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The Art of Fielding
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December 2012: The Art of Fielding

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Mimi (mimichen) | 30 comments I really enjoyed reading The Art of Fielding, and it was the perfect choice for a busy holiday season. The characters were diverse, and interesting. Their relationships very powerful, so when they were angry, it really hurt.

Henry and Pella, gifted with natural athletic and intellectual ability, both experience a crisis of self-doubt. For Henry, his questioning of what has always been intuitive impacts his team, his professional prospects, and his self-esteem. Pella's precociousness has her skip college, and directly into marriage. A throwback to when women weren't encouraged to pursue higher education. The high expectations they feel, and apprehension of disappointing their loved ones cause them to try harder, then retreat within themselves. When Pella discovers Henry, she recognizes herself in him, and becomes the caretaker she didn't have. She was able to force herself to ask her father for help, and for Henry, she pushes him towards recovery.

Stephanie | 31 comments Mod
I can see how this book can be appealing to some people. The characters are a complication of so many people we encounter throughout our lives. Everyone seems to possess some level of insecurity, arrogance, longing, love, doubt and strength. It's the combination of these characteristics that makes us cheer and ache as we follow their journeys.

I gave the book 3 stars. Although I enjoyed reading the book at first, I felt that it just started to crawl into one too many pages towards the end. I agree with Erica that baseball plays a very small part to the book, but I found myself quickly glancing over the chapters talking about the games.

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