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message 1: by K (last edited Dec 27, 2012 01:35PM) (new)

K (k-polipetl) | 4090 comments Not sure how many of you have taken a tour round the rather excellent new website True Colorz which is dedicated to YA LGBT books.

There is a blog, featured authors, a really impressive reading list, publisher details, free reads and anti-bullying information

There are several authors running the site and featured on it who will be familiar to the group.

The books are marked so that those more suitable to an 18+ reader can be easily identified

Definitely worth a look through and bookmarking

message 2: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16521 comments A very professional-looking site. Jeff Erno blogged about it on Jessewave - http://www.reviewsbyjessewave.com/201...

I wish them great success.

message 3: by C. (new)

C. Kennedy | 184 comments An incredible new site. A very comprehensive site for LGBTQIA YA Lit!

message 4: by Miriasha (new)

Miriasha | 35 comments I looked at it but had trouble finding things that weren't m/m couples, although there were some trans* characters.

message 5: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16521 comments The genre is very M/M-heavy to begin with - we definitely need more stories across the spectrum. (Plus some of the founders of the site are M/M writers, so there's a natural tendency to lean that way too in the books they review, I guess.)

message 6: by Miriasha (new)

Miriasha | 35 comments That makes sense. I've been able to find a lot of F/F stories through lists on this site and also through Amazon kindle "lesbian" sections but there should be more.
And LOTS of the M/M stories I found on the Amazon kindle store are about werewolves - wasn't aware that that was a popular trope.

message 7: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16521 comments Oh yeah - I didn't know either (wrote two of them before I found out it was an overloaded genre.)

message 8: by True Colorz (last edited Aug 05, 2013 09:29AM) (new)

True Colorz (truecolorz) | 1 comments We have nearly 600 titles on our site now. Unfortunately there's no tagging system on the website where you can sort by category (I wish I knew how to do that), but we do maintain bookshelves here on GR so you can zero in on L/G/B/T, etc. We currently have 425 books marked Gay, 87 Lesbian, 27 Trans, 16 Bisexual, and 2 Intersex.

message 9: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16521 comments Thanks for the shelf link - that's great :)

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