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The biggest secrets have a habit of catching up with you…

Romance novelist Kinsley Wentworth has a knack for approaching life as if she was a character in one of her novels. Kinsley is desperately in need of love, the one thing missing from her marriage.

Bad decisions can have terrifying consequences…

After a failed attempt at reconciliation with her estranged husband Nick, Kinsley meets Wayde online, he’s allegedly searching for her missing brother, and they develop a friendship. Wayde convinces Kinsley that he will help her find her estranged brother if she moves to Florida with her young son, but Kinsley soon finds herself trapped in an abusive and potentially life-threatening situation.

A knight in shining armor…

Unknown to Kinsley, she is not totally alone; she has a protector. Jackson, a private investigator hired to watch over her and her son, is always close at hand. A little too close, Jackson is falling for a woman in a hopeless situation.

A fairy-tale happily ever after?

Kinsley is convinced she can forgo her own need for love to provide her son with a traditional family. But Jackson is determined to give Kinsley the space and time she needs, confident she will figure out that he is the reality she has been looking for all along.

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Alpha (janomega) | 1 comments I'll read and review it. But I need to get the book. :D

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I'm sorry, it is only availible in e format. Thank you for the offer.

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Grammar*Kitten (GrammarKitten) I'd happily review this if you have an electronic review copy?

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Andrea wrote: "I'd happily review this if you have an electronic review copy?"
I would love to send the file to you. It won't be live till January 15th, or around there. So you'll be one of the first to read it. The file I'm sending is in a last pass edit, so you may find a stray error in punctuation. Hopefully not. Barring that, there will be no changes, unless test readers find issue. Again, hopefully not. Thank you so much for your interest in reading. Can you email me at with details on where to send? I'll also send a copy of the cover, just for the heck of it, it sets the mood of the book.

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Grammar*Kitten (GrammarKitten) This is one of the most wonderful books I have ever had the privilege to read prior to publication.

It's a romance/thriller type story, with twists and turns abound and characters you can really invest in.

I can't recommend it enough, and I'd encourage you to snap up an electronic review copy from the author while you can, because it's blooming brilliant!

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Thank you so much! This means a great deal to me!

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Doreena (albador) | 14 comments If you would be willing to send me an e-copy, I would be moer than happy to read and review you book! It sounds great...

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Doreen, I sent you a copy. I hope you enjoy it. thank you very much!

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Gyula (gyulameszaros) | 2 comments Hi Christina,

I would be happy to read and review your book. You can send it to I will need 2-3 weeks, because first I want to finish the book I'm reading.

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Hi Gyula, thank you for showing interest in reading my book. Since you won't be able to read for a couple weeks, I'll send it when this last pass edit is done. If you don't get it by the time you are finished with the book your reading, simply email me at and i'll get it out to you. Just put the tittle in the subject box. Thanks again, Christine

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Doreena (albador) | 14 comments Thank you sooooo much Christina! I will definately start it today and review it as soon as I'm done. Thanks again!

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Wonderful Doreen, I'm really hoping you'll like it. I see what an avid reader you are, and readers like you really have a keen eye!

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Doreena (albador) | 14 comments Sometimes that's not such a good thing! Lol :D

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I consider all feedback learning. And I try to remember not everyone likes every story.

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If anyone is interested reviewing a docx. file of the book to put on a device, I'd be happy to send one. It is the official book text. Thanks, Christina

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Thank you, to all who have reviewed! If anyone else would like a copy, just let me know. Thanks again! Christina

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Lourie (stellalunna) Hi Christina, I would be happy to review your book for your if your still looking. I only do honest reviews though. My email is

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Hello, I would love your honest review! Let me thank you in advance for your time and interest. I do hope you'll enjoy the story as much as others have. I will get it out to you now.
I'm from Syracuse, NY. originally, I miss it. By the way, I'm sorry that it took so long to get to you, I did not see your post. Reviews can be left here at goodreads on the books page and most importantly Amazon. If there is anything you need you can concact me at Thank you, again, Christina

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Sandy S | 3 comments I will be happy to review a copy

Message me thru Goodreads and I will give you my contact email.

Thank you!

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Hanna | 1 comments I will also be happy to review! Message me and I'll give you my email!

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This review request is closed. The book is going to KDP select.Thank you to all who reviewed! Christina

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Doreena (albador) | 14 comments Great book Christina! Thanks for sharing it with me! ;)

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Thank you! I am so glad you liked it.

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