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do think the movie will be as good as the book????
Lauren Dodd Lauren Dec 27, 2012 06:38AM
ive read the books but i dont know if the movie will be as good as the book. what do you think?

I have no idea where they got the idea to have ugly main characters for the film but they do. I will not see the movie. I read the first two books and became super bored. I have the third that I just can't force myself to read.

The ending to that book frustrated me so much, i will admit i haven't read the other books yet but i will. i just haven't read them because of the "Beautiful Creatures" ending!

They completely changed who Amma is! And as far as I can tell Marian isn't in the movie at all...I was excited but now I'm not :(

Lauren wrote: "ive read the books but i dont know if the movie will be as good as the book. what do you think?"

does NOT look as good, the commercials make it look bad honestly.

I think it will be good but not as good as the book because there is more detail in a book than you can put in a two hour movie. But i'm still gonna go watch it anyways.

Shanna (last edited Feb 07, 2013 05:33PM ) Feb 07, 2013 05:32PM   0 votes
Hmmm.... The book was just better than okay so I dont know why I went into the movie thinking it would be great. The movie just didnt quite do it for me--one I will not be purchasing 2.5-3/5 stars.

The cinematography was actually pretty good surprisingly, the majority of it looked like good quality. The acting Lena, Link, Ethan, and even Ridley mediocre at best--that is kind of what ruined it for me. (Though for less well known thesbians I shall give them time to mature into their craft before completely bashing them) Many parts of the movie were changed (and I will not say which parts to keep this spoiler free), though I think books 1-2 were in many ways combined. The jokes, well many in the theater were laughing- I was simply trying not to fall asleep... maybe I am simply being overly critical, but again it was just okay.

Oh, and the only actor who was great was in fact Jeremy (Macon).

There is no way that they can make the movie as wonderful as the book. I just finished the book and I thought is was perfect! From what I've seen of the trailers, most of the characters don't match with how they are written in the book. *Sigh* Books are almost ALWAYS better. Sad, but true. However, I do plan to see the movie...I can't help myself.

The book is so long, I suspect they have cut many scenes out (or at least parts of them) so they can fit the basic storyline in. I hope it's good though.

Yeah the actors look different from what I pictured but as long as they can play the part really well then I'm good :)

I really must say how disappointed i was when i heard about the movie some books (no matter how good or amazing) shouldnt be ruined as movies. I hate how hollywood the commercials look and the actors are so not what i had in mind. Lena is one of my favorite characters and the actor does not resemble her beauty or cool wierd stuff. I know they will cut stuff of obviously but atleast get the details right. Im not going to bother watching it and be even more disappionted about the movie. Did anyone else read the part where Lena and Ethan don't speak with an accent?! Im reading it for like the hundreth time again (cuz I love it)they don't talk like that!Love the book and the movie....well we'll see I guess...

Movies are never as good as the book. However, this movie has some very good actors (Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons)so I expect the acting to be very good. This movies probably will not make Twilight money but it should do ok at the box office.

I agree. The book was wicked good. I'm hoping the movie will be good because I have high hopes. Even though I think it won't be as good I still think it will be good and I'm super excited to see it :)

At first I thought the movie was going to be really bad but the more I see the commercials the more they have convinced me to at least see it. I think they did the casting all wrong though. I think Ethan should have looked more like an out cast and had a quirky cute to him. I think they tried to hard to make him "good looking" and lost the character. I also think that Lena needs to be more of an outcast too. The entire high school hates them both. I don't even know what to think about Link... he needs to be more masculine. This kid is in an awful rock band and turns in to a Linkibus and from the one picture of Link that I saw, they totally picked the wrong guy. I have a lot of other problems with this movie but my rant would go on forever so I'll leave it at that. I will see it though because the appearance of the characters isn't all that maters. Maybe they can redeem themselves.

Personally this series is my favorite series of all time and I will go see the movie because it looks good. It couldn't ever surpass the book though.

deleted member Feb 03, 2013 06:32PM   0 votes
looks good to me!

Okay, the first time I saw the preview, I flipped. Now I kinda want to see it just because; even if I think the whole movie will be wrong.

I can only hope the movie will be good...look at what they did with (I know this will not be a good example) Twilight? The book was not all that bad (course I was 17 when I first read it) but still. The movies are never as good as the books...what was with the casting too? Oh well, I will see how it is when I go see it!

I doubt they can make it as good. The books are a couple hundred pages and they'll have to try to transition that to roughly two hours of screen time. Because of this, it is highly likely that not every little detail will be involved.
Another thing is that I'm not sure I like who they cast for Ethan, but if he does a good job playing the part, I'll be happy. I'm curious to see how they do all the effects though.

Of course!!!!!

No, no I do not. The trailer for the movie is absolutely HORRID! They freaking ruined everything! What else is there to say..? Nothing, there is NOTHING left to say..(Although I will end up seeing the movie anyway) I mean, I'm not sure I have seen a movie that has been any less accurate to the book and what the characters are supposed to look like, than Beautiful Creatures is going to be. I am highly disappointed in Hollywood at this moment.

Nope. I do not think so.

The main characters are not even close to how I imagine them but alas that's how Hollywood works they cast people who audition and are able to play the part. I'd like to see the movie just to see how they adapted. I myself am not too fond of the books because I found them a bit too long and boring however I do want to know what happens and hope for wood added to dying fire I have for the books.

From the little bits of scenes that I have seen, I think it's going to be a good adaptation. It's not going to be a perfect doppelganger, but then again is any movie adaptation going to be?

I know a lot of people don't like who they chose for Ethan, Ridley, and they have Amma as the duo role of Marian, but I think that the movie adaptation is allowed to have some liberties. Personally, I think Emmy Rossum is going to bring a lot to the character of Ridley (even if she is supposed to be blonde with a pink strip). I also think that Alden playing Ethan is around how I imagined Ethan.

They are never going to get actors who look around sixteen, Hollywood tends not to be that careful with ages. Anyways, I think he'll be fine. Although, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Lincoln/Sarafine should be interesting. However, I have no doubts that Jeremy Irons is perfect for Macon Ravenwood, who is my favorite character. I'm excited, and I don't think I will be dissapointed. It's a long book, of course they are going to take things out to move the story along quicker.

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