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Call Me Dangerous ~*Queen of the Morningstar*~ (sabrielmyguardianangel) | 445 comments Mod

Call Me Dangerous ~*Queen of the Morningstar*~ (sabrielmyguardianangel) | 445 comments Mod
"Do you live alone?" Kai asked, looking at the lock before flicking out a little knife and picking the lock. Two seconds flat.

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Holly (peachylee20) "Wow... I live here, kitten, I really don't think picking that lock is necessary. And I really think that scares me." He said following her up the creaky front porch steps onto the porch. "But yes, to answer your question, I do live alone!"
He slid the padlock away and opened the door, ushering her into the cold-aired living room. There was a futon with afghans and blankets strewn over it and the floor near it. A small TV on a rickety stand played an alternative music station to the dim room, and Jace flipped the lights on. "Come inside and make yourself comfy. It's not much, but I take pride. My grandfather and I built it a couple years ago."

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Holly (peachylee20) Abigail wrote: ""Wow... I live here, kitten, I really don't think picking that lock is necessary. And I really think that scares me." He said following her up the creaky front porch steps onto the porch. "But yes,..."

Call Me Dangerous ~*Queen of the Morningstar*~ (sabrielmyguardianangel) | 445 comments Mod
"Faster than it would be to let you unlock it, plus I didn't have to rely on you to unlock a stupid door, now did I?" Kai winked and looked around, one hand lazily placed on her hip, making her seem far bigger than she really was. "It's more than what I have. Which would be... Nothing. I haven't even eaten in three days, you know?" In fact, the only reason she had said yes to coming with him was because food was involved, even though every fiber of her being told her not to reply on him for sustenance.

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Holly (peachylee20) He raised an eyebrow and shook his head. "You have no bed, no food, but yet you dress like that?" He asked her, heading for the kitchen, a room of which light up dimly as he opened the fridge to rummage around inside. Beer, wine, soda... An old banana. He would have to get creative.
Smiling he crossed the floor, kicking off his shoes as he went, and pulling his shirt off to toss it in a hamper. He threw open a cabinet and got a couple wine glasses, filling them up quickly, humming an old Bob Marley song.
"I'd give you permission to crash here for awhile, but the way you picked that lock makes me think you don't need permission to be anywhere." He said happily, coming back into the living room, extending an arm to her, holding a full glass of wine.

Call Me Dangerous ~*Queen of the Morningstar*~ (sabrielmyguardianangel) | 445 comments Mod
"Is there something wrong with the way I dress?" Kai asked, jumpy despite herself though she absolutely refused to show it, sashaying up to him to slip the glass from his hand and take a dainty sip. Leaning against the wall she flashed a brilliant smile. "Technically, no, permission isn't really needed. But it is nice to have."

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Holly (peachylee20) He made an assuring sound, and nodded his head, taking a sip of his own. "There's nothing wrong with it. It's just that you don't seem like a girl who hasn't eaten in three weeks." He said dismissively, reaching down and picking up blankets from the floor to throw them over the back of the futon. "Come into the kitchen, and we'll fix that." He said motioning her through the doorway.
The kitchen was small and compact, but did have a small round table that looked handmade, along with an old computer and lawn chair sitting at either side.
He blushed. His house was a wreck. But he didn't say anything and he started rampaging the cabinets to find the ingredients that he needed. "Do you like alcohol?" He asked, knowing the answer, but wanting to make conversation.

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Kicking off her boots she produced a pair of black ballet flats that she absolutely detested, but were better for the indoors. Tugging them on quickly, she set herself on the counter, legs crossed. "3 days, love, not three weeks. That would mean death, and I'm certainly not ready to die. As for drinking, I love it." It would be quite hard to get Kai drunk, because then she would talk about things she really... Didn't want to talk about, exactly.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace watched her happily as he rummaged, sipping his wine carefully. He'd gotten the things together, and was now making a racket trying to get a pan.
Bananas, Jack Daniels, cinnamon... Ice cream in the freezer. He smiled.
"Three days. Right. Well, I'm going to remedy both of those with this." He told her, pointing a spatula at her. "Banana sweet cream over icecream," He stopped to kiss his fingers in a 'french cook' sort of way and smile, "So, so so amazing. You'll love it." He informed her getting done with all the stuff, and throwing it in the pan to simmer and cook out, bringing the Jack Daniels to the table to sit down beside her.

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"You know," Kai smirked. "If I'll be staying a whole it won't matter if I say something strange. Lets play a drinking game. Strip Truth. What do you say? Come on, tell me you're game for this, Daddy." She said this in the sweetest most innocent voice she could manage, even going as far as to look up through her eyelashes, batting them, hands clasped next to her hip, jewel red lips in a sultry pout. It was odd only because she wore no makeup.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace blushed and looked at the floor. She was feisty, that's for sure. He didn't usually play drinking games, but for this girl? Tonight? Why not? She was mysterious, knowing him through her power, but he was certain there was something else to that. She was dressed like Catwoman, and she had no opposition to water or mr. Jack, or walking into a strangers home and getting comfy. His kind of girl.

Standing, he nodded his head slightly, checking the bananas on the stove, stirring them slightly, before getting the ice cream out to sit on the counter. "Strip Truth? Okay, that sounds interesting. I'm in." He said, nodding and giving a lopsided grin at her lips, of which he stopped activity to kiss quickly but passionately, grinning all the while.
"What do we need for this game?" He asked her, going back to the counter to get some bowls to fill with ice cream.

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Call Me Dangerous ~*Queen of the Morningstar*~ (sabrielmyguardianangel) | 445 comments Mod
A slight laugh. "You are absolutely adorable when you blush." A slight challenge in her eyes when she winked. Could he make her blush? In her mind, she believed in impossible. No chance. Kai returned the kiss easily, despite the spontaneity of it. "All you need," she whispered. "Is alcohol, clothes, and questions. And shot glasses. But I'm sure you've got all of that, right?"

She hopped off of the counter and swiveled her hips to change direction into the small living room. Setting herself on the floor, she stretched out, catlike in that her midsection came up off the floor, while her hips and shoulders stayed planted ground wise. She wasn't sure if she trusted him enough to actually SLEEP in his house, but she could try....

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Holly (peachylee20) Blushing even wilder, Jace shook his head, but rushed to grab the shot glasses from the cabinet below the microwave. Bringing that, the icecream, and the bottle into the living room, he nearly dropped it when he saw her spreading out on the floor. "How do we play this? Lying down?" He asked her, sitting everything on a table and sitting down cross legged beside her.

((Just to give you a mental photo))
The walls inside were as paintless as those out, and still held the handsome quality of being bare wood. Surfing boards and illustrations of the ocean decorated them, bring pops of color into the room.
White, plain curtains hung over the three windows inside, letting moonlight float inside softly.
Small stained glass lamps brought a nice colored quality to the room itself, and the futon shoved against the wall would feel just as comfy as it looked. The place was small, but held a nice charm that not many single guys houses could.

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"However you want. I was just stretching. Can't have my back knotting up on me when I might need to run at any given second, can I?" Kai giggled and then sighed. She couldn't stand her laugh. Sitting up she sat cross legged. "Here's the rules. You can answer a question and take a shot, or you can lose a price of clothes. If you run out of clothes.... Well, I don't quite think you'll like THAT game. Unless you're into the whole BDSM scene, which I somehow doubt, Daddy."

Kai had lived on the streets her whole life. She knew the back allows better than her own reflection. She didn't really get to too many mirrors anymore. That didn't really bother her. Appearances only got you allies. Which was pretty nice, but they were only temporary. A lot like this one.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace shook his head and passed her a shot glass, uncorking the bottle and sitting it on the floor beside him. Sighing he said "No, I'm not very into that. And I'm going to kill you, really, so I don't think running will be necessary." But he was learning now that she hadn't done much that was honestly necessary.
He laughed lightly at her, and licked his lips, getting ready for the game.
"So, it's either throw yourself into a very sexual abusive night, or get drunk off your board... Okay. That's easy. You go first." He instructed her, pointing at her shot glass.

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Kai had earlier decided that no matter what his first question was, she would answer it. To make sure she couldn't go back on this deal with herself, she downed the shot and slammed the glass back down. "Shoot." It couldn't be that hard, right? He wouldn't go directly to the hard questions, would he? Probably not a good idea to assume so, but hey, too late now.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace drummed his fingers on the floor and thought of his first question. She seemed very eager to answer him, whatever he asked, so he had to make it a good one before she lost her zeal, right?
He licked his lips and made up his mind. "Okay... My question is... How do you remember me, but I don't remember you?" He asked, hoping she wouldn't refuse him and leave.
He wanted answers of why a beautiful, fierce, F you kind of girl would know who he, a free spirited surfer dude, was.

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Kai dropped her head. Damn. Why hadn't she expected this? Oh right. Cause she was thinking he wouldnt star heavy, and ask something like her favorite color. Lifting herself up again, she sighed. No way to escape this question. Crossing and uncrossing her legs, Kai but her lip thinking about how to word it. "We knew each other a... Really long time ago. I'm not to surprised you don't remember me, actually. I didn't much remember you either until I saw you earlier. Then my senses went hyper alert. Not only remembering everything, but probing your head out too." Her hands folder on her lap. "Answer your question?"

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Holly (peachylee20) ((Sorry for my absence! :O ))

Jace lifted his head and listened to her closely, forgetting completely about the bowl of ice cream he'd sat beside his leg. With pursed lips, he wondered where he could know her from... He looked at her more closely as she spoke, trying to get a sort of familiarity from her features.
But nothing could spark those memories...
He shook his head at her, and ran his hand through his hair. "It doesn't."
He was about to ask another question but he was sure this game didn't work like that. "It's your turn." He said, his mood dampened.
How could he not remember her? Where was she from? Zooming through his memory, he tried again to place her. The only thing he could come up with was... No.
This couldn't be her...

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Kai shrugged and took a small bite of her own ice cream before nudging a shot towards him. "What's your worst memory?" She asked his with a cocked head and probing gaze. She closed her eyes for a moment, vaguely wondering what he was thinking about, why he had gone so pale, was looking at her a little like a deer in highlights... No. She cast it off was a small shake of her head. No. Her mind was playing tricks on her again. Not good, no no no.

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Holly (peachylee20) Swallowing hard, Jace bit his lip, suddenly becoming very interested on the warning label pasted across his bottle of Jack Daniels. He cleared his throat softly, and drummed his fingers on the bottle, looking back up at her again, somewhat calmer, but still fearful.
How could this be her? How could the daring, brave, sarcastic girl sitting here in front of him, drinking from a shot glass be her? It just couldn't be possible.
It wasn't possible... Right?

He thought about her question as he filled his shot glass. "My worst memory... When my father died." He decided, nodding. "When he died. That's my worst memory..." He paused for a long time after taking his shot.
"Delilah?" He asked. That was his question. And if she really was who he thought she was, she would understand. His eyes were staring into hers now, with some sort of fierce hope.

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Kai paled, very slightly before shaking her head no, too quickly for truth. "No, of course not," she murmured sitting back taking the shit and clenching the small glass so tightly it was almost too easy to believe it would shatter into pieces so small that it would just be a glittering dust in the air and that when it cleared... She would be gone. She swallowed just enough to hear the click in her own throat. Kai seemed to shrink a bit, no longer quite on her high horse.

"Right," she murmured softly. "Your turn. Who was your first?" A small smirk still found itself able to light upon her lips as she looked up at him through her eye lashes, doing her best to hide the fact that her hands were shaking violently and the rest of her just slightly trembling.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace shook his head, deciding this game wasn't as fun as it was before. She seemed too tightly clenched together now and he left his spot. "You know what I'm talking about. If you're not Delilah, what do you have to do with her?" He asked, crawling across the floor to be closer to her, his face inches away from hers. He could smell the drink on her breath, and he was sure she could smell the same on him, but despite the buzz he was feeling a few short seconds ago, he no longer felt tipsy. He felt wide awake and ready to break something. His soft, flowy, not-a-care-in-the-world attitude was shattered and he disregarded her question easily, caring nothing more for the game anymore. His mind was on one thing. Delilah and the mysterious girl in front of him that had to do with her.

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Kai was not, however, one to just let herself be overpowered. While she had had the same amount of shots, and possibly, more, than he had, she had yet to feel anything. She braced herself against the floor and just... Shut off her mind. Kai was not the prey. Kai was not a girl. She had no soul, and emotion was an easily cast away lie. In these moments of her own pure bliss, Kai was an animal. As all life drained from her eyes, it was evident to see that even while no one was home, something was still there. Something impossible to reach and honestly not worth trying for.

She gave a tight lipped smirk, and feigned drunk ness, though not well, and not to trick him. "Oh, there you are baby. The room is spinning. Keep me up?" A quick harsh laugh. That was what Kai wanted to sound like, not the little girly giggle she usually possessed. "Or is what you're after a kiss? Oh, you know, who IS Delilah and what," Kai's voice became sharp. "Would I possibly have to do with her. Tell me about her. Hm?"

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace blushed furiously at his harsh tone and look. He wasn't the guy who was mean. He was never that guy! He took a deep breath, and composed himself, running a gentle hand down her arm as she spoke. Her voice rose and fell in tone, and her eyes were somewhat glazed over, loosing the spark they had earlier. She was drunk, he was sure. "I'm sorry." He said, his voice much quieter and softer than before, his eyes softening to her behavior. "Delilah is dead. But it doesn't matter. You... You just close your eyes. It'll help with dizziness." He told her, kissing her softly on the lips, the banana ice cream flavoring on his lips. "Would you like to lay down. We can stop the game. Watch... Watch a movie."
There was no way he'd let her drink anymore.

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Good God he was easy to trick. Kai was not sure how well she liked that. In any case it did make her life easier. While the drink was light on her breath, she did not think for a moment that the empty gaze could be so easily and readily accepted as a drunken glaze. She wasn't stupid enough to get drunk in someone else's house when she did not even know who, in actuality, that they had forced themselves to become in her absence.

"Non," she spoke in bitter chewed off French. "Je vais bien. Je n'ai pas besoin de prendre soin de moi comme si j'étais un ... enfant à charge. Obtenez OFF!" Kai hissed and tried to shove him back, failing miserably because of her small stature.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace had no idea what she was saying. Another language, or maybe just jabberish, and he gasped when she planted her hands firmly on his arms, trying to push him away. He hadn't expected that, but even so, it did nothing. He was a nice deal larger than she, and he remained in the spot he'd been in before she shoved him.
"Hey, calm down!" He told her, his eyebrows becoming knit together. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to give a lock-picking, easy-drinking girl who called him Daddy free reign around his house. He sighed and shook his head slowly, looking away from her. Not waiting for permission to do so, he rose from his spot, taking the bottles and shot glasses back into the kitchen. After a moment, he decided to shove the Jack Daniels on top of the fridge, thinking she might not be able to get to it later. A drunken Kai might be a dangerous one.
Coming back into the living room quickly, he ruffled the blankets on the futon. "Come here, please?" He asked her, keeping his distance, but holding out a hand.

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There was a reason Kai did not ever really allow herself to get drunk. For the simple reason that she was NOT dangerous. She ended up with a loose tongue, and very touchy geeky, unlike normal. For most people this would be no problem. But for Kai... Well. How could she let herself remind others she had been that little girl in ass-long braids, always smiling and giggling and helpful? She had changed. LIFE had changed. Her pigtail braids were gone, replaced by a short bob. More efficient. That was always the goal, wasn't it? Everything about Kai, save her height, was simple more efficient.

She looked up at him with contempt, wanting nothing more at the moment to say goodbye and disappear like she had always done. Somehow she thought it would be different this time. How, though, she had no clue. He wouldn't come after her, she knew, so what was changed? In any case, she took his hand, gingerly, as if to snatch it back at any moment. If he closed his grip though escape would be impossible.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace watched her closely, wondering if she was still dizzy. He supposed not for the fact that she rose to a standing position after seeming to think about it for a moment. He licked his lips, wondering what he should do in this situation.
Should he let her go, seemingly drunk and emotional, free to do as she pleased away from his home? Should he go after her if she chose to do the honors herself? He decided he'd wait and see how things went.

With her hand in his, he closed his fingers around hers, not having to put much effort into rising her small body from the hardwood floor. Sliding his other hand around her waist, he turned her without a word and willed her to lay down on the bed. He did all of this slowly, waiting for her rejection.

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Call Me Dangerous ~*Queen of the Morningstar*~ (sabrielmyguardianangel) | 445 comments Mod
While every fiber of her being WANTED to reject, she did not. It had just been too long without sleep and her resolve was crumbling like an old building. Pieces slowly trembling and falling off. At the moment, Kai highly doubted she could make herself resist whatever he tried to make her do, and that was saying something. She wasn't exactly what you'd call an easily led person. Her eyes, empty and aware at the same time, were locked on his face. Specifically keeping her deadened gaze stuck on his own. "I'm not going to run. Yet," she said bitterly, taking his cue and settling into the futon. She did not relax, remaining extremely tense.

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Holly (peachylee20) "And you could if you wanted, and you know it. So why haven't you ran?" He challenged, crossing the room on his bare feet to turn out the lamps. The windows around the dark room provided the only light now, streaming in soft star and moonlight, keeping the place quite dark, but light enough for Jace to make his way around, and for Kai to watch his actions.
He tore his dirty blue jeans off also, leaving them in the heap that all his other clothes had been subjected to, crossing the cold wood below to join her again. "Besides... Running is cowardice thing to do." He informed her, his voice still soft, taking on a caring tone. He couldn't explain it, and he decided it was because he was tired, but he wanted to show her that she had no reason to run from him. No reason to leave. He navigated the futon and it's pile of blankets and pillows by crawling around her and lying down on the far side. Lay down, Kai. He thought, wondering if she could hear or feel that thought. Do I look like I'm going to hurt you? I'd have done it already.

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Kai frowned at the question. Why didnt she run? Why? Even she could not answer it, so she replied with an absent shrug, as if asking who cared and why it mattered anyways. The point was that she wasn't going to. "Running isn't cowardly. It's a way to stay alive. Not that you'd know that. You have a comfy life. With people. Who care. You would never last a week in my line of work, living in my humble abode. You can't sleep. You sleep, you're probably going to get knifed. It's that simple. You can't eat. You eat, you'll probably be poisoned. Society sees people like me just like that. Rats. That need to be gotten rid of. Don't you get it? It's impossible to just live an idle life anymore." Why. Why was she telling him this.

To answer his second question... "You never know." Her voice dropped to a whisper and her voice broke. "You never ever know. Not until it's too late. Until its too late and you're dead and no one remembers you."

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace listened to her speak all the while, closing his eyes and clasping his hands over his stomach, looking like he was dead himself. What good would it do to argue with her when she was right? He'd escaped the line of work he knew she was in, and she was right when she told him he had people who cared.

His grandfather.

He grinned slightly at the thought of the old man and shook his head, causing his shaggier hair to ruffle under the pillow. "Kai. You can go. I'm not going to keep you, but I can't swear I won't find you again." He told her, rolling over on his side to watch her back, her silhouette shaded against the dark, thanks to the steady light in the window. "Or you can stay here. You can lay down, and you can sleep, and you can stop worrying. For only a moment. I don't even own a knife. I don't even own poison... I don't even own that much food, to be honest. I do own a soft futon..." He trailed off.

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Kai's stomach dropped like a lead weight. He would come after her. That's what he was saying. There was no mistaking the words. He was telling her she could leave but she could not hide, not forget him like some sort of bad dream. Again she seemed to shrink as her heart sunk to meet her stomach, which was now probably somewhere hidden in the floorboards. Kai's shoulders hunched over as she curled up in a ball before taking a deep breath and silently rising to her feet. She refused to let herself just agree to be kept like an animal in a cage. Quickly, she exchanged her ballet flats with her combat boots and stepped silently towards the door. Kai paused for a moment, playing her hands in a white knuckle grip on both sides if the doorframe, leaning forwards into the wind, moonlight playing across her face as her hair ruffled slightly before settling back into place. That was where she belonged. Free. "Sorry, but I don't stop worrying. Not even for a moment."

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Holly (peachylee20) Watching her silently, Jace made no move to stop her leaving. He knew she felt threatened, and he didn't want to make her feel worse, so he only sat up on the futon, crossing legs and sighing.
It'd been a good run. They'd only known each other for a day, but she'd known him for much longer than that, as far as she said. He watched her change into her steely armor, and held his breath.
She didn't seem drunk anymore. Wow, he was easy to fool... He shook his head again at his own foolishness, and went back to watching her, not daring to utter a work, even though he wanted more than anything to beg her to stay.
She was different.
She was exciting.
She was unattainable.
Was she Delilah?

"You never stop worrying, and you never stop running, and I hope one day you do." He said to her retreating back. "I might still be around if you want to rest." He said, willing her to leave him. Willing her to come back. Willing her to be her... No matter if that meant he'd never see her again, the girl he'd known for a day, and for years.

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Kai smiled, closed lipped, and turned to give him a two finger salute. "At ease, Daddy." She stepped outside, her bag slung over her shoulder as she raced out into the night, where she was meant to be. This was Kai. She belonged in the night. Hell. She was the night. She looked to the stars and immediately knew where she was headed, and it certainly wasn't to sleep. She knew now, because of him. Even if she were to commit herself to a normal, happy, safe life... She wouldn't survive. She did not belong there. Kai was merely a zombie now.

Only one thing was certain. Kai died by sunrise. Each and every day.

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Holly (peachylee20) ((Well things just got a lot more interesting!))

Jace watched her leave and sighed, collapsing back into his pillows, feeling lonely. She'd gone and he had a feeling she'd never be back, and he licked his lips, thinking about a few things.
"At ease, Daddy..." He repeated, throwing his arms over his face.
Where was she from? Who was she? How did she know him?!
He tried his best to shove those thoughts from his mind for the rest of the sleepless night he was sure to endure.

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Call Me Dangerous ~*Queen of the Morningstar*~ (sabrielmyguardianangel) | 445 comments Mod
Eeny Meanie Miney Moe.
Who am I nobody knows.
When you holler I will go.
My mother said to be the very best one
But I am am not it
Take your dirty dishrag, GO!
...Eeny Meanie Miney Moe...
...Who am I nobody knows...
...Who am I, nobody...
...Who am I...

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Holly (peachylee20) ((BTW: I loved that little poem. Even made it my Facebook status. <3))

Jace came into the house quietly, Kai still sleeping in his arms. He'd carried her all the way from the lake, and although the walk was short, he was dying to put her down. He treaded deeper into the house, hoping his board was safe down at the dock, and opened his bedroom door, revealing a cleaner room that was unpainted and held a large bed. He placed a towel over the bed before letting Kai gently fall onto the mattress, the towel under her.
He covered her up and went to the bathroom to get her a glass of water for when she might wake, sitting it on the night stand and walking out of the room, closing the door behind him.

He wanted her to sleep off whatever foul mood she was in, and he wanted her to be able to do it in peace, so he went back into the living room, clicked on the TV, and climbed into the futon to wait for her to wake up.

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((I just screwed with that old poem of how to choose someone for a game x3 but thank you))

Kai frowned slightly when she felt him gone, the warmth from his body missing. However, she only sighed softly and shifted minutely. Nuzzling into the pillows, she began to look... Terrified. No one was around to see it, but utter horror, disgust, and fear mingled on her features, twisting them, mangling her. Her breath sped, her heartbeat fled. And then... It all just stopped. She woke with a soft groan, rubbing her head, where a massive migraine was beginning to form. She could not have slept for more than an hour. Tops.

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Holly (peachylee20) ((Haha, I know! But it's amazingly cool.))

Jace, completely lost in his favorite TV show, was awakened from his thoughts to hear a soft groan coming from his bedroom. Even as the house was well built, the walls were thin and sounds were more than audible, even as they came from other rooms.
He arose from his spot, yawning as he noticed the Sun going lower over the land. He still had Alicia on his mind, but he had more important things to deal with just at the moment, and he opened his bedroom door, quietly padding over the carpeted floor to the bedside, seeing an awake Kai, looking worn, and kind of sad. "Good morning, Sunshine." He said softly, his voice barely louder than a whisper as he settled in the bed beside her, bringing the large white comforter over the both of them and taking her in his arms. "Promise me that you'll never do that again?" He asked her gently and politely, not mad anymore, but still disgruntled by the whole ordeal.

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Kai nodded, snuggling herself against him, head laid against his chest. "I don't even know WHY I did it," she admitted. "I was just so..., so upset, that you had moved on so fast, I guess," she finished sheepishly, refusing to meet his eyes. Kai sniffled, and looked away, as if she were about to cry. But that was just stupid. Stupid and impossible. Kai didnt cry. Not Kai Gens. She just killed let the people who upset her hand themselves on their own length of rope. That was how it worked. Right? Somehow, now that seemed extremely difficult to believe, looking at this impossibly tiny girl, who refused to meet his gaze as tears filled her eyes. Kai wasn't supposed to be like this. She was never like this. Not around people, anyways. You can give a cat any mask you want, she knew. But it was still a cat. No matter how realistic the monster's face they wore.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace ran a hand through her hair, and nodded. "Kai, I'm still moping over you. But who would I be if I didn't try to ignore it?" He asked, wrapping muscular arms around her small body. His body was pressed against hers, and the covers were now bunched around them comfortably. Sunshine barely filtered through the curtained window, giving the white room a dull light. He closed his eyes to give her the comfort of not being watched while she struggled not to cry. He wouldn't say it out loud, but he liked this Kai better than the one he'd encountered the night before. Tough, steely, mean Kai wasn't as beautiful as vulnerable, tired, wanting-a-hug Kai. He grinned slightly before opening his mouth again to speak, hoping desperately that his next words wouldn't make her walls go back up.
"Please tell me our history, Kai?" He whispered, waiting for the fallout.

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Kai let her body fit against his, snugly. At first, she hid her face in his chest, whimpering quietly. Pathetically. No, not pathetic. It sounded almost exactly like... A wounded animal. After a moment, she looked back up, eyes clear, no tears on his shirt or her face. The only thing that proved what had occurred was that her bottom lip still trembled slightly. "I worked so hard to make everyone forget who I was," she whispered, more to herself than to him. "Do... Do you remember Kindergarten? The little girl, she really was so small. She liked to smile and help out even though all the kids teased her, and called her a baby? The older boys made her call them Daddy. They found it hilarious. The little girl had really long hair, almost to the floor, in pigtails." Kai had loved her hair more than anything, and everyone had known better than to tease her about it. It was her pride and joy. The minute she hit first grade, it was gone. And so was she. She did not bring this up, though. It wasn't really important. Her voice raised a bit. " Bright red lips. Everyone said she was just messing around in her mommy's make up. She didnt have a mommy though. She didnt judge them. They didnt know. She just wanted to fit in. So, the little girl just did what they asked. Gave away her lunch, did other children's homework. Still, she was always the butt of the joke. The last to be picked in every game she ever played. That was okay. The little girl thought she was normal. Thought she was one of them. That girl was wrong." Kai looked up through her eyelashes and whispered, "Hi, Daddy."

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace raised an eyebrow while she spoke, and when she was finished, he leaned away just enough to look her in the eye. "You've tortured me over the last twenty four hours with something that happened in Kindergarten, Kai?" He asked, not believing that this was it. This was what he'd thought about for the whole night and day. He shook his head and blew a breath from his his lips, kissing her forehead. "Hello." He said. "Please just be calm for me, and maybe go back to sleep if you want, or just... Cheer up. It's over." He said simply, not really knowing what else to say.

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A poisonous smile curled her lips. "You were the worst, you know." Then, she said something her father had said to her when she was terribly young, but had never fully understood until now. In her family's eyes, humans were cats. Selfish, lonesome creatures that might hang up on a weaker cat every once in a while. For kicks. For the adrenaline if doing so. "A cat never changes it's face and a mouse never grows into a lion." You are what you are. Evil child evil adult. Weak child weak adult. It proved true in every instance she had ever seen. Even she herself was still a mouse. "And now look at you. A cat is a cat is a cat, Daddy. No, that wasn't the whole story. I'll admit. But the rest isn't your business."

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Holly (peachylee20) Shaking his head again, he moved away from her. "Kai... Sometimes, being strong, like you are, doesn't really get you many friends." He told her, thinking she might already know that. "There's food in the fridge. I went shopping today, so you can eat if you get hungry." He said, getting up from the bed and moving over to the dresser, getting a clean shirt. "There's also a TV and DVD's, so if you plan to stay, you can do what you want with those." He said, pulling the soft, bright blue fabric over his head. "I'm going to go to Alicia's and apologize for your... Accident." He said harshly, not believing how she could remember things from years ago and still hold them so close to her heart. He couldn't believe how she's almost drowned a person and not felt anything over it. He couldn't understand why someone would want to be so cold and closed off, claiming life hurt too much to be anything else. "Maybe you can learn to live a little while I'm gone, and that doesn't mean tearing my stuff up, or sucking the life from people you have issues with." He said before walking out, closing the door behind him softly.
He opened all the curtains in the livingroom, letting the space be filled with sunlight before he left the house, setting his eyes on Alicia's house and setting out on the short journey there.

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He didnt understand, Kai knew. But then, no one did. "You have your problems I have mine. Delilah?" She smirked slightly. Her mask had only one tell. Her eyes were always dulled, just a bit, losing their bright shimmer and spark that brought them to life. Slipping out of the bed, she stripped, then pulled on one if his tee shirts, not exactly caring whether he would be angry or not at her for stealing his clothes and using them to go surfing. Kai hummed quietly, a dark tune, before singing the lyrics, just as dark. Grabbing her board, she inspected it carefully, hissing when she saw a scars tech along the hand painted side. It looked as if she had been struck a physical blow. She ran her hand over it and growled, but took a deep breath and stood, closing her eyes. After she had calmed herself, Kai prayed to the Angel Castiel. "Fuck, Cas. Can't you help me once in a while?" He appeared on the couch, one leg crossed over the other, a cigarette dangling between his fingers as he blew smoke. "What do you need?" He asked in his low, husked voice.

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20 minutes later:
"I don't want to!" She hissed. He sighed. "If you want me to help you, you have to." Still growling, Kai eased the shirt off, showing him her back. He ran his fingers across the criss crossing scars. "Dammit Kaitlin!" "DON'T CALL ME THAT." Another sigh. "Fine. Kai. How the hell did you even manage to do that to yourself?!" A lame shrug. "I have long blades, that's all.." Castiel rubbed his temple. "What is this all about?"

She broke down.

"It's going to happen!" "What is?" "Don't act stupid!" Silent tears rolled down her face, leaving her eyes brighter than ever since they were ringed in an unnatural red. She lifted her hand, willing her fingernails to grow into long sharp points which she again dug into herself. They really were like knives. They retreated again and Castiel healed her if all her wounds.

"It isn't going to happen. Not while I'm around," the angel promised.

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