Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1) Shiver question

Sam or Grace?
Breanna Breanna Dec 27, 2012 02:24PM
I would have to choose Sam. It is really sweet how much he cares for Grace. Even as a wolf.

Definitely Sam. He has more of a personality and the chapters written in his point of view seem so much more colorful to me. Grace was wonderful as well, though.

I like Sam a whole lot more than Grace. While they are both great people, Sam is a really amazing person.

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Nobody seems to prefer Grace! I find that a little bit sad. I kind of think it's impossible to choose one or the other because their characters are so inexplicably connected and tangled. It's true that Sam was coming from a more interesting perspective (at least at to begin with)because his past and background story aren't exactly familiar, but I still think there is a lot to be said for Grace. Her inability to communicate certain things and the frustration she feels as a result, her bitter relationship with her parents- I never felt she was a flat character. She was almost Sam's polar opposite- but it was because of those little differences that I think they work so well, not in spite of them.

Alisha I agree with you 100%
Aug 11, 2013 07:47AM

sam all the way because he is so gentle from what he has been throught and aways trying to keep grace safe. one reason i don't like grace she dose not risk much to save sam's life.

i love Sam and his whole ora and everything-but i still love Grace

Sam because he hates who he is and dose'nt want Grace to be like him(wolf) -now that's love

Breanna wrote: "I would have to choose Sam. It is really sweet how much he cares for Grace. Even as a wolf."

soooooo true sam for reals!!!!

Sam. I'm sure everybody loves him.

I like Sam the most-hes adorable

I like Sam more. Grace was annoying sometimes and I really love Sam as a person. He's kind and sweet and really love Grace... And I really love guys who writes poetry!

i love how everyone is saying Sam

and because i totally agree with them :)


I prefer Sam!! He's the boy that every girl wants

Definitely Sam. I like Grace, too, but Sam's character is just so much better. He's slightly damaged by his past, but puts that behind him. He cares for his "family" so much, and always sees the best in people. He also cares for and watches out for Grace, no matter what.

I like Sam's perspective more. Grace seems pretty bland and ordinary. Sam being a werewolf and all, is far more interesting. He has a history and follows a "family". He's not normal. I also feel like Sam is more sensitive and cares a lot about Grace. But Grace is just in this teenage love with a werewolf phase.

Have to be Sam. I love Grace, she's amazing but I'm in love with Sam. He's the sweetest, kindest, most sensitive, cutest, smartest and most poetic character I've ever read or person I have ever met. I love him ^^


I like Sam more.

I love Sam, but I also love Grace because she was so strong. Not at all a weakling like some female characters in other books. And I really love that :D Not many people do that :)

SAM!! sometimes I thought that Grace wasn't as understanding as she should be towards his situation and she pushed him :/

Is difficult. I prefer Sam.

I love Sam, he is so cute with Grace. I love him

I like Grace better. She is a caring person and she likes Sam, even though he was a wolf, she didnt care. I saying what Breanna said :) But I also like her because she is more outgoing than Sam, I see why hes timid and shy all the time, but Grace, I just like her better. I like them both though.

Ramisha I would have to agree. Grace was portrayed as serious, strong-minded, and practical. She wasn't a typical girl, who was swooning after Sam or anything ...more
Aug 23, 2013 08:16PM · flag

They both are amazing but I prefer Sam, he is so peculiar, so unique, I really felt him in my heart when I read the books. He melts my heart in every word he says, in every song he writes or in every paper crane he makes... He is such an special character.
I'm really in love with him haha
Thanks Maggie Stiefvater for giving him life!!

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I like Sam better, but Grace is still an awesome character.

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Sam. He's really sweet and it's cute how he is all shy and innocent :)

Sam. poetry and longing works well with him.

Im more of a sam person, i like reading and poetry x

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