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message 2: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) This teacher is definitely wack, Derek thought as he stared into the cloudy glass ball that supposedly held "his future". How was anyone supposed to interpret this?
"I see clouds in your near future, lots of clouds, and snow, and fog, whatever could this mean?" He said jokingly to himself. The other students who were more serious about cloudy orbs shushed him.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Ha, the wispy kind of course, why do you ask? And aside from that, what's new with you Link? I haven't seen you for at least an hour."Derek replied jokingly.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Sounds interesting, and fun. What is it?" Derek said conspiratorially.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Nice, that'll be loads of fun. Who's seats? any professors?" Derek asked excitedly.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) I was right behind Link and Derek in divination and was looking down at my glass orb but was paying attention to their conversation. I had Jared's notebook still from when he left it in the hospital room. It had some amazing ideas in there and I was considering using some of them for me. When I heard what Link said I smiled and looked up. "Sounds like somebody's planning on getting expelled. You'd better not get caught." I winked mischievously, hoping he'd follow my plans and offer some sort of deal in return for me not blabbing.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "It might be worth being expelled have masterminded that." Derek said. He appraised Ginger. "Why are you interested? Planning a prank of your own?"

message 8: by Faith (new)

Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) I shrugged "Maybe. Why are you asking?" I smiled

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Cause if you are, I want in. Pranks are better with more than one mind on the case after all."

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) "Well maybe they are, but I'm not really doing it alone." I said smiling.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Who else is in on it? Unless of course, you mean me. In which case I totally accept. Thanks for asking."

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) I laughed "No, that wasn't exactly an invitation. I'm talking about the very person you got the fireworks from," My eyes flickered to Link. "He's helped a lot, or maybe I should say I'm helping him? Or...haha It's kind of complicated." I said, grinning slyly.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Hmmm... I'm guessing we're speaking of the great Jared Jones?"

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) "Obviously. Now, what would you do in return to be my partner in this great crime? Or me and Jared's partner, or Jared's partner...or...ok, you get what I mean." I smiled

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "How about, a one time only high five?"

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) "Wow, decisions decisions...Let me think about it..." I stroked a pretend beard.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Ha! I laugh at your pitiful beard." Derek said, stroking his own chin hair. Not chin hairs, hair. There was only one, he was growing it out to be an incredibly thin goatee.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) I laughed again and stroked my pretend moustache.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "All right class. Settle down, settle down." Professor Cabaret said in a wispy voice. "Today we will be studying palmistry, this is an integral part of being a Seer, so you'd best listen carefully." She gestured with her hands around the mostly empty classroom, students were just now beginning to trickle in. "Please separate into groups of two, only two, no more, no less. Anyone who has no partner, please come up here and we will find you one as soon as possible."

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ginger looked at Derek. "Partners?"

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) (((Ginger, you're not actually in this class, I can change that, but you signed up for Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures)))
"Sure." Derek said. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

Professor Cabret watched as everyone found a partner and quieted down again. "Now, if one person in each pair will please give their hand to their partner, we will begin."

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) ((I'm in ancient runes? Yeah, Yeah please switch.)) Ginger hesitantly placed her hand forward.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Now, those of you who are not extending a hand, please firmly grasp that of your partner. Look at their palm. You should all remember of course which lines indicate what. Please look for the life line." Professor Cabret said.

Derek took Ginger's hand and squinted at it, there, that was the life line. Or was it the other one? Oh, well. This class was almost over anyway.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) "What do you see? I'm going to die the eighth of April right? Ginger giggled

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Nope, sorry. Your life will sadly end tomorrow. Darn, I'll miss you Ginger." Derek said, straight faced. When he couldn't hold back the laughter anymore, it burst out, really loud.

Professor Cabret had been staring out the window, tracing figures on the foggy window. She heard the outburst of laughter and whipped around. "Mr. Holmes, I will be expecting you in my office after class. As for the rest of you, class is dismissed. Goodbye."

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Derek stood and packed up his belongings and watched the rest Pfizer the class file out the door. Then we headed for Professor Cabret's office, still laughing quietly.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ginger laughed too but Professor Cabret looked over at us angrily and gave Derek a detention. I felt bad, I was the one who had started it. "I'm sorry Derek, I hope you don't get in too much trouble." She gave him a quick kiss and hurried out the door.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Professor Cabret waved her hands in a shushing motion and the class fell silent. "All right class, can anyone use their inner eye and tell me what we will be studying today?"

Tessa stopped running just outside of the Divination classroom. When her face was no longer beet red, she entered the classroom.

"Ah, Tessa. Are we running a little late today? Do you know what we are studying?"

"More palmistry?"

"Yes, very good! Will everyone please partner up in different partners than yesterday?" Professor Cabret said, looking at Ginger and Derek.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Tessa looked around the room at all the students who were partnering up. She saw Ginger and remembered that she had been partners with Derek yesterday. "Hey, Ginger. Want to be partners today?"

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ginger blushed and looked at her feet.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) ((Oops my bad)) Ginger looked up at Tessa. "Yeah sure, why not?" She smiled

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Great, thanks." Tessa smiled back at her.

"Now, you all have your partners. Do the same thing as yesterday, but this time look for your partners intuition lines, remember, longer and deeper lines mean that your partner has a lot of that characteristic." Professor Cabret said.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ginger took Tessa's hand. She looked in her divination book and back at Tessa' s hand. "Ahh! I just don't understand!" She mumbled. "What shows what we're supposed to be looking at again?" She asked Tessa

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "The intuition lines are the curved lines in the section of you hand under the thumb." Tessa said, taking Ginger's hand and squinting at it. "They're supposed to indicate a Seer professor the ability to prophecies and or see the "beyond"" Tessa said, laughing at that last bit. "Looks like you have very, very faint lines."

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) "Yes, probably" Ginger smiled. She kept listening to Tessa but looked around the room for Derek.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Derek looked up from his partner who was reading the book about Palmistry. He scanned the room for Ginger and smiled when he saw her.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ginger smiled and raised her hand to wave back but smacked Tessa in the chin instead. "I am sooooo sorry Tessa!!" Ginger said apologetically.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "It's fine Ginger," Tessa said. She laughed it off. Then she waved at Derek. Class was almost over, just about 15 more minutes.

"Now class, settle down. This is serious stuff. People's lives depend on palmistry. For homework tonight please map out the lines of your hand and label them to be turned in tomorrow. You may have the rest of class to work."

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ginger groaned and when class was over she walked up to Derek. "I hate this class."

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ash packed up his bags excitedly. He saw his cousin Ginger and ran up to her "Can you believe this? This class is so easy! All we have to do is map out the lines of our hands! And I did that in class! I already handed it into Professor Cabret, and she seemed really pleased!" Ash stopped to breathe and looked at Derek. He flushed and looked down. "Hi, I'm Ash." He said shyly.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Hey Ash, nice to finally meet you!" Derek said as he enveloped Ash in an awkward bro hug. And to Ginger, "I know, but it's so funny."

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ginger scowled at her annoyingly smart younger cousin and nodded to Derek. "What class is next?" She asked.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Astronomy. As always Ginger." Derek snapped his fingers in front of her nose. "Come on, wake up."

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ginger laughed. "Well excuse me smart one." ((change to Astronomy?))

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) (((sure)))
"Well we should get going or we'll be late."

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