The Pillars of the Earth (Kingsbridge, #1) The Pillars of the Earth question

Should I read the Game of Thrones first or the Pillars of the Earth?
Bethanie Bethanie Dec 27, 2012 09:25AM
They're both pretty huge books and I want to read both but am having troubles deciding which one. I like the Medieval twist that the Follet book offers but I also like the fantasy part in the Game of Thrones. I actually don't know that much about GOT so if any has read it and can give me a summary or a recommendation it would be greatly appreciated!

I'd say read Pillars first because once you're done you're done unless you're compelled to read World Without End which was a great read too but not really connected to Pillars. With GoT you will have to read the next 4 books because you won't be able to get enough of the world Martin created and you will be immersed in it for at least a few months.

Jeanette Smith I have not read Games of Thrones (although it has been sitting on my bedside table for a year). I did read Pillars of the Earth and loved it. I gave i ...more
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Pillars of the Earth of the Earth is one of the few books I'd read again because it was so well written and researched. Follet has painted a picture of daily life in a 12th Century English village that you'll never find in a history book. Pillars is an accurate account of how the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe were built mostly as a labor of love by the townspeople in the villages.

Follet also explores the complex social relationships between the serfs, the merchant class, the knighthood, the skilled tradesmen, the church and the ruling nobility in a manner that is clearly understandable to the reader. Much of Follet's story is about how the values and aspirations of the various social classes in Medieval England come into conflict with each other.

POE for sure. You won't be disappointed!! GOT is a great mini series. I never waste my time on the book If I can watch it on TV. This is because there are so many books and so little time!

Loved both series but for my $$$, I would go with Pillars first. Both have many characters that can sometimes be hard to keep track of, but I really enjoyed Pillars and World Without End. My vote is to go with Pillars first, but either way, you won't be disappointed.

I am just now reading Pillars of the Earth. It is amazing that Follett could switch gears from thrillers to write this book. The history is so well done.

I agree with pamela...I'd also say GoT first b/c it's more popular right now, so you'd be more likely to find other people enjoying and discussing it!

I would start with Pillars of the Earth, it's shorter! Unless your really good, read them both at once!

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Pillars is on my Favorite List as well. Like Frank Herbert's Dune or Murakami in 1Q84, Follett creates a believable "alternate" world inhabited by fascinating characters, cleverly plotted and relevant to our own time. A place to lose oneself. What more can a reader ask of an author? The book is a gift - Enjoy!

They're both huge. They're both excellent. Pillars, however, has only 1 sequel, while Thrones has 4 or 5 (I think). Thus, I'd start with Pillars, because you'll want to read the sequel (World Without End) right away, and then you could start Thrones after a reasonable period of time. If you started with Thrones, and the sequels, you'll have a long wait before starting Pillars!

I think GoT is much, much better than PotE. I'd skip PotE entirely.

I read both and I like GOT better, although as others have commented it is a very long series, but you certainly can take your time in between books.
POT also a great book and a faster read in my opinion, but make it easy and just read both! Happy reading

Just finished PoE and I would recommend reading it first. I loved it! GoT I started and was not as drawn into as PoE, not as quickly anyways.

Pillars of the Earth! I wanted to re-read it as soon as I read the last word! And I have never felt like that with a book.

POE....It's great all by itself.

Great answers from everyone - these are both great books. It took me two tries to get into Pillars of the Earth - the opening scenes in the forest just about did me in. But the second time I finally got into the story. Game of Thrones is a love or or hate it proposition. Either you love intricate stories and lots of death and mayhem or you don't. GofT is best enjoyed when you can commit three straight months to reading it. If you ever put it down, you'll never be able to keep the cast of characters straight. The HBO series of GofT apparently is one of those rare productions that stays surprisingly true to the original book. Either way, you'll be set for months of dastardly characters and rich plot!

I enjoyed Pillars of the Earth very much and would recommend reading it.

I read POE and it was very good. Gave it a five star. After reading others comments I now want to read GOT

David Seller I agree. It is cleverer and the characters are so well portrayed, the good and the evil
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Pillars of the Earth is a more down to earth, earnest and often gritty depiction of medieval england. Game of Thrones is more fantastical and easier to follow however. I read Pillars of the Earth before and did fine, so that's the order I would suggest.

I loved Pillars of the Earth! I read all of the GOT books and liked those too, however, it is an investment of time to read all of the GOT books. GOT is more fantasy and the PIllars is historical fiction so the generes I feel are completely different. I also enjoyed World Without End!

Go with PoE! love the story--characters, plot, and a great understanding of what it took to build those immense cathedrals--both physically and mentally. And, I'm not a fantasy buff.

I found Pillars of the Earth a hard read and as a result I had no desire to read World Without End. Ken Follett is an excellent writer but I found Game of Thrones has more pace and interest.

I would say Pillars first; Pillars has a sequel, but it isn't a continuation of the plot, whereas GoT has five books out which is a much greater time commitment,and I assume you'd want to watch the HBO series after you'd read them as well... GoT is geek-out material, while Pillars is simply a good read, and for that reason I would suggest you start with the latter, which you most likely won't be obsessed with for years to come.

I would say Pillars first, as there is no real follow-up, and once you start reading GOT, you will be compelled to read all the rest too!

In my opinion if u have read POE, its better to read World without end..'Cause you already have the main background and furthermore it is just as exciting as the first one and more adventurous with late changes in the UK

Only if you are nuts for architecture. Some really horrible stuff happens and the book is a huge time commitment. Have you read Fall of Giants? I preferred it.

Gratiana wrote: "They're both pretty huge books and I want to read both but am having troubles deciding which one. I like the Medieval twist that the Follet book offers but I also like the fantasy part in the Game ..."
Pillars of the earth.

I PoE because it was the monthly selection for my book club. I would never have chosen this book to read, so THANK GOODNESS for book clubs! I really enjoyed the book itself, as well as relating it to sites I had seen in Great Britain. It is one I will always remember.

Bina wrote: "They're both pretty huge books and I want to read both but am having troubles deciding which one. I like the Medieval twist that the Follet book offers but I also like the fantasy part in the Game ..."

well those two are one of my favorite books of all time, so i think you should read "pillars of the earth" first, for two main reasons.
1- although pillars of the earth is larger and it is part of a greater series, but each book is a story by it's own, unlike a song of ice and fire which is basically one story in several books, reading game of thrones you will be forced to read the other books, read pillars of the earth, and you are free to do what you want.
2- a song of ice and fire is not yet completed, finish pillars of the earth, then take your time with "a song of ice and fire", because you will need your time for a song of ice and fire.

in the end have fun with both :)

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Got! In my opinion POE isn't a great book. I didn't even finish it because I found the characters unrealistic.

Absolutely read Pillars first. Pillars is one of my favorite books and while I enjoy GoT the show I'm having trouble getting into the book.

I enjoyed both books immensely. As others have said, POE is a standalone, while GOT ends with nothing resolved (and it doesn't get any better with each succeeding book and who knows when, or if, Martin will finish the series!). POE is historical fiction; GOT is pure fantasy. If you are a fan of those genres, then you are likely to enjoy both.

I'd say Pillars of the Earth, hands down. I've got nothing against game of thrones, but very few books compare to Pillars in my eyes.

Jin Village by Vincent Stoia

Pillars of the Earth is one of the handful of 'physical', as opposed to e-Books, that I have read twice..
I first read it a Loooonnnngggg long time ago then, about 2 years ago, a friend handed me a copy and said, you've got to read this.
I didn't remember it at all.
I left it for a while and then picked it up to read.
I soon realised that I had read it before, but forgotten the title, and by then I was hooked, so I re-read it and I'm very glad that I did.
World Without End is set in the same location, several generations later and is mostly about the Great Plague and its effects on society. Worth a read but, for me, some of the Pillars Plot was re-hashed in there.
I do like Follett, and would also recommend Fall of Giants, which I read last year. I've got the second book of that Trilogy, Winter of the World, but its still on my TBR list..

Is game of throne really that interesting? I glanced at the book once but thought it was some war fiction with too much battles...

I bought Pillars when I knew I was having a couple of weeks sick leave after an op but I could not get into it at all. Sadly I bought the sequel at the same time so they both sit unloved on my bookshelf! Havent troed day, but I struggle with reading fiction unless it is absolutely brilliant.

Definitely read Pillars of the Earth!!!

"Pillars of the Earth" because it will take less time. "Game of Thrones" looks set to to entertain us for quite a while and more to come. Ken Follett has done a follow up I believe which I have yet to read. And I absolutely hate lazy typists who have to shorten things to PoE or GoT. Shame on you - we already have far too many acronyms in other walks of life! I should now perhaps start calling "A Christmas Carol" aCR!!!

For me Pillars of the Earth was incredible and much better than World Without End........... however I have not read Game of Thrones

GOT is fantastic! The hype is all true! a great story, a couple of unique characters and a lot to think about regarding power and civilisation - all in a fantasy series!! Brilliant!

Got to disagree with most here regarding Pillars which I thought was slow, poorly written and frankly dull. I couldn't even be bothered watching the new mini series which by all accounts was much more entertaining than the book.

Both are fantastic books, I would read game of thrones first. There are so many charcters twistsin the plot. Keep you entertained

GOT is the better one so start with the other and then you're done!!!

I've read both, but pillars of the earth a few years before GOT. I would recommend it because at least in POE you will have an end whereas in GOT you will still have to wait for Winds of Winter to come out! but both are great books! enjoy!

To me, it all depends on how much time you want to spend because with Game of Thrones, if you really like it, you'll want to read all of the other books in the series (4 more books - heavy tomes). While, if you read Pillars of the Earth, you only have the one, really heavy book. With PoE, you don't have to read the "sequel", World Without End.

I haven't read Game of Thrones (yet!) but I can definitely recommend Pillars without reservation. You'll definitely fall in love with Follet's characters.

POE is a much better book. Game of Thrones was not as gripping or as well-written as POE.

If you haven't read LOTR, read that first. Then read A Song of Ice and Fire (GOT). Then watch the HBO version and lastly read POE. Just my two cents CAD.

POE first. GOT is the far better of the two, so if you read GOT first, you'll be more likely to be disappointed with POE.

PoE of my all time favorites, and as an Engineer, I enjoyed it doubly as the research on building techniques and design were absolutely fantastic. It is real world science applied to a fantastical setting.

GoT is also amazing, but will take you a while to read. It is more of a fantasy.

Both stories are filled with political and religious intrigue. Both stories have well written characters, and while PoE has many characters, GoT has probably 10 times the amount, with many major plot lines and several minor. Both also have some strong sexual themes. PoE has a battle here and there, while GoT has everything from thieves in the woods to epic scale wars.

Regardless of your decision, enjoy both...and when you are done, try "Ready Player One."

D Apr 13, 2013 06:12PM   0 votes
Pillars. No if, and or buts about it.

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