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message 1: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) Any questions?

message 2: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (lindsayjcall) where do the mermaids stay?

message 3: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) Haha, thanks. I'll add a dorm. :)

message 4: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) It's a lake dorm. Full of water.

message 5: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (lindsayjcall) ohh cool!

message 6: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) Hah, yup. :)

message 7: by Quemares (new)

Quemares Is it okay if I make a Human character with telekinesis, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, electrokinesis or any other type of kinesis?

message 8: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) Yes. That's perfectly fine. I should probably mention somewhere that humans can have powers too. :)

message 9: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 152 comments Should monsters stay in a dorm with something else or do you wanna make a dorm for monsters??????:)

message 10: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) I'll make them their own dorm. :)

message 11: by Ben (new)

Ben | 213 comments Where should my human-panther stay? In human dorms?

message 12: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) Ya, sure! Wherever you want.

message 13: by Ben (new)

Ben | 213 comments Cool

message 14: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) I can make him a separate dorm if you want.

message 15: by Ben (new)

Ben | 213 comments That's alright, he's mainly a human so I'll just put him in human dorms.

message 16: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) Ok, cool

message 17: by Chloe, The awesome one (new)

Chloe (thebluediamond) | 1000 comments Mod
where does a shape-shifter stay

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

o.o whats a necromancer? is it like a monster?

message 19: by Chloe, The awesome one (new)

Chloe (thebluediamond) | 1000 comments Mod
its someone that can raise the dead

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Ohhh then they would probably be with demons or monsters

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

xD yay then my charrie has a mate ^.^ wait who is your charrie?o.o

message 22: by Chloe, The awesome one (new)

Chloe (thebluediamond) | 1000 comments Mod
haha at lest you are going to put it up, so much for being a pixie sabby

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

charrie is anothr would for character

message 24: by Chloe, The awesome one (last edited Feb 12, 2013 04:39PM) (new)

Chloe (thebluediamond) | 1000 comments Mod
what does a shape-shifter come under

message 25: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) Well, a monster would just be considered a monster.... We don't have any specific monster types. If you want, you could specify what type it is in the species section, but role play it as a monster.

message 26: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) What do you mean, Chloe?

message 27: by Chloe, The awesome one (new)

Chloe (thebluediamond) | 1000 comments Mod
Crimson Star wrote: "What monster type does my character classify under?"

im pretty sure it would come under as still a human so you can stay in the human dorm

message 28: by Chloe, The awesome one (new)

Chloe (thebluediamond) | 1000 comments Mod
What kind of dorm would i be in cause im a shape-shifter that most of the time is a wolf

message 29: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) If you want you could make a necromancer dorm. :) Or I could if you want.

message 30: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Alex { you can't screw with Trunks } wrote: "Um where would a Sayain be located? (for any of you who don't know they are basically humans with a a tail and when there is a full moon they turn into over sized gorillas and their strength tenfolds)"

Very nice dragon ball reference

message 31: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Nice :) I was really into Dragon ball z kai for awhile. I stopped watching right about when Cell showed up

message 32: by Chloe, The awesome one (new)

Chloe (thebluediamond) | 1000 comments Mod
I'm pretty sure that you could bunk with either the monsters or the humans I don't think they would mind

message 33: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Alex { you can't screw with Trunks } wrote: "Dragon ball z kai was okay. The only reason I liked it was because they had one episode that dragon ball z didn't. It came out recently if you've heard of it and it's the very last episode. (there ..."

Like I said I stopped watching, so I haven't seen the one you're talking about... At least I don't think I have.

message 34: by Melissa (last edited Feb 13, 2013 08:55PM) (new)

Melissa I feel bad for Trunks, he makes friends with all the people in the past but from where he's from they're all dead (except for Bulma).

message 35: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Nice :)

message 36: by Melissa (new)

Melissa No, I tried to find them while I was watching Kai but I couldn't.

message 37: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Ok, I just might do that when I get the time thanks :)

message 38: by Melissa (new)

Melissa bye

message 39: by Chloe, The awesome one (new)

Chloe (thebluediamond) | 1000 comments Mod
I have a necro in my dorm cause Kelsey said she could stay with me

message 40: by Chloe, The awesome one (new)

Chloe (thebluediamond) | 1000 comments Mod

message 41: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) Maybe we should make a elemental dorm... Whatcha think?

message 42: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsaria) Ok. I'll add it.

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

Sorry havent been on lately >.< busy life...

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

xD yea i deleted them though .< they keep doubling posting sometimes

message 45: by Chris (new)

Chris | 1 comments what is a more meaningful and intelligent way of saying "on the brink of overdosing"???

message 46: by Audra (new)

Audra Do we have to be accepted?

message 47: by Caramel Cat (new)

Caramel Cat Universe No I don't think so...

message 48: by Audra (new)

Audra Where do necromancers stay?

message 49: by Chloe, The awesome one (new)

Chloe (thebluediamond) | 1000 comments Mod
Well since we are getting so many of them ill make them a dorm.

no you dont have to be accepted but i think we minght change that rule.

Rachel (I love music) (mistyjones02) | 9 comments Anyone want to rp?

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