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HP Lovecraft, Master of Horror or possibly Sci-Fi as well?

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message 1: by Allan (new)

Allan Krummenacker (allankrummenacker) Some time ago, after reading some of my favorite short story collections by HP Lovecraft a thought occurred to me. A fair number of his stories involve creatures who originated from other worlds or even different realities. But the focus of the storylines were everyday human beings encountering these otherworldly creatures and the terror such encounters inspired. I'd like to consider him a master of early Science Fiction as well as horror, because his creations were truly 'alien' in many respects. Not just something humanoid with a funky forehead that was easy to communicate with. Anyone else have any thoughts on this or similar impressions with other writers?

message 2: by Lamprini (new)

Lamprini | 1 comments I could say that i never saw the creatures in Lovecraft's literature as humanoid but from the begining as alien beings.besides he has a different cosmic theory and even another kind of religion. he hsd adopted an atheism early in his life and his own mythology for our origin something that reminds me of the soumerian cosmology.

message 3: by Allan (new)

Allan Krummenacker (allankrummenacker) Well said Lamprini. Anyone else out there want to weight in?

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