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The Brotherhood is a rumor that's traveled around Salem High School, infamous as something like a cultic society of unknown students whose main goal is to dish out revenge on the populars. As payment for every cruel thing the It-Crowd has done to those they deem unworthy. The Brotherhood has been pulling pranks on Queen Bees during Prom Week for generations upon generations. The higher class society is able to reminisce about all those tricks, something like horror stories to people who thrive on powerful appearances. As mentioned before, anyone who is not in The Brotherhood is unaware of who’s in this group: It could be anyone. The best friend you spread that rumor about, the little sister tired of living in your shadow, the boyfriend you cheat on every once and awhile. But the most likely of all these possibilities? Just some unknown dorky kid tired of being scared of the mean girls.

This year, The Brotherhood has decided to step up their game. It’s no longer your image that’s on the line:
It’s your life.

To keep things organized during Prom Week, as to who’s going after who, The Brotherhood has developed a system of organization. Five Little Brothers/Sisters will be assigned one popular, someone high up on the food chain in the social hierarchy of Salem High School. It’s keep the plan bulletproof, in case one Little Brother/Sister fails to complete the task.

Ranking amongst The Brotherhood

Big Brother/Sister:

Mods only, and one per mod.

♛This is the highest ranking position of a member of The Brotherhood, standing as something like the legendary boss. These are all seniors, the older members of The Brotherhood- No lower classmen has ever been chosen to be a Big Brother/Sister.

♛The top priority is to make sure the operations run smoothly.

♛As mentioned, they are all but infamous in The Brotherhood. The rest of the members look up to them with something like fearful awe, an idol of sorts.

♛Getting this title is something like an honor, something you can only get from a past Big Brother/Sister. Since they are seniors and will be graduating next year, the positions are passed down to upcoming senior as well.

Little Brother/Sister:

Anyone can make these characters, but only one character per person: Please keep the genders even.

☢These are the second in commands, the members of The Brotherhood who have direct contact with Big Brothers/Sisters. They are seniors and juniors, though there has been known to be a sophomore periodically here and there.

☢They make sure all the lesser members of The Brotherhood stay in check, feeling them out to stay on top of things. If someone is suspected of betraying The Brotherhood, all ties are cut from them with the promise of repercussions should they ever mention The Brotherhood again.

☢Though they are not quite as powerful as a Big Brother/Sister, they are still pretty high ranked. It is an honor to be in their position.

Worker Bees:

There’s no limit on how many of these characters you make, though I do ask that you try and make only as many as you can handle.

☢Any student is welcome to be involved in this position, from the freshmen all the way to a new senior.

☢These are just the other members of The Brotherhood, the ones who carry out all the orders. They are the ones who officially pull the pranks, though some Little Brothers/Sisters have been known to help out.

☢These will be the ones expected to kill off the assigned populars. The methods are practical, such as poison in a cup while amist a secluded area, a shove down steps, or a push off the school’s beloved balcony. After all, they are expected to dispose of the body and stabbing wouldn’t exactly be subtle, now would it?

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