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((Yeah...unless mermaids have

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She laughed and smiled 'Pardon me for my slowness' she joked.

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She ran a hand through her hair and smiled at him

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She smiled 'Hey!' She laughed 'Put me down!'

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She thought for a sec then kissed his neck softly 'How about now?' She smirked

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She kissed him on the lip deeply 'Now?' She asked

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She smiled as she kissed him

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She blushed and wrapped her arms around him

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She smiled and kissed him a bit harder.

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She blushed and pulled him closer.

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'I want to' she murmured and blushed

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Jane nodded then smiled as she played with his tongue

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She arched her back, her hand tracing his chest softly

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She blushed and pulled away looking at the scars, she touched the softly tracing them

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She blushed harder and smiled at him

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She kissed him playfully then murmured in his ear 'I love you Thorn'

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She moaned slightly as he touched her back then kissed him back hungrily.

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She played with his tongue wrapping her tail with his

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She leaned as close as possible and kissed him back with the same passion

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She nodded and took it off throwing it to the side, she smiled

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She gasped when his lip touched her chest, she kissed him when he was back up

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She blushed harder 'You are asking the wrong person I don't know either' she smirked

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She pulled away and bit her lip thinking 'Um..I know some people'

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She blushed red as he did that then remembered how to talk again 'He is from the surface..' She explained 'Some of the Mer here learn it from their I don't know a thing'

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She smiled 'Ill do whatever you want to do..we could try if you want'

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She nodded in agreement 'Lets to' she smiled 'I gonna go get some...things' she laughed

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((I created a hotel topic so..we can post there))

She smiled and winked 'Meet me at the forest'

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