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How Did EL James write these books?
Lori Perkins Lori Dec 27, 2012 08:49AM
Before I read The Secret Life of EL James, I thought she just typed them into fanfiction sites. I had no idea she rewrote them three times. That book explains how she did it. She was obsessed.

Have you heard of any other writers like her?

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Oh dear, three rewrites and they still read like that?

If you do that like the books don't abuse the writer she. Wrote those books well in my opinion why is there always so much hate for the books I love

Three is definitely not a lot of rewrites at all.

She copied the characters of Bella and Edward then made them horny and abusive. She is a horrible writer. Laughable really.

Nuran (last edited Dec 28, 2012 01:12AM ) Dec 27, 2012 09:44AM   0 votes
Rewrites are common in novel writing. 3 is not a lot at all. Novels can go through many rewrites before it's published. Usually, there's the rough draft, then there's a rewrite draft, fixing plot holes, cleaned up version concentrating on grammar, edited version filled with suggestions done by an editor, writer makes more changes after this, another editor clean up, and this can go on until the deadline is met or they are both happy with it.

Um, sorry but I don't think you're talking about really "rewriting" those things. There are actually blogs which compared this thing from the fanfiction version to the book and the differences are minimal. What E.L. James probably did was: Exchange the names of the Twilight characters with more original names and correct grammar and spelling errors. Maybe some slang too. Though she obviously didn't correct all of it since some people already mentioned that some of the phrases she uses are british-only.
Serious rewriting is actually also deleting things, adding scenes, removing or adding characters. You can rewrite a novel so that it doesn't look like your first draft at all. What James did was simply editing. Not rewriting. If she had rewritten the thing properly you wouldn't stumble over a mountain of overused sentences anymore.

Amy Yeah, wasn't it like an 89% the same as the fanfic version, and the majority of the changes were just related to character names? Pitiful. I would nev ...more
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Nyaore Pretty much, if this person is to be believed:
Granted, James isn't the first person to take a piece of fanfict
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