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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) December 29th
I can't believe that this is already my third year at Hogwarts! It's crazy! I've met some new people this year, they were here last year, well most of them, but Hogwarts is so big! It's weird, I was walking down one staircase and it started moving! Urgh, I hate when they do that! Three years at Hogwarts and I still haven't gotten use to them! Haha. :) I got lost until I ran into one of the teachers who helped me find my classroom. You know what's funny? If you pronounced my name with hard G's, it would sound really funny, and if you say Ginger's Journal trying to only say Ginger with hard G's, you accidently say journal with a hard..uh...J sound? Haha. Potato!! Ok, I've ran out of things to say so I'll be back later! Bye! :)

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