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The mad hatter stomped his foot in annoyance, gazing at the sad motley group he had arranged for a tea party. Several large stuffed rabbits scavenged from around the park sat limply in their chairs, sinking down lower as the persistent rain slid through their stuffed bodies. One or two corpses sat in varying states of decay, posed drinking or pouring tea. The rest of the guests were four store front mannequins dressed as Alice, the queen of hearts, tweedledee and tweedledum. But there was still an empty chair, this was Most displeasing to the Hatter. He frowned and took a sip of tea.

Avril of Themyscira ((I think..there should be an Alice sidekick. I wish there was!))

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((I think joker should visit the hatter and try to get harley back xD ))

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((Couldn't we add one?))

Avril of Themyscira ((hmm...idk if Damian would be cool with that. Ask him. If he do she is MINE! MINE! I call DIBS!!))

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(xDD omg o.o what if it was like twins xP one stays with hatter to keep him company the other goes like a spy and such xD ))

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((Golly >< its freezing in my house! ><))

Avril of Themyscira ((Yeshhh... just be glad you didn't have to help wash dishes...and get splashed with a dishwater fight when it's 20 outside!))

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(xDD lol its 20 here too >< we have like two feet of snow))

Avril of Themyscira ((oh pshh not here our snow is melting :( ))

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(i wish ours would melt v.v))

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((Or it could be really messed up sort of thing and Alice is a split personality, half the time she is Alice, who is sweet and helps the Hatter and keeps him from harming people. While the other half of the time she is the queen of hearts and demands the hatter murder people. Might be too close to Two Face's gig though...))

Avril of Themyscira ((Yeah...idk! It sounds cool tho! Bcuz i like the idea of Alice staying sweet and kind))

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((Yeah, me too. Maybe she has a twin who is the queen? I really am just making stuff up :P))

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((xD i like it..or they could have a twin but hatter doesnt know so like they switch places a lot and one is mean and rude while the other alice is as sweet as tea so the mean alice who is sometimes with hatter always gets nice alice in trouble sorta like twins who are totally different ))

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((I wish Damian would get on))

Avril of Themyscira ((lol we are such schemers. xD))

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( >< Yush and if we do the twins thing while avril has the nice alice-or mean whatever she wants- i want the other one xD cause i rped alice before but it was a mix i=of alice in was alice all grown up then her daughter came to wonderland trying to find alice but the hatter wants alice all to himself so he sends alices daughter to go kill the red queen but the red queen is already gone xD it was a amazing rp that me and my friend did))

Avril of Themyscira ((ooh ooh i call nice alice))

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((I call mean alice then xD ))

Avril of Themyscira ((lol))

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((Also, if I get scarecrow, there could be a super trippy mind control war between the hatter and scarecrow, which could be amplified by two Alices))

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Avril of Themyscira ((ugh i hatee scarecrow. He frightens me the most of batman villans. Not counting the Heath Ledger Joker in Dark Knight ))

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(MMM *-* i looooooooooove joker xD hint the reason why i tried for harley xD )

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(Amazinggg xD )

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((Really, really good))

Avril of Themyscira ((Rockin!!))

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(( xD yup )) ((Wait o.o first off damien can me and avril make alices? xD you should read are ideas first though))

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(YUSH ^^ Thank yous! )

Avril of Themyscira (xD)

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((Hmm but now which idea to choose...we know its twins but shall hatter not know twins and think alice just has mixed personality..or have him know and the two alices stay near him but the mean was is sassy and annoying to the hatter while nice alice is as sweet as tea for hatter))

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I think hatter should keep both of them around at the same time xD it would make it more fun cause one of them-mean one- tries to get hatter to kill while the other-nice one- tries to not make him kill and keep him somewhat calm

Avril of Themyscira Agreed!!

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(Amazing then xDDD Hmm maybe are twins could look slightly different? so he can tell who is who xD cause this is the alice i want her to look like


Or..we could have both of them look like that xD ))

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((Nice xD ima just name my alice Alicia so its easier to like keep them apart while talking so its alice and alicia))

Alicia leaned against hatters chair looking at her old fashion watch then flipped her pink hair and smiled devlishly "Hatter are you waiting for that idiotic clown again?" she said with a roll of her eyes

Avril of Themyscira Alice put her tea down, looking up at him with her hands in her lap innocently. "He is a very important ally Hatter," she said in her accent quietly.

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"He is stupid! " She rolled her eyes crossing her arms "Almost as weird as that riddler..who i did sleep with once " she muttered shaking her head "I think he drugged me or i was having a blonde moment when i did that " she smirked

Avril of Themyscira "I am blonde and I would never do something so wrong," she frowned, looking at the Hatter. "But The Joker is running late sir,"

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" You are a bimbo blonde sometimes and a suck up " She sat on the arm of the hatters chair and smiled at the hatter "Mm maybe i could go get him for you sir? You know i like to play around with the guest before really makes them more intersting " she teased giggling

Avril of Themyscira "Don't call me that! Sir, allowing her to alter the guests could have a negative affect on you," she pleaded, touching his arm.

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That hatter tittered and hopped up on the table, where he began pacing, crushing the mismatched tea set with disregard. "Yes Alice you are right, but you Alice, are also right. My my, it is rather confusing when to are both around, on of you be a dear and go get me some nice earl grey. That's a good girl, I don't care which"

((He can't tell them apart.))

Avril of Themyscira "I will sir," Alice responded quietly, leaving into the haunted house.

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"Welcome darlin! " She giggled "My you are a bad boy you are so late " she tapped her old fashion clock then stood up leading the joker to his seat

Avril of Themyscira Alice walked back out, her oversized bow bouncing as she handed Hatter tea.

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The Hatter flinched and said "oh dear" as the Joker walked in, he pointed at the broken door "I'll be billing you for that, you know" he hopped down off the table and presented the joker with a upside down teapot. "Oh wait that's not right" he muttered, then walked over to one of the mannequins snapped off it's arm and held it out for the joker to shake. "I would do it myself but I seem to recall you having shocked me, last we exchanged such pleasantries. Won't you sit down? He gesture to the chair opposite his own then flopped over the back of his so his head dangled upside down, and his spine rested on the top of the chair back. his oversized hat inexplicably remained perched on his head.

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"Yea yea " she rolled her eyes walking back over to the hatters seat and sat on the arm again "Wheres your girl joker?" She smirked she usually liked that girl to tease

Avril of Themyscira Alice poured Joker tea, smiling sweetly and handing the Earl Grey to Hatter as she whispered to him. "He is very late sir," she whispered.

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The Hatter attempted to sip his tea upside down. But it wasn't entirely successful "thank you Alice" he coughed through the brew

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