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Avril of Themyscira She looked up from her papers, taking her glasses off and running to him, taking his face in her hands. "I..I was worried sick about you! What happened?" she asked, running to the medicine cabinet. Her green eyes were tired and her brown curly hair had fallen partly out of its bun.

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Jason sank into the sofa in one corner of the living area that made up most of their small apartment. "I'm fine, Char, it's mostly just bruising. And Alfred already treated the rest." He glanced down at himself and frowned. The. Got up and went into his room to change. "Is Martha still out of town?"

Avril of Themyscira She nodded. "She..she had an i..interview with a popular f..f.for a role," she smiled, going back to her desk, lit by a desk lamp, which was the only thing lighting the small place. "But what ha..happened?" she asked, stopping and looking into his room at his figure, waiting for an answer.
((I decided to make her stutter))

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He pulled on a loose cotton button up shirt and some jeans, and threw his bulky combat armor onto the small bed. Ever since his resurrection he had defied the Gotham style of tight crime fighting suits in favor of Kevlar and nano carbon fibers. Jason walked over to the desk as say on the edge, rubbing his temples. "I wish I knew, Char."

Avril of Themyscira She rested her head against his torso. "If you were really in trouble..would t..t..tell me J..J..Jason?" she asked quietly, her eyes scared, worried for him. She had lost him once, and willed it to not happen again.

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((I like the stutter))

Avril of Themyscira (('re too kind. I can't accept that.. but I will! :) ))

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Jason sighed "no, probably not." He rested his head in his hand. "We need to talk, Char"

Avril of Themyscira She sat up, crossing her legs and looking up at him, panic in her eyes. "W..What is it Ja..JAson?" she asked quietly in the one dim light behind him.

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"I..." He paused for a while then looked up "I blacked out again today. And I killed again, Batman was there, and he confirmed it. I killed a man with my bare hands." He said this with absolutely no expression, by a slight waver in his voice betrayed his panic.

Avril of Themyscira "We'll f.f.figure this out. I've h..had your blood running through various lab t..tests," she said, looking up at his dark shadow on one side and sharp features on the other from the light.

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He grimaced, "now the Bat does too." He turned to face her. " but what if it happens when I'm here? What if I... Hurt you?" Jason grimaced " They are in my dreams, you know, those people I killed. I looked them up too, Hank Worthfield, the mugger use to sing choir in school. That fraud artist, Jack Howard, he had twin daughters, and this last one, he had been working for penguin since he was five, he had never experienced anything this world has to offer. All of their lives were ended by me. I'm dangerous, Charlotte. And being near me puts you in danger."

Avril of Themyscira "Th..then it's worth it. dad was in the m..mob. I.I.I'm used to it. I'll be o..okay." she pulled him down by the cheek to face her. "Everyone has th..their, and this is y.yours. Just..d..don't do it to yourself, don't think abou..about that. saved my life, I o..owe you th..this much,"

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Jason looked into her eyes and sighed. He knew he should leave, but he couldn't bear not seeing those eyes. He smiled then stood up, pulling her into an embrace " let's have a plan then. What do you do if I start having a fit?" He said, his voice muffled in her hair.

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Avril of Themyscira "Umm..leave? Call Bruce? I.I..." she looked up, snuggled in his arms and frowning. She could never want him to leave. Her head only met his chest, so fighting wasn't an option. She sighed.

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"First you lock me In the bathroom" he said holding her tightly "then you, and Martha, if she is here, leave the building as quickly as you can. Only call Bruce if I get out, otherwise... Call Nightwing. But just make sure you get as far from me as possible. Promise?"

Avril of Themyscira She nodded slowly, beginning to shake at the thought of him losing it. He was holding her tightly to him, so she stayed where she was. "P..promise." she said quietly.

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He released her and then leaned over, cupping her face in his hands and smiling. "I won't leave you, Char; I'm yours."

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((I suppose, the Hatter has an empty seat at his tea party, by the by))

Avril of Themyscira (lol aww wowww)
She nodded. "O..okay," she whispered, biting her lip.

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((No, I meant he was waiting for Joker, and I don't want to do any combat against myself. That's no fun))

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She stood up and popped his neck. "What are you working on? Anything I could understand?"

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((That they would))

Avril of Themyscira She snapped her fingers at him "D..don't do that!" then sighed, looking down and tousling her already crazy hair. "J..just trying to i.isolate a specific gene on a p.p.polymerase ch..chain of Galapagos Torti..tortis...tortis.." she sighed and breathed heavily. "Tortises to try and see their key to l..long" she glanced up at him then put on her glasses. "N..nothing im.important," she shrugged.

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((You can if you want, I quite like him though. Bringing in some more physical baddies might be nice, For example, killer croc, Solomon Grundy...))

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"That sounds fascinating," he said walking over to her desk, "have you had any luck?"

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((I dot know much about him, but sure))

Avril of Themyscira "No," she sighed, looking up at him and shrugging. "I.I've hit a.a.a..a...wall," she said, rubbing her eyes.

Avril of Themyscira ((BANEEE!!))

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(Who is bane o.o)

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"I'm sure you will figure it out" he grinned "But It's late, Char. I'm going to take a shower and then go to sleep. Don't stay up too late, please?" He said softly, then walked into the bathroom.

Avril of Themyscira She nodded, waving him off. "Yeah, y..yeah, whatever," she said, redoing her hair in a braid fixed her sweatshirt and jeans. She sighed, turning back.

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Jason stepped into the scalding water of the shower, washing away the sweat and blood of the day, letting his mind wander. He hummed to himself as he washed, before toweling off and slipping back into his clothes. He walked out of the bathroom, and sighed when he saw Charlotte still at her desk.

Avril of Themyscira She glanced up over the edge of her glasses at him before turning back to her work like she hadn't noticed him.

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He walk softly over to the desk and, playing along like she hasn't noticed him, yelled "Boo!" And started tickling her.

Avril of Themyscira "Ja! Jas! Jason! S.Stop it!" she yelled, laughing and kicking against his chest in revolt.

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((Why yes, fabric adorns his body.))

Avril of Themyscira ((lolol yesss! Now when is Bane gonna come?))

Avril of Themyscira ((Fabric adorns his body? Art thou in Medieval Time?))

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Jason laughed loudly and lifted her out her seat, spinning her around, but being mindful of the small space

Avril of Themyscira ((Oooh. It's good. Like..wait till he's asleep.))

Avril of Themyscira "Jas..Jason!" she yelled between laughter. "Wh..what are you d.d.doing?" she asked, giggling and taking off her glasses.

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((The person paying should be R'as, trying to alienate Jason)) Jason grinned from ear to ear," I'm spinning you, silly" he said, setting her down and kissing her cheek. ((I'm just going to make them a couple :P))

Avril of Themyscira ((lol kkayy))
She smiled up at him, enjoying his bodywash scented skin. "W.well s..stop. I have f.f.finish," she smiled, standing in front of him.
((ooh thats good))

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Jason pulled her closer and said in a mock whiny voice "do you haaaave to?"

Avril of Themyscira ((That's because she could have made a discovery that caused a business deal for his family to fall through))

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((Who is black mask? I'm sorry guys, I know next to nothing about superheroes and villains))

Avril of Themyscira She bit her lip, nodding. "Y..yes,if I w.wa..want to k.keep my job. And this And since't have one.." she said, looking up at him.

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Jason nodded and let go of her. "Alright, I understand. You work and I'll run your shoulders, sound good?" He murmured, giving a half smile.

Avril of Themyscira ", you need s..s..sleep." she said, pointing to the bedroom before sitting back down at her computer.

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