Dinner with a Vampire (The Dark Heroine, #1) Dinner with a Vampire question

Kaspar or Fabian?
Nikki Nikki Dec 27, 2012 10:13AM
Well, its clear that Kaspar is the hot sexy vampire which Violet will end up falling for ... but do you think she should love Fabian instead of breaking his heart?

No way, Kaspar was WAAAY better. He's funny and he just gets violet. He understands her on a level that Fabian doesn't. Fabian and Violet are only meant to be friends.

Team Kaspar! I want MORE KasperxViolet moments >w<

Kaspar the one and only!!!

I started off rooting for Fabian just because he was so much kinder to Violet than Kasper. In all honesty, I found myself trying to not like Kasper, just because of his actions and attitude towards Violet. But as the book went on, and you got to know Kasper better, and Fabian basically turned his back on her, I began to feel more okay with the idea that Kasper would end up with her in the end.

Kaspar, hes hot, mysterious and sexy all in one mighty fine vampire. So Kaspar is a definite win, plus Violet and Kaspar are meant to be, the queen said so.

Kaspar's very arrogant, and I dislike his character for that.....but I have to admit, the chemistry between him and Violet is undeniable.
Fabian's sweet, but he's not meant for Violet.

Hands down Kaspar! Fabian is too soppy for Violet. Yes he would have been lovely to her, but she's got too much fire for him I think. And besides I think Kaspar needs someone like Violet to keep him in line! He seems to respond to her on a very primal level that not even he understands.

Ummm.. What kind of question is this?! Kaspar of course!!! ;)

I wish she would have given Fabian more of a chance. They really connected at the beginning, and I think they could have had something great, too. I liked Kaspar, but he didn't seem to change as much as I would have liked. I think real, true, lasting love should change you into a better person, and there isn't much evidence for Kaspar by the end of the book.

I loved Fabian at first, too. But he was such a jerk at the end when she didn't return his feelings and he called her a bitch, so... I hated him through the end because he pretty much ignored her. I hate Lyla, too btw.
I loved Kaspar because Violet made him feel again. Their relationship was like the king and queen's. She kept him in line for his temper and such and he tamed her sharp tongue(not really but he likes that about her ;))

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Fabian did change at the end but was that out of jealousy ? he really liked violet and seeing her with kasper would have hurt him and he turned that hurt into anger. I thinks she would have been save with Fabian but Kasper would have always be more fun and has devilish good looks.

Kaspar!! Fabian is just a charming imposture. im sure Violet is way way better than Lyla.

At first I thought Fabian and Violet should be together because he treated her nicely, but towards the end of the book I defiantly shipped Kaspar and Violet. She seems to keep him sane and they are meant to be together like the Queen said. Once I had read the second book I felt that Kaspar was horrible to violet simply because of the relationship Fallon and Autumn had developed.

Kaspar all the way! ♥

Kaspar of course!! This awesome and amazing vampire~ I knew from the beginning that would end up together with Violet at the end ^_^

Kaspar might have been an ass in the beginning but he saved her life multiple times. They've obviously got chemistry together, they're meant to be and besides... Kaspar is the tall, dark and handsome type. Who doesn't like that!? =]

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Fabian I loved, he was so kind and careful with Violet when she first arrived but them he found out the truth and did what any boy would do and turn his back on her. My choose would have been Fabian but Kasper was destined to be her's from the start.

Kaspar...he's maybe first annoyng, but he have good heart, and he's story is so sad ;(

Well, I really loved Fabian first. He's so sweet and gentle to Violet. But when he got all shitty to her, well... I don't like him.

Kaspar honestly there's just something about how he is and how he acts. I just find myself unable to dislike him. So Kaspar all the way even if he is an arse sometimes.

firstly at the beginning i fell for kaspar but then he was acting like a jerk to violet n den fabian came along and i started to like him for her, but even fabian disappointed n acted like a total bastard, just because violet didnt reciprocate his feelings. Even though all that still had kaspar on my mind for violet and was soo happy when he had feelings himself for her and it worked out that way. :)

I was torn between the two at the start but the way Fabian changed his attitude towards Violet when she chose Kasper really annoyed me. At the end though I was glad she went with Kasper even if it was partly because of fate.

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