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message 1: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (new) - rated it 5 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
❀Abbi and Megan❀ The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen

English  (english_lady) | 31 comments Read this back in November. Review on here, on my Blog and on Amazon.

Abbi I'm finished and ready to discuss when you are!

message 4: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (last edited Jan 05, 2013 11:29AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
Just finished! This book is SO good! I hate having to stop, I'm definitely glad we are doing this one in halves :D

I can't believe Emma is able to only eat sweets on Christmas and her birthday - I don't think I could do that! I don't that many sweets, but I know if I told myself I wasn't going to eat them until a certain date I would then immediately crave it - lol!

Henry is my favorite of the Weston, so far. I know Emma likes Phillip and thinks that Henry is mean, which with the way he treated her when they were younger is understandable, but I think the Phillip is all that he appears to be.

I'm SO curious what, or who, is in the north wing. The second they are told that the north wing is off limits "because it's too dangerous" I had a feeling that there was going to be something more to it. I have an inkling that it's going to be Henry and Phillip's older sibling, but I could definitely be wrong about that! The reason I think this is because of what Henry said on page 145, "Eldest...Really?", that just makes it sound as though he's not the eldest.

Abbi Sorry-didn't email again!

I know-I totally could not do that!

I like Henry too! At first I thought I'd like Phillip more but I agree that it feels like there's something else going on there!

I'm dying to know about that too! I've been thinking it's an older sibling too! Especially with the fact that she wanted "it" taken care of before the Pembethy's arrived and the whole paranoia Mrs P has about genetics! This is really reminding me of Jane Eyre (have you read that?)

I'm also extremely curious about who has been in Emma's room! It's very odd that she never actually sees them!

I love all the stories from their school days they are funny and cute!

This may be wrong but I'm wondering if maybe Lizzie and Phillip have feelings for each other! It totally fits too! Like at the dinner Henry notices him looking toward Emma but Lizzie was right there too and he could have easily been looking at her instead. And Lizzie said it was one of the older ones she liked!

message 6: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (last edited Jan 06, 2013 05:58AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
No problem!

I haven't read Jane Eyre, but I've seen a couple of the movies and was thinking that too. It also is kind of reminding me of some of Jane Austen's work. Also, I forgot to mention Henry's reaction page 142 when Emma says four brother, four different personalities and he says not true. That definitely makes it sound to me as though there is another brother.

I think the person that been in Emma's room is the same person that's in the north wing. One of the reasons I think this is that she smelled a woman's perfume and this happened after Henry left out his mother's perfume and when he noticed it was gone he knew immediately who took it. I also think this same person is the one playing the piano at night.

Yes they are! I do wonder if it was a mistake to tell them, because right after they were told is when Emma got her first love note. Who do you think is writing them?

I was thinking the same thing! When she told Emma about her feelings I knew that we are supposed to think that she meant Henry & Phillip, but I immediately thought she meant one of the twins (I'm thinking Julian) and that the one she now has feelings for Phillip. I thought the same thing at the dinner too!

What do you think is going on between Mr. Davies and Lady Weston? The way Mr. Davies behaved when Emma brought up that it was ironic how there is an auction for tinware and silver two months after some of the same cargo went missing on a ship made me think he is somehow involved. At first I thought it was him and Henry, but the way you see him secretly talking to Lady Weston and the fact that Henry was told some of the unknown money being added was from Lady Weston's personal money makes me think she is involved.

What do you think was going on when the Smallwoods arrived? The way both Sir Giles and Lady Weston were disheveled and then all the whispered talk of the north wing makes me wonder if whoever's in the north wing is a recent arrival...or maybe just recently became worse.

I'm curious about the real reason the twins left their school. The way Rowan gets so defensive when anyone slightly threatens Julian makes me wonder why.

Who do you think Lizzie really is? I have a feeling that she is closer related to Lady Weston than they want to admit. Maybe she's even the daughter of both the Westons, born before they were married? It does say that they married very soon after the death of the first Lady Weston, so maybe?

Abbi I agree that it's probably the same person!

I have no clue as to who is writing the letters! It really could be any of them!

I didn't really think through that but I agree with you! I definitely thought something was up with Mr. Davies and I can see how Mrs. Weston could be involved.

I kinda just assumed that it was the fighting that they mentioned, and that Rowan was protecting Julian. But there could be another reason.

Who Lizzie is, is another thing that I just kinda took at face value, but your idea is rather interesting! Could be!

I feel bad for Emma and the way Mrs. Weston and the maids constantly making it seem like she is a bother and a huge inconvenience!

I really hate how much Mrs. Weston coddles the twins and obviously makes the distinction between her stepsons and her real ones! I can't imagine growing up like that!

I think Henry's box of mementos is sweet! Not often do guys do stuff like that so it was cool to see!

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Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
I do too! Especially since Emma is trying very hard not to be a burden!

I'm surprised that the boys don't behave even worse than they do. She lets them get away with too much!

I think it's sweet too! I think it shows how deeply he feels things and is probably one of the reasons he was so horrible to Emma as a child. And Emma was right that he was the one to take the queen from her chess set! I thought his reasoning showed that he really cared for her even then - he didn't want to hurt her, just annoy her.

It seems as though Phillip is in the dark about the family's financial constraints with the way he says he wants to take his grand tour now, instead of waiting until after he finishes school.

When Emma is remembering the time when she was left alone with her father's pupils and Phillip got her alone and kissed her, I don't know why but that was the start of my distrust of him. He's kind of reminding me a little of Mr. Wickham from Pride & Prejudice. How everyone prefers Phillip over Henry, how Phillip is more outgoing and friendly than Henry.

What do you think is wrong with Sir Giles? It almost sounds like he has the beginning stages of Alzheimer's or dementia, the way he's forgetting things.

Abbi I agree that it does show how much he cared back then!

Yeah he does seem pretty oblivious!

Hmm I didn't think of that but it does!

I was wondering what's up with him too, I don't know if I'd go as far as to say Alzheimer's but something definitely seems to be up.

Emma definitely knows how to handle misbehaving boys! So many of the things they do I would get so mad at but she just calmly finds a way to deal with it. I loved her idea for the geography lesson! That sounds like it would be really fun!

I'm also very curious as to who exactly Derrick Teague is and how he fits into the story!

I think the chapel would be charming to visit and can see why Henry likes it! That scene was pretty cool and I liked the look into Henry it gave us!

message 10: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (last edited Jan 06, 2013 02:27PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
She is great with dealing with young boys! That lesson did sound like fun :D

Me too!

It did sound very nice. I bet it would have been awesome when the whole church was there.

Do you think John Heale is/was an ancestor of Lady Weston? I didn't see a year for when he was around, so I don't know how close or distant a relation he might be, but I thought it was strange how he was an infamous smuggler and there are hints of smuggling going on now. Could be where all her family money came from.

message 11: by Abbi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abbi Ok you think through things so much better than I do! That makes so much sense!

Well I couldn't come up with anything else-you?

message 12: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (new) - rated it 5 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
I can't think of anything either. When do you want to discuss the last half?

message 13: by Abbi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abbi I'm good with whenever-I'm actually gonna try to finish it tonight before I start the read-a-thon tomorrow so whenever is good for you!

message 14: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (last edited Jan 06, 2013 02:36PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
I'm hoping to finish it tonight too! So let's try for tomorrow.

message 15: by Abbi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abbi okay!

message 16: by Abbi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abbi I did finish last night so whenever you are done I'm ready!

message 17: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (new) - rated it 5 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
I'm finished! This book was amazing! It is a new favorite!

I can't believe how horrible and coldhearted Julian was. That he was okay with possibly killing Emma and his brother - I can't even say how much I am shocked. I knew his was spoiled, but to be that callous - ugh! I guess now I know why Rowan stopped people for starting things with him, Julian has got a terrible temper.

The scene with the shipwreck had me all over the place. Angry at Lizzie for trying to stop Emma from ringing the warning bell. Worried for Henry risking his life. Relieved when he rescues the men and he's safe. Then worried again when goes back in to rescue the last man - I thought for sure something was going to happen to Henry then. Relieved again when he was fine. And finally happy when Emma and Henry have their moment.

message 18: by Abbi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abbi I agree this was an amazing book!

I know! I was so shocked by Julian! I couldn't believe that he would actually do that! And the whole red paint/blood thing in Emma's room and the drawing on her journal page! How sick do you have to be and then to try to blame Henry and Adam!

I agree completely with that last paragraph! That was one intense scene!

I liked Adam! And I absolutely loved Henry's care and protection of him-it was so sweet! I can't imagine how he must have felt-discovering that the brother he thought was dead had been alive this whole time! I loved how Henry gave Adam the soldiers back! I also liked the fact that Emma accepted Adam right away and how she kept thinking of things for him and spending time with him.

The badminton scene was funny! I loved how focused Emma was and I laughed out loud when she ran into Henry!

I was surprised by the fact that Lizzie was Teague's stepdaughter! I did not see that coming at all! And I couldn't believe that she was helping Julian-she really turned out quite different than my first impression of her!

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Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
I liked Adam too and agree with everything you said in this paragraph. Also, I thought it was so sweet how Henry was playing soldiers with Adam!

Yes it was! I laugh too!

This surprised me too! I wasn't expecting it either! I was expecting her to be involved somehow, with her changing moods, I just wasn't sure to what extent. I actually thought she might how been the person responsible for the letters. But I agree, when Lizzie is first introduced I never would have thought her capable of doing the things she did.

It didn't say, but I wonder if Teague did something to the chapel. I know it's was very old and everything, but it just seemed too much of a coincidence that the time Emma and Henry get trapped in there that is the day that is gets washed away. I know it could have happened, but it just seemed unlikely to me.

When Adam woke Henry up about Emma and then he finds her so still and covered in what looks like blood, I was concerned! I was very glad and relieved when it is found to be just paint! But, poor Adam! What a shock that must have been to find someone he cares about like that! Especially with his impairment.

I thought it was so neat how Aunt Jane had Emma plan her perfect trip and then passed it along to Henry. I wonder if that was her intention from the beginning? I was glad that she finally replied to the man who sent her her letter and that they are going to get married. And it sounds like Emma's father won't be far behind :D

message 20: by Abbi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abbi That was sweet!

Yeah it does seem a little coincidental but I wonder if it might have had something to do with their escape attempts. Maybe they introduced a new weakness and it was just enough to bring about the chapel's demise-but I could be wrong!

I know! That was horrible!

That was awesome and so cute! I wonder that too! Because when Emma introduces the idea she hesitates then suddenly gets excited about it! That made me happy too and yes it seems like Emma's father will be tying the knot soon!

I thought Henry's warning bell was a brilliant idea and I felt so bad for him when it was torn down! I wanted to cheer when he refused to give up and rebuilt it with plans to build a stone one! The story he told was sad!

That letter from Henry's mother was so sweet! I understand the reason his father kept it from him but still that could have been such a comfort to Henry growing up! I was glad that Henry didn't get angry and realized how perfect of a moment this was for him to receive it!

I liked the scene where they both snuck down to find Adam playing! It is amazing that he is able to play by ear-that's insane. I thought it was clever of Emma to get Mrs. Weston to realize Adam's talent and I loved how at the end Henry mentions that she was even letting him play for her!

I thought it was pretty brilliant of Sir Giles to send Julian onto the ship! That is a quick way to straighten someone out-I hope it doesn't backfire though!

I liked how Henry was taking the time to talk to Adam about God! It was so pitiful how guilty Adam felt for burning Henry and I loved how Henry reassured him that he was fine and forgave him!

message 21: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (new) - rated it 5 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
You are probably right that it might of had to do with their attempts of escape. I am more than likely reading to much into it.

I thought so too!

It was! I think it was nice that his father at least gave him part of the letter when he was young. I imagine not many fathers would have bothered and just kept it until he was older or never given it to him at all.

That was neat! I am always amazed by people who learned to play any instrument by ear. Yes, that was clever of her! I was glad to learn that she was getting along with him.

Me too! I hope it does straighten him out and hope it doesn't backfire, but depending on the crew it easily could.

I did too! I had heard that analogy before, but I thought it was perfect in that scene. I was terrible how Adam has carried the guilt for something that really wasn't his fault, it was an accident. And it wasn't as though he was trying to harm his brother. I loved how Henry quickly reassured and forgave him too!

It was nice how Henry insisted that Emma visit her aunt and then accompanied her. Then how he very emphatically told her aunt that she was more than welcome to stay at his house.

message 22: by Abbi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abbi Yeah I liked that!

I liked how Rowan finally stood up and didn't just try to hide what Julian was doing and I was so proud of him for his part in the rescue! I was happy when he got to go study under a master!

I thought it was cute how Adam wanted to keep the queen from the chess set! And I loved the Emma let him keep the whole set!

And I absolutely loved the part when Emma reminded Henry of what he promised to do if she ever got married!

message 23: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (last edited Jan 08, 2013 02:51PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
Me too! I was very proud of him. And being able to study under a master was perfect for him!

Yes it was! Emma was very nice letting him keep it!

That made me smile when I read it, but then when Henry reminded her of what he promised to wear I laughed so hard! I think that was a perfect way to end the book!

I can't think of anything else - you?

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Abbi Nope!

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Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
How do you want to split Ashton Park and when would you like to discuss it? I may not be able to get started on it until Friday, hope that's okay?

message 26: by Abbi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abbi We can do it in thirds by chapter (1-11,12-22,23-33) or halves by pages (ch 1-15,16-33) I'm good with either so you can pick! And no worries I'm doing the read-a-thon so I wouldn't get to it till at least then anyway!

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Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
I'm kind of liking doing them in halves, so let's do that. And we can either let the other one know when we've started it or once one of us is done with the first half.

message 28: by Abbi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abbi ok sounds good!

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