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I guess Mo Yan's winning of the 2012 Prize was as much of a shock to most of you as it was to me. I confess that I had not heard of Mo Yan until he was announced as the winner. Now I feel duty bound to read at least one of his works and to try to set aside the political controversy that seems to have surrounded his victory.

So let's open up nominations with Beth's suggestion of 'Life and Death are wearing Me Out', although people I have talked to in Waterstones Book Store have suggested that 'Red Sorghum' might be more representative of Mo Yan's work.

Do we have anyone who knows Mo Yan's various books who can guide us on the choice of which Mo Yan book to read?

message 2: by Tabea (new)

Tabea | 10 comments I had never heard of Mo Yan before either, but that just makes it even more exciting to read his work. I read the description of both books and it seems to me that Red Sorghum might be more accessible so I would prefer that as a first taste.

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Gaby (gabitag) | 1 comments I also know very little About him, but I vote for Red Sorghum too.

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