The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus, #3) The Mark of Athena question

Piper: Why do you hate her? Why do you love her?
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I personally hate that a ton of people hate Piper. I mean, she compares Percy and Jason like once in the book, so now she is a Mary Sue? Nuh-un people. Get real. I mean seriously? Are we 5 again? More than likely, you would have done the same thing. Be honest with me. I'm pretty sure even I would have done that.
Also, whats up with all those negative people thinking Piper thinks too much about how she looks, when she hates looking nice? So what?! She just doesn't care, all right! Now, don't go all 'Oh no, Its still a fashion crisis!' on me, all right.
Just say what you think, and people can vote on what you say.

I agree with everything you said. I really like Piper, and I admire her bravery.

So what if she compares Jason and Percy?

People need to remember that Piper is doing all this "complaining" and "comparing" IN HER MIND. You are reading her perspective like you're IN HER MIND. She is THINKING about these things. She is not telling them to people.

Piper haters are judging her by how she is THINKING. How unfair is that?

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