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Barbara VA's 2013 Challenge

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message 1: by Barbara VA (new)

Barbara VA (barbarava) | 9 comments Hi, I am just joining and I set myself to read 75 books last year. I made it to 80, and should have 81 finished by New Year's Eve. I am working my way through the Hercule Poirot's of Agatha Christie and Newbery Honor and Winner books as well as anything fun that passes my way. I started counting the number of pages I read in a year as well, and did over 22,000 this past year!

message 2: by Barbara VA (new)

Barbara VA (barbarava) | 9 comments Well, it is only the 2nd and I have already added 7 books to my TBR list, that is in addition to the over 500 I already had on the list! Will it Never End? Still, I refuse to stop reading posters reviews, so much better than the professional ones! Can I just quit my daytime job and sit in my chair by the fire with my cup of tea 24 hours a day instead? I would be in such a happy mood all the time!

message 3: by Barbara VA (new)

Barbara VA (barbarava) | 9 comments Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck - 581 pages

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