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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) Dear Diary,

I would like to note that this my very first entry since coming here to Hogwarts(well, I'm not actually in Hogwarts yet! I'm on the train to Hogwarts!) Thank you mum, getting me a journal was a great idea! Anyways, everyone in my compartment are talking about the "Houses" they would like to be in, I suppose the dormitory is divided into four different houses or something. They have very strange names that I can't even say correctly! The school is sounding more and more interesting by the second. Oh! Someone just told everyone that supposedly there are three good houses, and one bad one. Let's see there is...Gryfindooor, Raven claw, Hufflepuff, and Slitherin?

Okay, so they say the best house to be in is Gryfindooor! They say everyone values bravery in that house! Sounds like a decent house to be in! They say that Raven claw(the house for all the smart students) and Hufflepuff(the house for all the loyal students) are okay too. Slitherin is house everyone hates because the bad witches and wizards end up in there! I wonder how precise this is! What if someone is both brave, and smart, and loyal, and also has his or her mischievous moments? Then what would they do? Toss a coin or something?

I'm sure not ALL of Slitherin is bad news though, they sure have a nasty name though! Slitherin makes me think of a lizard or snake or something, Slitherin and slither in! Get it?

I wonder what House I would be placed into! I haven't a clue! What if I was sort in Slitherin, would people think I'M up to no good? That somehow because of this, I was destined to become a bad witch or something? I really hope they don't think like that. Saying that one whole group of people are all bad is just not good, that's how a lot of wars and conflicts begin after all. It seems like even this magical world is not immune to prejudice!

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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) Oh Diary,

This is most exciting news, I've been sorted into Hufflepuff! I can't believe this! My fellow Hufflepuffs were pretty nice to me too, they cheered so loudly when I got sorted, it truly made me feel so special. I was accepted instantly, I think I'm going to like it here. My peers were explaining to me about certain things to look out for.

They told me certain professors that you do not want to mess with, what classes are fun and which are not. And they also told me something about this sport called Quidditch, sounds fun!

I will update you on Quidditch more later! Gotta get to sleep, tomorrow I have classes! I just can't wait~~~~!!!!!!!

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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) Dear Diary,
This year, my brother was accepted into the school! Which is great news...I think! He could be such a major brat sometimes! He was sorted into Slytherin, can't say that I didn't see it coming! He isn't a pure-blood, which means even making friends within his own house would be quite difficult!

I wonder how he would handle that? I don't care how much he wants to act like he doesn't care, not having friends can be very lonesome! I honestly don't know why I care...UGGHHHHHHH!!

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