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message 1: by Jia, The lemon. (new)

Jia | 1653 comments Mod
Can't wait! c:

message 2: by Jia, The lemon. (new)

Jia | 1653 comments Mod
Oh, you have a very nice anime style! I really like it. c:

But the two standout pieces for me are the dress design and the realism piece.

The dress integrates a very nice use of shading and architectural features in the dress. (Which, umm I really enjoy) The nice use of styling with a high ponytail really makes the piece very modern and chic. I would love to see this walking down a runway.

The realism is not wonky or in the uncanny valley at all. It is VERY nicely done, especially in the eyes and mouth. I can see life in her eyes and it looks absolutely adorable! I commend you profusely! The mouth is always a hard place for me to draw, and I often make it extremely simplified. The teeth in here are just very well done and the girl looks very happy and life like.

Very nice job! Hope to see more from you!

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