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message 1: by Guy (new)

Guy (egajd) | 11107 comments Excellent. If you want a critique done on a story posted in one of the contests, you need to explicitly ask for it. Otherwise critiquing of contest entries is not allowed.

message 2: by Edward (new)

Edward (edwardtheresejr) | 2434 comments Well, I'll be willing to give you a moderately in-depth critique; I find it to be a mutally beneficial exercise, since I too learn from looking critically at others' works. I would love to have some criticisms on my works - especially the one marked After Dark - if you want to try to expand from the other side of the table.

message 3: by Edward (new)

Edward (edwardtheresejr) | 2434 comments I'm having trouble reading these stories. I can only see the first paragraph.

message 4: by Edward (new)

Edward (edwardtheresejr) | 2434 comments For some reason I can't load the website properly, I think. It might require a piece of software I don't have.

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