powers

Favorite Subject: Swimming

Least Favorite: Msth

Background country(Japan, italy, etc): Japan

bfs or gfs: Open

other: When she leaves water, her blue tail turns into human feet. When she re-enters water, they turn back into tail. Her favorite color is blue.

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Johns | 33 comments Name: Nathaniel Lee Cress
Nickname: Either Nathan or Nate

Age: Seventeen [17]
Birthdate: December 31, 1995

Gender: Male (They make it interesting)

Species: Light Faerie
[Much unlike the Air Fae, Light Faeries are a large and very unknown speices that is more demon than angel blood. They control all forms of light and can bend it to make themselves invisible, whereas the Air Fae can bend air to make themselves fly much swifter.]

[] Invisiblity - Can bend light around themselves to make themseves hidden from others
[] Orbing - Light Faeries can bend light around themselves and transport only two people at a time to pinpoint locations in the world. It's much quicker than flying and only Light Fae have this ability. Other faes have different ways of orbing though.
[] Dimming/Lightening - One of the rarer abilities for Light Faeries. Dimming and lightening can change their aura appears; they can make the air around them either a good, enlightened feeling or a dark, dank feeling.

Weaknesses: Light or the dark; water; fire; heights (he hates heights); Fighting, he's not very good at mano a mano;

Eye Color: Obsidian but can sometimes be clear as glass and often reflects the light strongly
Hair Color: Dark, dark brown but has strands of ash blonde underneath
Skin Pigmentation: Cacausian
Distinct Markings: His eyes. They tend to change color and reflect the light in certain situations, at times being described as sunglass.

Personality: Nate was never the one to socialize among large groups. He was used to being alone and isolated from every that eventually he was used to silence. He very much enjoys silence and prefers to it most people but he can be quite the talker whe he sets his mind to it. On that note, he does - on occasion - fit himself into a social class of individuals who are unknown to the rest of the population, as what Light Faeries are meant to do: be hidden. Which is ironic, because they can make themselves invisible so the saying is quite meaningful. Though when you really get to know Nathaniel, he can be quite the chatter box and likes to go on and on and on about meaningless debates. He's had too much practice with younger siblings to loose one. He may be quiet and serious when you first meet him but Nate can be a very nice guy who would flirt with any girl that catches his attention, which is rare.

Schedule: In order from 1st hour to 7th
- Mathematics
- Science
- Power Control
- Music
- Lunch
- Drawing [He's actually a fairly decent drawer]
- English

Favorite Subject: Drawing
Least Favorite: Science

Background country: Ireland [Dublin]
Girlfriend: Open
Other: Oh nothin' much!

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Name: Emily Carter
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: 74% witch 25% angel 1% shapeshifter
Powers: She can use magic she can shape shift to only certain animals not objects. The only thing that is angelic about her is that she has angel wings and can fly.
weaknesses: She is afraid of the dark.
Personality: She is very sweet and kind but is also very rebellious and head strong. She is not afraid to make things right

Schedule: 1- Math
2- Science
3- controlling your powers
5- lunch
6- social studies
7- art
Favorite Subject: Music she has an angelic voice I forgot to add
Least Favorite: Math
Background country(Japan, italy, etc): Her mom is britsh and her dad is American. Well she was born in England so she kind of has an British accent. I'd say England .
bfs or gfs: open

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Johns | 33 comments Name: Linalyn Mae Fieds
Nickname: Lina [Pronounced Lee-NUH]

Age: 15
Birthdate: September 4, 1997

Gender: Female

Species: Witch

Powers: Aside from normal witch abilities, Lina can:
[] Voice Immitation - Able to mimic the voices of others and sounds perfectly.
[] Animate - Able to bring inanimate objects to life, such as trophy figures, those little toy figurines, small things.

Weaknesses: The dark (she's deathly afraid); Heights; water; tight spaces; not being able to speak/see.

Eye Color: Ice, ice blue
Hair Color: Dark red
Skin Pigmentation: Caucasian
Height: 5'7"
Distinct Markings: Her loudmouth is probrably the one thing that can distinguish her the most.

Personality: Lina is a very bright girl, one that doesn't stop smiling and laughing. One might call her an opptomist or just a girl that is uncapable of frowning and sutting up. And it's true; Lina finds it impossible to stop smiling and break a frown and aways finds a way to keep her mouth running to no end. She laughs all the time and is quite the talker. She always thinks of things as a glass-half-full situation. But even though she's always happy, Lina doesn't flirt and she doesn't try to be sociable with people that she's just met. She needs time to get to know someone first before she really gets curious about their personal life. And I am really curious.

Schedule: In order from 1st hour to 7th
- Science
- English
- Math
- Music
- Lunch
- Drawing
- Power Control

Favorite Subject: Power Control
Least Favorite: Drawing
Background Country: Scottland
Boyfriend: None/Open
Other: Eh, nothin' much.

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 2865 comments Mod
Name: Ami [Meaning: Friend]

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Witch

Powers: Magic spells

weaknesses: bugs, they freak her out--totally.

Appearance: ((link if pic didnt work:

Personality: he's kind and friendly. She welcomes new people into her live very easily. So can also trust people easily, and this results her getting tricked easily.

1-Study Hall
3-Power Control

Favorite Subject: Writing and Magic

Least Favorite: Music

Background country: Japan

bfs or gfs: Open

other: She likes to play with magic alot. She uses magic for her daily life and stuff. She always carry her personal journal with her, she write all her personal thoughts, poems, stories, wishes, etc in there. It appears at will and when the book closes, it disappears.

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GothamsReckoning (baneofgotham) | 62 comments Name: Tash Walters
Age: 18
Birthdate: October 3, 1929
Gender: Female
Species: part demon, part vampire, part witch (immortal)
Godly Parent (For demi-gods):
Powers: shapeshifting, teleportation in a cloud of black smoke or into thin air, control over everything in the elements, telekenesis, mind reading,
weaknesses: her anger gets the best of her sometimes
Appearance:5'4", pale skin, green eyes, platinum blonde hair, light signs of scars on arms
Personality: trust issues, controlling, bold, kind when you get to know her, caring when she gets to know you, brave, violent at times, competitive, intimidating
- Mathematics
- Magic
- Writing
- Music
- Lunch
- Fighting
- English

Favorite Subject: Fighting (secretly music but doesnt outright admit it)
Least Favorite: Mathematics
Background country(Japan, italy, etc): Ireland
bfs or gfs: None currently
other: Was orphaned at the age of 5, learned to fend off enemies by herself was found by a mysterious stranger and lead here. Been through hell and back

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Loubird Name: Tash Drac
Age: 15
Gender: f
Species: 50%vampire 50% shape shifter
Powers: super speed super strength
weaknesses: bright colors,neon lights
Personality: mischevious,funny,fun
- study hall
- power control
- music
- gymnastics
- lunch
- math
- writing
Favorite Subject: gymnastics
Least Favorite:math
Background country: Romania
other: she always runs into walls when she tries to use her super speed but loves to zoom around biting creatures and things.

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 2865 comments Mod
Name: Yukiko [Snow Child],
Nickname: Yuki [snow]

Age: 17
Birthay: December 21

Gender: Female

Species: Demigod
Godly Parent: Khione, goddess of snow

Powers: She can make it snow and freeze stuff.

Weakness: Heat, she cant stand heat, it shrinks her power.

Appearance: her long, silky blonde hair is tied in a ponytail by a navy/dark bluw ribbon. She sometimes wear her hair down.
((Link if pic dosent work:

Personality: Yukiko is a very warm person. She welcome new people at sight and treat them warmly. If you upset or anger her, she can get very cold towards you, both ways, in personality and in temperature.

6-Power Control

Fave Subject: Drawing

Least Favorite: Swimming

Background country: Japan

Bf/gf: open

Open: She is named Yukiko (meaning snow child) because she was born in December, also because she is the daughter of Khione

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Johns | 33 comments Name: Hunter Amour Smythe
Nickname: Sometimes he's called Stupid.
[Yes, he has a girly middle name. Good for him.]

Age: 17
Date of Birth: Feburary 14, 1996

Gender: Masculine [Male]

Species: Nephilim
[Breed of angel/human hybrids that are descendents of the angel Razel and the human Jonathan Shadowhunter. They are also known as Shadowhunters.]

[] Stealth - Thankfully to his angel blood, all Shadowhunters are given stealth and agility.
[] Strength - Also given from the Angel. All Shadowhunters, no matter how scrawny and weak looking, have amazing strength.
[] Rune Carving - Shadowhunters can make runes that go onto the skin and give them power or heal them. Only Shadowhunters can bear the runes. It would cause anyone else to burst into flames.

Weaknesses: Dark forces; magic (Shadowhunters do not use magic like witches/warlocks do); being trapped; spiders (Nuh uh, Hunter don't do spiders); liars (He don't deal with liars neither); Water/Snow/Any liquid substance that comes from outdoors.

Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Blue-grey
Skin Pigmentation: Caucasion with a lovely tan. :3
Height: 5'11"



Favorite Subject:
Least Favorite:
Background country(Japan, italy, etc):

Under Construction. (We are seriously lacking in the male department.)

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Katerina | 11 comments Name: Elliot Greenough
Age: 15
Gender: male
Species: elemental
Powers: can control the elements, also has super-speed
weaknesses: natural disasters and pollution...? he's also physically weak.
Appearance: he is very scrawny, and has pointed ears, hazel eyes, dark - shaggy hair, olive skin, and he's 6 feet exactly
Personality: really shy, and very kind. he used to be sort of girly, and people called him gay.
Schedule: 1. Math. 2. English. 3. Music. 4. Teleportation. 5. Lunch. 6. Magic Training 7. Science
Favorite Subject: Magic Training
Least Favorite: English
Background country: he is from America, but his grandfather was from Italy
bfs or gfs: single, but has a small crush on Cynthia-Rose
other: he loves art and painting

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Stephanie (nerdatlas) Name: Jessamine
Species: 50% witch, 50% shapeshifter
Powers: Shape shift (kinda a given), spellcasting, expert at potions, affinity to many plants (named after one)
weaknesses:afraid of fire (accident as a child scared her phisically and mentally), trusts others too easily
Appearance:skinny, medium height, wavy black hair, eyes as green as poison ivy, burn scars covering part of her face and her right arm
Personality:shy, very smart, cannot stand jerks, very trusting and loyal to friends and family, unsure of herself
Schedule: 1) English 2)Drawing (she sketches different plants she sees on her free time)
Favorite Subject:History
Least Favorite:Math
Background country: Irish
bfs or gfs: happily/agonizingly single, depending on whether there are any decent (cute) guys in her classes or not
other: Loves to write and has a poisonous plant garden in her room at home

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 2865 comments Mod
awesome. Just so u know a half witch dosent have as much power a full witch does.;)

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Loubird Name: dare suheat
Age: 16
Powers:control the tamperture can make people very angry
weaknesses: happy people, bright colors
Appearance: and$
Personality: outgoing,stubborn,when she's mad she shows it.but still fun to be around.
Favorite Subject:flying lessons
Least Favorite: math
Background country:italy
other:feeds on angered souls

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~Cassie~ Name: Angel Shadows

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: 49% Angel, 49% Demon, 2% Human

Powers: Control of both light and dark. Physically stronger than humans. Some very basic control over humans, similar to power of persuasion. Has three different "forms" (Angel, Demon and Human)that come out depending on the situation she is in. She only has dark powers in Demon form and vice versa in Angel form. In human form, she has all, but not as powerful.

Weaknesses: Fire is her main physical weakness. Other than that, it would be the equal parts of light and dark fighting for control inside her.

Appearance: Three different appearances due to three different forms. The main similarity is the purple eyes each form has.
Demon: [image error]

Personality: Angel is often lost in her own world, trying to maintain balance on the struggle for control going on inside of her. Everyday decisions that seem easy to most, are made much more difficult for Angel, because each decision could give the Angel or the Demon more power, which could easily cause her to lose herself and relinquish control to whoever has the upper hand. For this reason, it is extremely important for Angel to have at least a few friends, because they are literally what keeps her sane. Because of this, she is fiercely loyal to those close to her, and would do anything to help them.

1. Controlling your powers
2. Reading
3. Flying
4. Self Defense
5. Lunch
6. Writing
7. Fighting

Favorite Subject: Reading

Least Favorite: Fighting

Background country(Japan, italy, etc): America.

BF: Open

Other: Loves to read and write. It makes her feel more like herself.

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Loubird Name: rocky
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species:25%elf 26%demi-god 20%shapeshifter 34%neko
Godly Parent: Hegemone,
Powers: super speed, can control plants,super strength,shape shift
weaknesses: sun,full moon
Personality: loyal,kind,funny
~Study hall
Favorite Subject:fighting
Least Favorite:study hall
Background country:Japan
gf: lily d lilac

message 21: by featherstone (new)

featherstone Name: Cole
Age: 17
Gender: male
Species: shape shifter
Powers: can shift into any animal he wants
weaknesses: sometimes he can be very possessive
Personality: kind, brave, confident
Schedule: 1. Math; 2. English; 3. Drawing; 4. Science; 5. Lunch; 6. Self Defense; 7. Fighting
Favorite Subject: Fighting and Drawing (he's an awfully good drawer)
Least Favorite: English
Background country(Japan, italy, etc): Great Britain
bfs or gfs: he had many girl friends but at the moment he's single

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Name: Jackson Christopher

Age: 17

Gender: male

Species: vampire

Godly Parent (For demi-gods):

Powers: Super speed. Change into a bat.

weaknesses: He is clausetrophobic.

Appearance ( For Kimiko :DDDD ))
His eye color is dark purple though

Personality: He is very mysterious and funny.

Schedule: 1-Fighting
4-Controlling your powers

Favorite Subject: Math actually

Least Favorite: Science

Background country(Japan, italy, etc): Transalvainia

bfs or gfs: open


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Name: Brianna
Age: 15
Gender: female
Species: 50% shape shifter 50% demigod
Godly Parent (For demi-gods): khione
Powers: has the ability to turn into a panther and freeze things
weaknesses: almost nothing, you'll have to find out yourself
Appearance: when she is a human:

when she is a panther:

Personality: is normally mischievous and happy-go-lucky, she is very hard to irritate (unless she doesn't like you
Schedule:Self defense

Favorite Subject: Music
Least Favorite:
Background country(Japan, italy, etc): America
bfs or gfs: single
other: she has Hecate and Apollo, and Hermes in her family tree

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~Cassie~ Name: Daemon

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: 50% Mage 50% Werewolf

Powers: Super speed, Super strength, can shift into a wolf, has basic control over magic. Really good at summoning things/making things appear. Can make different enchanted items.

Weaknesses: Silver, as cliché as it is. And he can't swim. Not even when in wolf form, ironically enough. He needs glasses when in human form.


Personality: Daemon is a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He doesn't get mad easy. He's also a slacker, but he is brilliant. He passes all of his classes with ease without ever opening a text book.
The wolf in him is an alpha, yet the mage in him longs to be a loner, causing him to be a reluctant leader. He'd rather not have to lead, but when nobody else will, or when the current leader is doing a bad job, he steps up.

6)Controlling your powers

Favorite Subject: Gymnastics. He's been in gymnastics pretty much since he could walk.

Least Favorite: Math, even though he's amazing at it.

Background country(Japan, italy, etc): America, but his mother was from England and they visited her family, so sometimes he has a bit of an accent.

Gfs: Open

other: He isn't forced to shift at the full moon.

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Loubird Name:farið með vindi{viv,vindi}
Age: 16
Species: 55%shape shifter 45% Neko
Powers: she can shape shift into things and naturally has that power automatically.
weaknesses:locks, and doors that don't have a space underneath them
Appearance: and htose are her most common neko forms.
Personality:sweet and loyal
Favorite Subject:writing
Least Favorite:math
Background country:iceland
other:Rocky's cousin

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Name: Ayry
Age: 17
Gender: F
Species: Unknown
Powers: Power absorption. She also can sense others powers and heal rapidly
weaknesses: she gets black outs after taking in too much power and doesnt know what happens during them
Appearance: description
Personality: she is aloof, never stay in one place for long. finds it hard to trust people and fears hurting innocent people
Schedule: AP Math, AP History, PE, Free period, Art, English
Favorite Subject: History and Art
Least Favorite: PE too many people around her
Background country(Japan, italy, etc): Unknown
bfs or gfs: None

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[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) First Name: Zane Walker
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Place of Birth: Arizona
Species(vampire,werewolf,fairy etc): Werewolf
Powers(relating to species): strength, agility, speed, claws, can touch any spirit and destroy them
Appearance (picture or description): 5’10” Golden eyes
Personality: Sweet, a bit shy, modest, artistic and strong spirited
Strengths/Weaknesses: drawing. weakness: girls
Family: Cyrus Walker, Step-mother: Lily Lawson. Real mother ran away.
Background History: Used to live with his father but the was sent to AMB to be “more of a man” because he wasn’t tough like his father.
Schedule: English, magic, writing, self-defense, music
Favorite subject: music
Relationships: Single.


First Name: Caleb Giacinto
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Background Country: Italy
Species(vampire,werewolf,fairy etc): Enchanced Human
Powers(relating to species): Tracker, enhanced senses, poison resistance, innate combat, Enhanced memory
Appearance (picture or description): 6’1” Pearly green. description
Personality: Intellectual, Funny, Spontaneous, Courageous, Loyal and Loving
Strengths/Weaknesses: unknown
Family: doesn't know them or care
Schedule: art, pe, self-defence, math, english, magic
Relationship: Single.

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 2865 comments Mod
Name: Jin [Tenderness] ((from the anime: Kamichama Karin (chu)))

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Shifter

Powers: Can shift into any animal.

weaknesses: claustrophobic

Appearance: ((link if pic dosent work:

Personality: Kind to females (likes to flirt with them) and rude to male strangers. Loyal to friends. Respect the teachers. ALWAYS stand up for females. Likes to play and break the rules.
3-Study Hall

Favorite Subject: Lunch

Least Favorite: History

Background country(Japan, italy, etc): Japan

bfs or gfs: Open

other: likes to cut class

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GothamsReckoning (baneofgotham) | 62 comments Name: Daniel Aster Poole
Age: 19
Gender: M
Species: 50% Demon, 25% Elven, 25% Angel
Godly Parent (For demi-gods):
Powers: Control over aspects of both light and dark, silver-tongue (persuasion), shapeshifing, strength, superspeed, immunity to runes, being part angel (haha), spellcasting
weaknesses: Anger management, slight clausterphobia
-Eye Color: Blue
-Hair Color: Brown
-Skin Pigmentation: Caucasion
-Height: 5'11"
Personality: Courageous, Brave, somewhat stubborn, intimidating, violent (when angry), loves music, down to earth guy once you get to know him
-Power Control
Favorite Subject: Music
Least Favorite: Math
Background country(Japan, italy, etc): England
bfs or gfs: none currently
other: He keeps to himself sometimes, loves music and plays the guitar, prefers the night, when he was young his gaurdians abandoned him and he went through several foster care centers before he eventually dissapeared and went off on his own

Manon ~~ Daughter of Athena’s Profile   (Manonsc) | 2 comments Name: Sofia



Species:Dark angle 30% light angle 35% witch 35%


weaknesses:spiders, lying, will do anything to help friends regardless of the price.


Personality::shy, laughs a lot, very smart, hates jerks(would kick them off the plants if she could),stubborn, very trusting and loyal to friends, unsure of herself, outgoing

1- Math
2- Science
3- controlling your powers
4- flying
5- lunch
6- art
7- Self Defense

Favorite Subject:Math and science

Least Favorite:writing

Background country:France

boyfriend: open

~❤Natalie Gaskarth❤~  | 3 comments Name: Luna Drake
Age: 16
Gender: F
Species: 50% Werewolf 50% Shapeshifter
Godly Parent (For demi-gods):
Powers: Shapeshifting
weaknesses: Silver
Appearance: description
Personality: Fierce, Loyal, Brave, Loud, Outgoing, Caring, Kind
1: Controlling your powers
2: Self Denfense
3: History
4: Writing
5: Lunch
6: Science
7: English
Favorite Subject: English
Least Favorite: Science
Background country(Japan, italy, etc): Finland
bfs or gfs: N/A
other: N/A

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Carroll (LewisKeyToWonderland) | 14 comments Name: Kathryn Moore (Kat)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Fey

Powers: Persuasion, Flight, "Black Breath Touch" (if I directly touch your skin and feels threatened it cuts off your ability to breathe)

Weakness: Fire

Appearance: http://spazzybee123.files.wordpress.c...

Personality: very cold shouldered until she knows you, obviously doesn't like fire, very quiet and thoughtful but at the same time is passionate and quite the spitfire!

Schedule: hasn't ever gone to school (will change when I figure out her real schedule, sorry)

Favorite: History

Least Favorite Subject: To be announced at a later time

Background country: America but practically grew up in almost every part of Europe at least for a month

Bf : is cold shouldered but looking very indirectly. ;)

Obsessions: cameras, keys, and black leather. Anything vintage or antique looking!

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 2865 comments Mod
The schedule list is under the charrie stuff folder(:

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Carroll (LewisKeyToWonderland) | 14 comments Fey is fairy. And thanks!!

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Name : Azure Sphinx.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Cerberus Demon.
Godly Parent: Hades.
Powers: He can use your sins against you and summon weapons.
- he can form a scar using you past sins
- He burn you using your sins.( does not matter if your immune to fire)
- he can summon demons spirits to devour your flesh and soul . ( Doesn't matter if your pure of heart)
- can summon death itself to kill you if your sin is large and evil enough.
Weakness: his contractor Saul. You hurt him you hurt Azure.
Personality: Easy going and fun loving has amnisea and loves girls .
Shcedule: PE ,math , French , self defense , writing , history , lunch and science.
Favorite: PE
Least: All the rest.
Background. : Underworld.
Gf: None
Other: sometimes he turns into his evil personality.( explanation) . When Azure was still in hell he was completely different from what he is now , he was cruel wicked and harsh. The reason for the current personality is memory loss also the fact he doesn't have horns can be tied in the matter.
Looks when evil: Add black hair.

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Name: Saul Night
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: human?
- Great martial artist
- incredible speed
- Outstanding reflexes.
Weakness: he short.
Personality: Calm and nice, a bit strickt when it comes to Azure though , he can be severly blunt and honest , his high pride can get him in trouble. He is intelligent and wise for his age.
Schedule: Same as Azure's
Favorite: History, Science , self defense and Writing.
Least: sports and PE.
Background: California.
Gf: None.

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♪♫Gloria♫♪ Name: Zenna

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: 5% Avian-American, 50% God, 45% Human (That is what she thought. But, she is actually a dragon.)

Godly Parent: Poseidon (Still true)

Powers: Zenna can fly, and she is naturally very light and thin, thanks to her bird genes. She is very strong, and is also very alert. She isn't that fast, but thanks to her alertness, she can be. She is very much like the Percy Jackson girl version. She is a great singer.

weaknesses: She sucks at archery. She can't really control her powers very well. She is very bad at talking with other girls about boys, makeup, ect.

Appearance: Human Form: Dragon Form: Zenna is naturally very tall. She is 5' 11". Her eyes are rainbow-colored, and her long, Caramel-brown is very curly. Her hair stays untangled naturally. Her nose is very small. Her teeth as tooth-paste add worthy. Her fingernails are always painted blue, to honor her Dad, despite her hate of makeup. They paint themselves. She wears 3 to 5 ponytails holders on her wrist. She has high cheekbones, and her lips are a dark, soft, powder pink. She is so naturally pretty, she could pass as an Aphrodite.

Personality: She would rather die than wear makeup. Talk to her about her wearing some, count on getting your face punched. She is like Sadie Kane (Kane Chronicles, Rick Riordan), Girl version Percy Jackson, so she is sarcastic, funny, and very loyal.

Schedule: 1- French 2- Defense 3- English 4- Math 5- Lunch 6- Fly control 7- Music

Favorite Subject: French

Least Favorite: Fly control ((She knows all about it, was forced into it))

Background country: Italy

Crush: Shin

other: She has a necklace that protects her from vamps, werewolves, ect.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Nice

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the schedule is under the charrie stuff folder. U have to fill in their powers and weakness...otherwise good.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 47 comments Name:Shin Akizuki




Powers:Enhanced strength, speed, and heightened senses

Weaknesses:Experiences chronic pain if he hasn't had enough blood, holy water, crosses, garlic


Personality:Shin is very deadly and dangerous, injuring or killing anyone that gets in his way. He hates pretty much everyone, but if you manage to become friends with him, he'll treat you nicely and actually think of you as a friend instead of lower class scum.

7-Controlling Your Powers

Favorite Subject:Fighting

Least Favorite:History

Background Country:Japan

Boyfriend or Girlfriend/Crush:Open

Other:He comes from a royal family, so he's a prince

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GothamsReckoning (baneofgotham) | 62 comments hey, ♏Izzy♏-Life Doesn't Last Forever-, the picture isnt there..... just thought you ought to know

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 47 comments I changed it

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nice charrie(;

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cool. The schedule is under the Charrie stuff folder(;

Eiravat Yuvranni Kanjana (ShaniaLWilliams) LOL.I got it thx!

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well.....think of one....theres fairies, witches, warlocks, demons etc

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Name: Jamie green
Species: demigod Shape-shifter mix
Godly present: Hecate
Powers: can take the shape of other people and can replicate other peoples voices. She is excellent at magic and has the ability to turn into a tiger
Weakness: cell phones and stuff you have to find our for yourself.
Appearance: long red hair and fierce green eyes. She has freckles splashed across hercheekbones
Schedule: self defense
Favorite subject: magic
Least favorite: Teleportation
Background country: USA

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Name: Ruby

Age: 15
Birthday: August 5th

Gender: Female

Species: 50% Fire Fairy 50% human

-power over fire (has better control of it when with twin)
-flight (wings appears when requested)
-Sword in which can burst into flame, uses it to fight The Eye.
-Immune to fire

weaknesses: water, takes away her fire powers for at least 1hr


Personality: Hostile towards strangers. Nice to friends. When annoyed or irritated, she tends to say Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! She's outgoing and like to have attention.

-Power control

Favorite Subject: Music

Least Favorite: Math

Background country(Japan, italy, etc): Japan

bfs or gfs/Crush: None

other: Twin sis named Shana.


Name: Shana

Age: 15
August 5th

Gender: Female

Species: 50%Fire fairy 50% human

-Control over fire (has greater control when with her sis)
-Immune to fire
-can jump great lengths
-Flight (wings appears when needed)

weaknesses: Water, takes her fire powers away for at least an 1hr.


Personality: Kind to all people. Shy and timid. Tend to say Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! when someone is embarrassing her.

-Study Hall
-Power control

Favorite Subject: Power control

Least Favorite: Flying

Background country(Japan, italy, etc): Japan

bfs or gfs/Crush: none

other: Twin sis name Ruby. Loves Melon bread.


Shana and Ruby is actually from a anime/manga called Shakugan no Shana. But they are the same person. Her name is Shana. And Shana is a flame haze, thats when she has red hair and a sword. But when she's at school, she has black hair and pretends to be a student there. She also likes to eat melon bread. And it's true that her sword came burst into flame(;

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SHANA!! Sigh, u could at least saved me the black haired one....

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To bad. u got kourin's name and Kagura's species and powers. She's mine. BOTH appearances!!!

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