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Crowded, noisy. You might be able to spot your friends in the sea of people.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) The noise rang through Renee's ears and she cringed, backing into Jane. "Sorry!"

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She smiled 'It fine..used to it' she laughed

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Renee's ears still hurt but she tried to show she was fine. Probably doing a bad job or it she thought.

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She growled annoyed

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Renee was just about to growl herself but she cast a 'what's the matter' glance at Jane.

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She looked around 'Hallways...never liked them'

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Renee laughed, "A tiger thing? Or a you thing?"

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'A zoo thing..' She mumbled 'Noisy crowds, cages..that stuff'

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She growled in agreement, ''True..'

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) "I wouldn't know," Renee said. Of course she wouldn't. She was raised normal, she hadn't known the truth about herself till a year ago.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Renee nodded eagerly in agreement. "I miss my old school. We did have some classes outside..."

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She nodded ''It sucks in here'

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Renee spotted her locker and opened it with her old lock. She bent down, pulling out the books for English. "What class do you guys have right now?" she asked but she was also distracted. She saw hints of Half Breeds everywhere.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) ((Anyone know anyone who would join? Tavo maybe? Think it would be more fun with more people.))

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She growled 'No joke'

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Jace shuts his locker turning around and almost bumps into Jane "sorry" he says.

(hey guys)

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) ((lol))
Renee smiled. "What about you?" She looked at Jane.

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She looked at Jace 'Its fine' she said then turned to Renee 'Gym'

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Renee scented a bird and looked at her two friends with a look of confusion. In a low whisper she said, "There are avian hybrids too?"

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) She turned slowly to Jace. "Hello," she said. She gave a glance, Please say no one makes a big deal out of new kids here...

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She laughed 'Better get to the gym'

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) "Hello Matt," she smiled, nervous. "Jane has a point, we should all go to class."
She smiled and glanced at the room number on her schedule and went into the Classroom

-exits and go to Classroom-

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Jace smiles "i've got gym too" he says looking at Jane

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She smiled 'Lets go then' she walked to the gym

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Jace smiles and follows

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Renee enters the hallway, holding her books and HER CELLPHONE ((XD)) close to self and opens locker.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Leaves books inside because of Free Period. Mutters, "Maybe I can use that time for exploring the Field.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) "No way," Renee smirked, her ego flaring. "Because i won't go easy on you," she smiled, "and that's hardly fair."

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Jane trotted up to them in her tiger form

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Sees tiger and smiles. "There's Jane."

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Jace walks into the hallway "hey".

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Eyes light up. "A forest?"

-goes to fields

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Jane changes back 'Sup?' She laughed

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She growled 'Oi!' She roared angrily then changed into her tiger form running after him

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Jace smiles and follows.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Renee was sprinting in, swiftly ducking an arm in her way.

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Jace appears right in front of her and laughs "I'm still faster then you".

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) "No way! Not in an obstacle course!" She headed toward her locker, leaping over someone picking up their books and sliding between two people talking. She gained a few feet ahead of Jace.

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Jace smiles and runs toward Renee's locker while dodging everybody in his way and slaps his hand on her locker just as she gets there "Close but no" he jokes.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) She stuck out her tongue making a face quickly then laughed, using a claw to unlock her lock. It opened easy and she got her Math Books. "What do you have next?" She asked.

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Jace smiles "i forgot" he jokes "but I'll go to math with you"

message 43: by tara (new)

tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) She raised her eyebrows, "And what happens if you don't math next?" She started walking there anyway.

(I made the classroom already XD)

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) She turned her head smiling, "Sup Damion."
She decided that despite the dangers of being here, she was glad she was.

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Jace smiles "get detention, but i doubt she'll notice" he says and stops by his locker grabbing his books and goes to the classroom.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) -Goes to the Math classroom-

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Jace smiles "I'm Jace and you"

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Marik wrote: ""How are you doing Renee?" He asked before he looked at the new guy "Who are you bro?" He asked Jace."

-We are in Math if you want to join and be tardy XD))

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Renee unlocked her locker, taking out her bag, shifting it so she can slide the device in easily without anyone seeing.

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Jace walks up to his locker and opens it then grabs his backpack.

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