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Jennifer Taylor | 5 comments Mod
How are Quakers different from the Amish?

message 2: by Anne (new)

Anne | 1 comments They are both pacifist, peace churches. But The Amish and Mennonite started in 1545 with Menno Simons rebaptizing as adults, thus bringing on the persecution of the Catholic church in Europe. Whereas the Quakers started with George Fox in 17th century England. They were persecuted for not remaining compliant with the state Church of England. Many Amish, Mennonite, and Quakers immigrated to William Penn's Pennsylvania to escape persecution and live in religious freedom. Both were Protestant churches, believing they had access directly to God through the scriptures and the Holy Spirit, therefore bypassing the need for a Priest or Bishop to do the entire interpretation of the meaning of the scriptures for them.

Jennifer Taylor | 5 comments Mod
Great history, Anne, Thank you! Also, Quakers refer to church as meeting and consider themselves "friends" to everyone, thus they are "The Society of Friends". Like the Amish there are many different groups of modern day Quakers. Most dress like the rest of us, but a few still try to remain more plain than others. In history, they used the plain speech for thee, thou and thy. They didn't use our current calendar because it was a pagan calender and so they would refer to January as the first month. They didn't celebrate special days such as Christmas or Easter because they considered each day to be a gift from God.

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